Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets

There are lots of great motorcycle helmets on the market today, with and without the use of Carbon Fiber. Many of them offer more than enough visibility, air flow, comfort, and general accessibility- and lots of them are wonderfully stylish too! The right motorcycle helmet can make you feel better on the road in a real way and the right helmet is truly going to make your performance and experience that much better too. So let’s walk-through the pro’s and cons of the most popular carbon fiber motorcycle helmets available today.

Here’s an overview of all the helmets that we are going to be looking at:

Full Face Carbon-Fiber Motorcycle Helmets 

3/4 Shell Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets

1/2 Shell Carbon Fiber Motorycle Helmets

Nexx XT1 Carbon Zero Helmet

nexx-xt1-carbon-zero-motorcycle-helmetThis helmet has an intermediate oval shape. The color is a solid matte black that appears almost metallic in nature, and has very little luster. While the helmet is fairly round in terms of its shape and surface, it has its share of indentations and texture changes as well.

The Nexx XT1 Carbon Zero Helmet is wonderfully lightweight, and people should have an easy time carrying it around with them and wearing the helmet on long journeys. Carbon fiber motorcycle helmets have been highly regarded for multiple reasons. Their light weight, their streamlined quality, and their durability have all been praised, and this helmet has all of those qualities in spades.

This helmet is also a very modern and convenient device, with its NEXX X-COM Bluetooth Communication System. The upper air vent feature will add to the airflow of the device. The sun shield has an eighty percent tint, so people can expect plenty of protection from the sun without having to worry about their visibility being compromised. No one is going to have to switch out the visors for the sake of day and night riding. The helmet is padded enough that it is comfortable for people to wear and easy to remove and put into place at the same time.

There are some trade-offs involved with lighter helmets. For one thing, they’re often going to be a little noisier than the heavier ones. However, the Nexx XT1 Carbon Zero Helmet is still relatively quiet, and people should still manage to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride while using the Nexx Helmet for protection. Riders can actually expect a much more enjoyable motorcycle ride as a result of this helmet.


AGV Pista GP Carbon Helmet

agv-pista-gp-carbon-motorcycle-helmetThis helmet has a smooth and round oval shape. The color is matte black, and the overall helmet has a texture to it that makes it appear more rugged. The visor is very large and it occupies a huge portion of the frontal space of the helmet.

The AGV Pista GP Carbon Helmet offers much better ultraviolet protection than people are going to get in almost all other circumstances with these sorts of helmets. It’s a very visually appealing helmet that people can use for the sake of appearing stylish while they are trying to protect themselves from the elements during a ride. The manufacturers avoided making the assumption that one size fits all, and the AGV Pista GP Carbon Helmet is available in a range of sizes.

The AGV Pista Helmet provides much better safety ratings than people are going to find with a wide range of other motorcycle helmets in this same product range. However, the Pista Helmet is just as streamlined and effective as many of the best motorcycle helmets on the market, slicing through the air more effectively than most others. As such, people are probably going to be able to get much better results when they are using this helmet during a ride. When riders turn their heads from side to side during their rides, it should be comparatively easy to do so as a result of the multitudes of reductions in drag during the process.

This is also a helmet that should truly provide people with more than enough visibility. The lateral and forward visibility are both much better than most people will get with competing types of motorcycle helmets. The visors are thick and provide really excellent clarity for almost anyone who is going to be using them. It’s relatively easy for people to shape this helmet to their own needs, and the AGV Carbon Helmet should provide more than enough comfort for anyone involved. This is a helmet that is effective as well as easy to wear.


Simpson Ghost Bandit Carbon Fiber Helmet


Description: This helmet has a somewhat rounded but also somewhat angular appearance, giving people the best of both worlds. The color is matte black. The surface of the helmet varies somewhat in terms of its texture, which will make it more interesting to many people visually.

The Simpson Ghost Bandit Carbon Helmet has tremendously good airflow, which is going to make it much easier for many people to wear during their longer rides. The Simpson Ghost Helmet is one of the lightest helmets that people are going to find in this product range or any other. Its durability is excellent, so people will be able to go on rides with this helmet for a long period of time and they’re not going to have to worry about easily damaging it.

The Ghost Bandit Carbon Helmet offers more than enough protection for most people on the road. Naturally, many people are going to prize the style of their helmets above most other characteristics, and the Simpson Ghost Helmet is truly excellent stylistically. This helmet is also much more cost effective than most of the others on the market today.

The Simpson Ghost Bandit Carbon Helmet does have a tendency to get foggy, which might be a problem for people who are traveling in certain climates. Some people might find that the noise control aspect of this helmet is poor compared to some of the other helmets that they might find in this price range or product range. However, motorcycle riders vary in their tolerance for noise in general, and this is a helmet that might have enough appeal that it doesn’t really matter to anyone.

Nexx XG100 Carbon Helmet

The XG100 carbon helmet by Nexx has that look of a vintage helmet with a little bit of class. With superior shell strength, this classic looking helmet will not be damaged under the harshest conditions or accidents

Check Pricing and Sizes here.

The carbon fiber weave is something to marvel at!


Icon Variant Ghost Carbon Helmet

icon-variant-ghost-carbon-motorcycle-helmetThis helmet is matte black but it has a yellow visor and has an angular and open appearance to it. The Icon Variant Ghost Carbon Helmet is round at the back and sharp in the front, which gives it a strong visual appeal. The helmet has a peak that is sharp but not threatening.

Fogginess is a problem with a lot of helmets in this product range, and the Variant Ghost Helmet was designed to be resistant to fog. The visibility for this helmet in general is among the best that people are going to find. Individuals who have struggled with issues of visibility with their helmets in the past are really going to appreciate the design of the Icon Variant Ghost Helmet. This is a helmet that should provide people with a wide enough view that they can easily navigate when they are on the road. The aerodynamics of the Variant Carbon Fiber Helmet should be favorable for all riders, whether they are experienced or not.

The Ghost Carbon Helmet from Icon is also much quieter than what people are usually going to find with the helmets in this product category. The dry lining should make the helmet more comfortable for most people to wear, especially if they have a tendency to struggle with issues of sweat. The fit for the helmet is excellent, and people are going to appreciate the fact that this is a helmet that manages to be comfortable without being overly loose today. This Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet has a lot to offer customers from all walks of life.


Bell Race Star Ace Cafe Speed Check Helmet

bell-race-star-ace-cafe-motorcycle-carbon-fiber-helmetThe Bell Race Star Ace Cafe Speed Check Helmet is round and gray overall. It has some yellow trim, as if it has its own racing stripes. The lower portion of the helmet is black. The visor itself is very large and transparent.

The Bell Race Star Carbon Helmet is very lightweight and people should be able to easily ride with it. It offers people a very snug fit, and they shouldn’t find themselves uncomfortable at any point during the ride regardless of that fact.

Riders get a 3k carbon fiber shell with the Bell Check Helmet, which should make them much better on the road regardless of whether they’re racing or just riding. Even at high speeds, people can expect a truly excellent performance while they’re using the Bell Helmet.



It should be easy for people to remove the pads of the Race Star Helmet, which is going to make it that much easier for people to keep the helmet clean and for them to stay comfortable while riding it. The helmet was designed to have something of a cooling effect, so people will find it that much easier to ride through warmer climates.

Bell Race Star RSD Chief Helmet Details

The Bell Star Carbon Helmet offers riders a truly proportional fit that is going to work well for them. Many people are going to appreciate the style of the Ace Cafe Speed Check Helmet as well, since it offers something of an alternative to the typical plain and matte black motorcycle helmet that is on the market today.

Simpson M30 Bandit DOT Satin Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

Simpson M30 Bandit DOT Satin Carbon Fiber Motorcycle HelmetThe Simpson M30 Bandit DOT Satin Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet has an almost perfectly round and smooth look to it. It has a solid and very opaque matte black appearance. The vents are conveniently located in the frontal area of the helmet, which otherwise has a smooth, soft, and yet still solid appearance.

Bikers can expect to get plenty of visibility with the Simpson M30 Bandit  Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet. The helmet comes in four different sizes, so bikers are not going to be at the mercy of one-size-fits-all sensibilities. You should be able to find a version of this carbon-fiber helmet that fits you properly.

The shield for the M30 Bandit Helmet will hold tight at any angle, and that is going to give people the opportunity to easily handle a lot of changes in terrain and a lot of tight angles during a motorcycle ride. The lightweight carbon fiber shell weighs less than three pounds, and people are going to have an easy time navigating using a helmet like this one.

The cheek pads can be removed and washed, which is going to make it that much easier for people to keep the helmet clean and to avoid having to deal with too much sweat. The helmet manages to keep moisture away from the body in general, which should be good news for the people who have a lot of troubles with sweat during their motorcycle rides. The liner manages to absorb most impacts, making the M30 Bandit Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet safer and much more comfortable.

Let’s mark this one as my personnel vote for the best carbon fiber motorcycle helmet of the batch. Moving on….


AGV AX-8 Evo Naked Road Helmet – Carbon Fiber

AGV AX 8 Evo Naked Road Helmet Carbon FiberThe AGV AX-8 Evo Naked Road Helmet has a very sharp and angular appearance at the bottom and it is very round on top. There are features on the top of the helmet that should also make the helmet appear to be harsher and more angular. The visor is very large and full, and should provide plenty of protection.

The shell for the Evo Naked Road Helmet is made from Kevlar, carbon, and fiberglass. As such, it should be that much easier for people to get all that they want from this helmet. It has the protection offered by Kevlar, the lightweight quality associated with carbon shells, and the style and substance of fiberglass.

The shield is resistant to scratches, which should allow the AGV Road Helmet to last longer. the shield also will not fog up in the manner of a lot of other helmet shields, so people who live in climates that are prone to rain and fog are going to have an easier time riding through those areas if they have this helmet. The AGV Carbon Fiber Helmet works well under most conditions.

The liner for the Evo Helmet is removable and can be washed, and that is going to make it easier for people to keep the helmet safe and clean to use. The integrated ventilation system should also provide more airflow for the people who are using this helmet, keeping them cool and comfortable. Some people might find that the chin strap could be more comfortable or easier to use, but otherwise, this is a helmet that is going to be easy for most people to wear and to use on a regular basis.


Nexx XR1R Full Face Helmet – Carbon –

nexx-xr1r-full-face-motorcycle-helmet-carbonThe Nexx XR1R Full Face Helmet has a very smooth appearance. Its dark black coloration contrasts with the red stripes and highlights throughout the shell. The visor is very large, featureless, and smooth. Most of the vents and the other features are very subtle, which should make the Nexx XR1R Helmet a very streamlined helmet overall.

The Nexx XR1R Full Face Helmet is going to last a long time while giving motorcycle riders a very effective performance on their bikes. This helmet is scratch resistant, so it is going to last for a long time and people are not going to have to be as concerned when it comes to accidents involving the helmet. The ergo padding system will help this helmet fit a wider range of head sizes and individuals, while also making the helmet much more comfortable for people of any head size to wear.

The locking system for the helmet is also efficient, and it should help people stay safe when they are riding their motorcycles. There is a pinlock at the ready, which is going to make the XR1R Helmet even easier to use. Of course, the main claim to fame for the Nexx XR1R Full Face Helmet is probably the fact that it is going to be difficult for anyone on the market or in the market to find a helmet that is any lighter than this one.

The visor performance of the Nexx XR1R Carbon Helmet is excellent. Riders can truly expect a very wide field of vision through the use of the Nexx XR1R Helmet. The visor is very large, and it is not going to restrict people’s views at all.


AGV GT-Veloce TXT Full Face Carbon Motorcycle Helmet

agv-gt-veloce-full-face-carbon-motorcycle-helmetThe AGV GT-Veloce TXT Full Face Motorcycle Helmet has a very striking appearance that people will love to use when they are on the road. The helmet is black and red, with the red appearing in the form of stripes and highlights. The helmet is highly ridged and angular, with textural changes. It has a dramatic and harsh appearance.

The AGV GT-Veloce Helmet gives a field of vision that measures around fifteen degrees, which is much better than what most people are going to find in this product category. Individuals who have often struggled when it came to traveling across certain distances and in certain areas are going to find that the AGV Helmet will work well for them in that regard.

The ventilation for the GT-Veloce Helmet should give the helmet significantly better airflow, making it that much easier for people to be able to drive with this motorcycle safely and easily.

The helmet is resistant to being scratched, which means that people should run into fewer long-term problems while they are driving with the AGV GT-Veloce Carbon Motorcycle Helmet. This helmet is as light as most people are going to want, and it has plenty to offer in terms of the aerodynamics.



Bell Matte Carbon Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

bell-matte-carbon-bullitt-motorcycle-helmetThe Bell Matte Carbon Adult Bullitt Carbon Street Racing Motorcycle Helmet has a wonderfully round appearance. It’s almost solid black, and nearly entirely featureless in terms of its look, making it appear to be wonderfully symmetrical. The visor is relatively low, and it’s just as smooth as the rest of the helmet and appears to blend in with it well.

The Bell Matte Carbon Helmet is one of the most stylish motorcycle helmets that people are going to find on the market today. They’re going to appreciate its very smooth appearance and the fact that it has such a fluid look to it. This helmet is made from carbon fiber. The Matte Carbon Bullitt Carbon Motorcycle Helmet is very lightweight. People will have an easy time navigating with it, and they’re going to find that it is significantly more aerodynamic than a good portion of the other helmets that are on the market.

This product is equipped with high-speed stabilization at track speeds, which should make the helmet better for the racers and the people who have every intention of competing while using this Matte Carbon Carbon Street Racing Motorcycle Helmet. Buffeting and lift are both problems when it comes to many other helmets, and the Bell Carbon Bullitt Helmet was designed in order to minimize those problems.

The cheek pads of the Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet were designed to be more comfortable for people to wear, while also being easier for people to use to create the ideal fit. The ventilation and temperature control for the Matte Carbon Fiber Helmet are both superlative, and people can expect to have much more comfortable and effective rides when they are using the Helmet. People who are planning on competing are going to love using a helmet like this one and riders who are just casual motorcycle fans are going to love it just as much.


3/4 Carbon Fiber Helmets under $500

Joe Rocket Carbon Pro Helmet

joe-rocket-carbon-pro-motorcycle-helmetLet’s say that you like a helmet that doesn’t just offer you the safety you need but is high on style too, – Well, you would love this one. Joe Carbon pro helmets are the ultimate in moto-art. The lightweight carbon fiber finish open face helmet is great for riding long distances.

The glossy black carbon fiber finish stands out elegant and sophisticated without need of any embellishments. It fits your head perfectly and provides unmatched comfort with its special design for air movement. Carbon Pro helmets are durable and guaranteed to last for a long time. It is your perfect safety gear which is made according to industry standards to offer you optimum protection.


What is it about these helmets that you would like? Here is a look.

Pros of Joe Carbon

  • Great looks with modern carbon fiber glossy finish
  • It provides a wide field of vision which makes you forget you are wearing a helmet
  • It is equipped with dual density EPS shock absorbing liner
  • It is a full application 4×4 helmet
  • The ventilation system keeps the inside of the helmet dry and cool while riding
  • The interior can be removed and washed easily for cleaning
  • It is designed to be quieter than other helmets
  • It produces less turbulence with its specially designed lower edge gasket

Cons of Joe Carbon

  • The helmet lacks proper chin support and protection
  • At high speeds, the helmet is pushed back towards the forehead by the wind being lightweight.


LS2 Cabrio Carbon Helmet

ls2-cabrio-carbon-motorcyclehelmetLS2 Cabrio Carbon Helmet comes as the latest in lightweight protective gear for your motorcycle. The trendy looking helmets are produced from wide weave authentic carbon fiber to offer the best in function and fashion. The helmets are perfect for people with sensitive neck for whom lightweight is a must.

The wind shield is made to be anti-fog and UV resistant. It is also equipped with an extra sun protection shield that comes handy while riding under a strong sun. The chin strap and the comfort lining are designed to fit your skull comfortably for superior safety.

Here are some of the things that you would love about the helmet.

  • The sun shield is a handy feature and eliminates the need of carrying extra sunglasses
  • The liners are easily removable and washable
  • It is quieter even while riding at high speeds
  • High quality comfort foam and cheek pads cut out by laser
  • The strap can be easily detached
  • Engineered to be durable and provide superior protection in case of impact with multi density EPS

Here are some of the cons:

  • It is difficult to remove the visor or the sun shield


Bell Custom 500 Carbon RSD Bomb Helmet

bell-custom-500-carbon-rsd-bomb-motorcycle-helmetThis isn’t one of those normal helmets out there. This one’s from Bell, and is one of the most iconic helmets any rider would want to own.

Bell Custom 500 has been introduced 50 years back and had succeeded in creating a statement in the motorbike safety industry. The Bell Custom 500 Carbon RSD Bomb Helmet is a tribute to the original Custom 500 presented in a new and improved form. After many experiments and R&D, Bell made the new variant less bulky, lightweight and comfortable.

The thin carbon composite material of the helmet is the secret to the perfect low profile fit it offers. It comes with 5 shell and EPS sizes so that everyone can find their fit easily. The stylish yet minimalist helmet presents the legendary Custom 500 as the ultimate safety gear.


  • Lightweight specially designed helmet which looks much smaller on your head
  • Leather finish goggle strap and D-ring pull enhances the aesthetic value of the helmet
  • It comes with a 5 years warranty
  • Custom suede inner liner for greater comfort and perfect fit
  • The carbon material and the graphics work are eye catchy and makes its own style statement


The design part has left some customers dissatisfied as the quality of the artwork “could have been a bit better.”
The helmet can be noisy at speeds more than 60 mph


Bell Custom 500 Carbon Helmet


If you are looking for a helmet, why not customize it to fit your needs? The Bell Custom 500 Carbon helmet might be the one you would love then.

Introduced in 1954, the Bell 500 was an instant hit with motorbike enthusiasts. It made the company famous and after 50 years, Bell has brought forward their tribute to the original 500. The Bell Custom 500 Carbon Helmet comes with the retro design from its time. But it has gone through upgrade and modifications to make it safer, lightweight and smaller than its predecessor. The full carbon fiber body presents ultimate protection to your skull in case of accidents.

It features trendy graphics which gives the retro gear a trendy appearance. It is amazingly lightweight and so comfortable that you forget you have a helmet on your head!

The full carbon fiber body presents ultimate protection to your skull in case of accidents. It features trendy graphics which gives the retro gear a trendy appearance. It is amazingly lightweight and so comfortable that you forget you have a helmet on your head!


  • Designed with a new headform which makes the helmets smaller
  • Comfortable fitting with custom suede interiors
  • Leather parts makes the helmet stylish and fits the retro look
  • Includes a 5 year warranty and comes with a handy helmet bag
  • Specially designed to make installation of aftermarket visor and shields easily
  • Meets the industry safety standards for increased protection


  • The open face helmet can make disturbing noise while riding at high speeds
  • The graphics are not carefully done in some models. This can be problem of a specific lot of products


1/2 Shell Carbon Fiber Helmets

Bell Pit Boss Carbon Helmet

bell-pit-boss-carbon-motorcycle-helmetFor people who love the wind on their face, Bell Pit Boss Carbon Helmet is the perfect choice. The half helmet is so light that you can ride long distances without any trouble. The helmet is made of Tri-Matrix composite shell which combines carbon, Kevlar and fiberglass. You wouldn’t mind wearing it simply because you wouldn’t know it’s there once you’ve worn it. The helmet makes bike rides easy and smooth, without any discomfort.

The helmet is specially built to fit all skull sizes and comes with an adjustable fit option. Bell Pit Boss also puts in a few extra features for your comfort- a detachable neck curtain, useful speaker pockets and a flip down sun protection visor.

Now you can ride in the sun without the need of carrying around a sunglass.


  • Ultra light material yet durable and strong passing industry standards
  • The inner fitting is antibacterial and antimicrobial for better hygiene
  • It has a 5 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • You can easily place communication devices in the special pockets provided
  • Equipped with a D-ring closure
  • Engineered with customizable speed dial fit system
  • The neck cover is great while riding in cold weather
  • The convenient speaker pockets makes communication possible even while riding


  • It’s DOT Rated – and can give some head shape that mushroom head look.
  • The inbuilt sun protection visor needs to be pulled down gently. It may get detached on rough handling

Skull Crush Novelty Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets

Limited Edition Chrome Half Helmet – Skull Crush Helmets

These Novelty Helmets are not DOT rated, and will sit low on your head. Check your helmet law state to see if you are breaking any laws by wearing a novelty helmet.

There are many more colors and style available.

And a few more: