Caberg Ghost Carbon Helmet Review

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The Caberg Jet ‘Ghost’ helmet is already making waves on account of its sinister looks. How about a carbon fiber version? Why not?! Caberg has also introduced the popular Ghost helmet in a carbon fiber shell. The weave makes it extremely light and stylish that is equivalent to just ‘pop-yer-hat-n-lets-go’ routine.

Great for staring at bystanders and giggling to yourself as they throw suspicious glances at you. Check price here.

What Would You Love

In addition to the modular design, the Ghost also has some neat little features tucked in. The face mask and visor, for instance, has a spring loaded mechanism to snap it in the up or down positions.

A bug guard blocks out insects from sneaking into the helmet when you are not aware, or at higher speeds.

Dual homologation carries forward with the Ghost series unto the carbon fiber version for peace of mind while riding on European roads with the face mask flipped up.

Top Features To Look Out For

The Ghost is already a hit. But is there something unique about the whole thing? Here goes.

So the tri composite gets put aside and in comes the carbon fiber. Helmet manufacturers have kept abreast of the advances in manufacturing techniques and started using this handy material in various capacities since the last decade. What used to be a novelty is now a demand. This version looks just as beautiful as the matt black one with the weaves clearly visible on the surface. Although, the seams where the weaves join could have been more refined – akin to a ‘certain’ German helmet? But that might just be wishful thinking.

Anyway, the carbon fiber shell makes this one of the lightest helmets on the market, weighing just about 1188 grams or 2.61 pounds! This may be one of the reasons that balances out all the negatives you may find on this lid.

The shape and fitting is similar to the Ghost in matt black, if not more spacious, so the majority of European customers should be fine with it, except maybe a few with elongated heads.

Still, Caberg has provided two shell sizes for those looking for an optimized fit.


Doing away with the goggle straps, the Ghost comes with rotating visor and face mask.

The (almost) premium quality is justified because Caberg has included a PinLock double lens which has been given an anti-scratch, anti-fog treatment. It comes straight out of the box and fits in seamlessly at the given mounts. What’s more, it is a Max Vision, not the standard one.

The spring loaded tilting system makes it easy to flip that visor up. You just pull it forward and rotate it backwards to open it up. This may sound like an extra step for people who are accustomed to just rotating the assembly backwards. But it is an essential step in getting the lid dual homologated, as the visor can be ‘locked’ into the respective places.

Caberg has offered six different tints to choose from. You get the light smoke version included in the box. You can have it replaced with mirror finish, dark, clear (transparent) and yellow (gold).

If you need to remove the visor for some reason or replace it with another tinted one, you might find it difficult to do without a branded screwdriver (Philips). There is always a possibility to break some things because not even Caberg has done away with brittle plastic yet. So tread with care sir Do-It-Yourself-A-Lot.

There is no internal sun visor to speak of.


The Ghost series of helmets don’t have special arrangements for ventilation. The open face nature of the helmet should be more than enough for your ventilation needs. The absence of a chin curtain can guarantee some airflow when the visor is down.

Padding and Lining

The honeycomb weave fabric and mesh liner is sure to keep things on the cooler and comfortable side. Breathable fabric means that your sweat is going to be wicked up rather quickly. This helps your sensitive skin stay free from sweat related rashes or any other shenanigans put up by your perspiration.

Same goes for the material used for the chin strap which rubs against your skin.

The neck roll outline looks and feels a lot like leather, and Caberg does mention that it is in fact made of leather. So there is no harm in believing it.

Customer Reviews

Absence of DOT continues to be a major hurdle in Caberg’s entry in the US and Canadian market. But the European market has little to complain about with this excellent helmet. If one absolutely had to pick something out, then it would be the weird way in which the carbon fiber weave comes together at the top rear. It could have been more refined to give it a symmetrical appearance.

Finally, customers are being smart about being quiet when it comes to wind noise in an open face helmet.

Bottom Line

A fantastic helmet in an even better shell version – the carbon fiber – is not something you should bypass.

Especially if you are a rider in the EU zone. Great protection, aggressive styling, dual homologation, comfort fit and a PinLock Max Vision available in a lightweight package almost feels like a dream come true. If your wallet can handle it, so can you.

Go have some fun. You deserve it!

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