Bobber Motorcycle Helmet – Full Helmet Review

Riding bikes is a passion that has been well-known for decades now. There is no better feeling than mounting on top of your beast and going zig-zagging, with the wind blowing in your face, and knowing that nothing else in the world can come between you and your beloved bike.

With time, however, helmets became the third wheel. Something that may not necessarily be pleasant, but of immense importance if you wish to be safe and secure while you’re on the bike. Open-faced helmets were cherished by the users until and unless, with more stringent traffic rules being implemented, they became a sure shot way of getting traffic tickets.

However, since the love for open-faced helmets didn’t die, some makers, like Bobber, now produce open-faced helmets that look and feel like those beloved ones from the past, but function and protect you like the modern, technically advanced helmets. Check price here.

Why Bobber Helmets?

You are extremely passionate about your bikes, so it is only understandable that you would like a helmet that is passionately constructed and designed to give you the necessary protection without becoming a nuisance as you ride your beast about town.

Bobber Helmets has been making helmets keeping in mind the comfort and safety of the rider. While that is a priority for them, the design and overall look is not compromised on either. If you are looking for an all in one helmet that looks simple, yet stylish, fits snuggly on your head, is soft to ensure no headaches (even after long hours of putting it on), and gives you the old age feeling of an open-faced helmet, then this is one helmet that you’ve gotta give a try!


  • Let’s have a look at some of the features of this beauty before we go ahead:
  • Vintage, smooth, matte titanium finish.
  • You get extra safety, thanks to the High Performance Fiberglass Composite Shell.
  • The comfortable, soft interior lining makes it a helmet that can be worn all day long.
  • Easy to wear and take off because of the chin strap that is light and fast to release.
  • Approved by DOT, it has a three-snap sun peak which can be removed so that you can add the accessories that you wish.

Structure and Design

What really sets this helmet apart is the old age charm of open-faced helmets that you get when you wear this helmet. And this nostalgic memory is combined with modern technology for added protection. Made up of Tri-composite fiberglass, this helmet is sturdier than you think.

The enviable matte titanium finish is the first thing that will catch your attention. The overall soft look and the strong fiberglass have made this helmet so popular that it is almost always out of stock.

Weight and Fit

Unlike most of the helmets that have flooded the market, this is not a bulky one. It is extremely lightweight making it suitable to wear for those long hours on your bike without getting a headache.

The unique design of the helmet along with the broad, adjusting shape, make it a good fit for heads of every shape and size.

A Good Surprise

Buyers of this helmet were pleasantly surprised when they received a few treats along with the helmet – a small black visor and vintage goggles. However, the goggles haven’t been as good as we expected and the company can do without them. With that being said, don’t let that discourage you, as the helmet that you get is worth every penny that you shell out.

Bobber is a company that is passionate about helmets and you can almost instantly feel it when you put the LS2 helmet on your head and not feel anything heavy weighing down on your head and neck. In fact, the makers are so sure of their product that the final consumer is given a seven-day warranty against any manufacturing defect.

The Interiors

The liner on the inside is made of technical synthetic suede that absorbs your sweat and helps you stay dry and cool even on a hot, humid day. The bonus is that the liner is trimmed with real leather, giving a luxurious look, fit, and feel.

If you want the helmet to feel as good as new always, you can easily remove the lining and wash it as it is removable and completely washable.

Customer Verdict

Users of this helmet have been more than impressed with the Bobber Motorcycle Helmet. The neat, clean, and fuss-free design, the snug fit and the light but firm chin strap have found many takers.

What has impressed customers the most is that it can easily be worn and pulled off while wearing glasses and the soft fit ensures that you can go on long rides with this helmet on and will not be hit by a throbbing headache.

Whether they are zooming around the city running errands or cruising along the countryside on the weekends, they will not forget to take along their newfound best friend – the Bobber Motorcycle Helmet.

Bottom Line

The LS2 open-face Bobber Helmet has certainly won our hearts! After all, it is a deadly combination of the old world charm of open faced helmets (so that the wind blows on our face) and the incorporation of some of the latest trends in ensuring maximum safety for the wearer.

From the overall look and sleek finish, to the comfortable inner lining and the smooth, soft fit, this helmet has ticked off all the boxes on our checklist. The amazing customer reviews that you just saw mentioned above are only a testimony to our suggestion.

So if you’re on the lookout for a helmet that lets you ride your bike with the wind blowing full force on your face, while giving your skull all the protection that you need, then you need to look no further than the Bobber LS2 Open Face Helmet!

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