BILT Techno Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Review

BILT is known for manufacturing top notch products and it has just done it again with the BILT Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet which is an extremely advanced helmet in recent times. As the name suggests, this helmet can be easily sync with Bluetooth-enabled devices and offers a plethora of features for the user which have been discussed below in details. This durable helmet is made from hi-tech injection molded polycarbonate shell and has been given a superior-quality metallic finish with double flat matte or lacquer finish.

This BILT Bluetooth motorcycle helmet review will help you understand all the benefits of the product and also help you decide whether this is the right product for you or not. Another factor discussed in this article will be the style of the helmet and the weight of the product.

The Benefits

Here are some of the reasons you will love this offering from BILT. It packs in all the regular features of a Bluetooth helmet with a focus on ensuring that there is no compromise on security.

Intercom Function – This helmet boasts of an intercom function which allows communication between riders and rider and passenger after the product is paired with another similar Techno Helmet.

Communication made easy – The integrated DWO-3 bluetooth system can be used for mobile phone communication too. You can now accept or reject calls when on the move without having to touch your mobile phone. You can also listen to music on your mobile or MP3 player by connecting it to the helmet.

Navigation directions made easy – Riders can now connect their helmet to a GPS device instantly which can prove to be quite helpful in navigation purposes. The rider will be able to receive voice instructions and follow them conveniently.

Affordable – The BILT Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is quite affordable and has been reasonably priced. It offers full value for money and the array of features that it comes with makes it a good purchase.

Superior designing with full safety – This amazing Bluetooth motorcycle helmet from BILT has been proven to exceed the DOT standards and has gained immense popularity in a short span of time due to its aesthetic looks. Being available in 5 colors namely white, silver, matte black, day glo and black, you can choose the one that you like best. Moreover, you can opt for a helmet-size as per your head size which ranges from X-small right till 2XL.

Helmet Features

We will now move on to discuss the key features of the BILT helmet which make it superior than other helmets in the market.

1. Easy Syncing – This device easily syncs with all Bluetooth enabled devices and no matter how old your mobile phone is, if it has Bluetooth it in, you can easily synch it without your helmet almost immediately.

2. Music – Listening to music as never so easy as the MP3 connectivity feature allows the user to listen to his favourite music by making use of the multifunctional USB cord.

3. Helpful while driving – A quick release visor which is locking and clear is fitted as a standard for this BILT helmet. This helmet comes with a unique tinted sun shield which helps protect the user’s eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

4- Good quality material – The helmet vent is made from metal mesh. The lining of the helmet can be removed if need be offering great ventilation for the user even if he uses the helmet for long hours. The user gets added comfort due to the presence of chin deflectors in it.

5. Easy to access replacement spares – The replacement spares and visors are easily available in the market and are simple to replace with the old ones.

6. Good helmet design – The BILT Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is a full face one. It comes in a full helmet style and offers complete protection to your face and head when you are on the move. Being immensely comfortable to use, you can wear it for long hours at a stretch without feeling any discomfort, pain or heaviness on the head.

7. Weight – It weighs around Weight 3 lbs or 1.3kg.

Final Verdict

This BILT Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Review talks about a lot of things, including how it can help you listen to your favorite music and offers full face protection. The fact that this has a fully removable lining with chin deflector and double D-ring safety fastening ensures that you’ve the added amount of security. It’s simple to wear and the entire system takes only minutes to set up, so it’s a pretty easy affair.

Important Tips

Users have reported that they can use the helmet easily during rains as well without any worries. On the other hand, be prepared for some wind noise even while listening to music as this motorcycle helmet doesn’t seem to do that good a job when it comes to noise canceling, especially when you’re traveling at high speeds. Except the wind noise though, it does produce some great sound that you’d love to hear.

It also comes with a sun visor so you don’t have to worry when heading out during afternoon, and riding through into the night!

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