Best Motorcycle Tour Pack and Organizers

Motorcycling tours can mean different things to different tourists. If you are too heading for one, you need to be extra cautious of that one thing that could make or break the fun of your tour. This thing is definitely ‘packing’. To maximize your experience, you need to carry all the essentials you need down your journey. A lot of tourists know what to pack but they lack common sense in the way they pack their stuff. What is important here it to pick a good motorcycle tour pack and organizer. If you still haven’t brought one, you can choose one from our list of best picks here.

Kuryakyn-4148 Ultra Tour Bag

This product from Kuryakyn assures you plenty of space for anything you have on your mind.

The best thing about this tour pack is that it never loses its shape, even if you don’t fill it to the top.

Due to this, it won’t sag down even if you add another bag on top of it.

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As it has a lot of side pockets and small pockets, you could easily differentiate your belongings and manage them well.

Another thing many tourists are concerned of is the rain. Kuryakyn 4148’s is waterproof and durable. With even the thick rain pouring over your luggage, you can be completely stress free of the stuff packed in this bag. It is large enough for a week’s ride and also small enough to carry in and out of the hotel without much effort. That’s ironic, isn’t it? But that’s the truth!

So, in case you are heading down for a week’s trip, Kuryakyn 4148 would be the best. And trust me this is going to last for years to come as it has a solid base that would hold your belongings strongly. Also, the edges are double stitched to ensure longevity.

Cons: Double check on the zips before buying. Some of the zips might be stuck and they may need lubrications before you could start using the bag.

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Raider BCS-908 Nylon Motorcycle Tour Pack

On the bike tours, weight can be your biggest enemy.

Unless you are packing from your finalized list or taking into account your past experiences, you will no doubt end up packing a lot extra than what is actually needed.

When packing for a tour, you cannot carry your entire home at your backpack or on your motorbike.

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You need to pack wisely and this can be done only if you have a handy backpack as your companion.

The Raider BCS 908 made out of 600-denier nylon could be an answer to all your first time packing questions. This tour pack will allow you to pack in style, as it is actually a set of a larger and a smaller bag. The larger bag has three expandable pockets and a front flap for smaller items like your cell phones, tissues, etc. You can also safeguard your valuables in the double inner pocket that lies inside. The smaller bag, however, rests on the larger one to store the handy things that you need often.

Both the bags can be carried like a backpack or can be hand-held, thanks to the three adjustable carrying straps.

Cons: The larger bag is not rigid, which means it would lose its shape unless it is entirely full. So, fill in the larger bag first and then the smaller one.

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Nelson-Rigg (908-020) Deluxe Motorcycle Tour Pack

Before you start packing, it is really important to determine how much stuff you can safely load onto your bike.

For this, you need to check your bike’s GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating).

This number will give you the maximum recommended combined weight of the motorcycle, the rider, the cargo, and the gear.

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Once you have a clear idea of this, Nelson-Rigg (908-020) Deluxe Motorcycle Tour Pack can help you pack in the most comfortable way. This tour pack has a fully lined interior and features plenty of space. Not only does it offer this, but it also has 4 pockets on both the sides and 2 additional front pockets which makes it the maximum luggage holder in our list.

Additionally, it has some more WOW factors, including a security combination lock that would safeguard your possessions, a 100% waterproof cover and the expandable main compartment which can hold up to 51.38 liters when expanded. The Nelson-Rigg (908-020) Deluxe would assure you a hassle free journey with its stupendous features.

Cons: It can be a bit pricey for people who are looking for a cheaper tour pack. But the Nelson-Rigg (908-020) Deluxe Motorcycle Tour Pack offers security along with comfort and tranquility.

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Dowco 50030-00 Rally Pack Luggage System

Checking your motorcycle is a must before you embark on any motorcycle journey.

Your motorbike might have a differently sized sissy bar which may be narrower for any bag to fit in.

In such a case, you need to pick a tour bag that is lighter and adjustable to fit perfectly in the backseat.

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Considering this, Dowco 50030-00 Rally Pack Luggage System will help you to ride your bike with confidence for several miles.

The Dowco 50030-00 Rally Pack comes with adjustable Velcro straps that hold it in place. And as the tour pack is size adjustable, it can easily be matched with the smaller sissy bars of bikes like Suzuki Boulevard S40. It includes two separate bags which can be mounted one on top of the other. Both the bags have inner foam coatings that would keep your fragile items safe and intact.

Whether you are out for a weekend or a fortnight, Dowco 50030-00 Rally Pack would stand by your side offering you the best. You won’t even require an extra luggage rack to support this backpack. If I were you, this would have been my first choice as it offers a lot at the cheapest cost.

Cons: The polyester stuff is a little thin to keep the weight of the bag as light as possible. So, you will need to carry an extra trash bag as a liner if there is a slight probability of encountering rain.

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Kuryakyn Adult Ultra Tour Bag

Sometimes, you might pair up your fun tour with your work tour.

In this case, you might need to carry a lot of electronics, such as your cell phones, laptops, intercoms etc.

With these, you also need to have their chargers in case you run out of battery life.

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These would need extra care from the bumps and from the rain, too. Kuryakyn has once again succeeded in providing you with the Kuryakyn Adult Ultra Tour Bag, a bag that can be easily held into place with plenty of D-ring connectors.

It also has a lot of extra straps and the main container can be expanded to over 2 inches giving you that additional space that is very much needed. You can put it either in the sissy bar or on to the rear in case you have a passenger along with you.

A rain cover is also included that assures minimal or no threat to your electronics from rain. But with the zippers being waterproof too, you get a sense of double security. So, if you are extra anxious about your stuff, the Kuryakyn Adult Ultra Tour Bag won’t let you down.

Cons: The rain cover provided might be tough to keep in place as little concern is given to secure it. Except that, the bag is a lot worth!

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Saddlemen 3516-0123 Lid Organizer

Unless you are heading to a remote location, there will always be a chance to buy things that you forget and for this, you must leave a little space in your tour pack or organizer in case of emergencies.

The Saddlemen 3516-0123 Lid Organizer has a variety of elastic bands to keep your flashlights, gauges, gears, glues, etc, in place.

You won’t have any trouble looking for things as the organizer lets you organize things in the most lucid manner.

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You can install this in minutes with absolutely no modification to your motorcycle’s rack. The Saddlemen 3516-0123 has quick release strips and self-adhesive hooks and loop strips to keep the cargo in place. You can also unfasten it with a fraction of a second and drag it with its handle to wherever you go.

Its rugged construction would last a lifetime whether you drive a Yezdi Road King or a Harley Davidson. You could also use the zipped pockets on the sides for things you might need over and over again. Affordably priced, the Saddlemen 3516-0123 would be immensely useful.

Cons: The adhesives that come with it usually have a shorter life; try buying better adhesives to pair up with this great organizer.

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Kuryakyn 4134 Lid Organizer Bag for H-D Tour Pack

Choosing between a backpack and an organizer is a question that most of the motorcyclists face at one point in time.

I personally would suggest an organizer bag for your tours as you won’t have to waste time hunting for stuff here and there in your bag.

The Kuryakyn 4134 Lid Organizer Bag for H-D Tour Pack is a great choice for those who looking for an organizer bag and have little items to carry along with you.

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Your stuff won’t roll around in the bag, as this Kuryakyn product has a variety of padding and see-through mesh compartments to keep everything in its place. You can also trust this bag for your delicate items. It also has a mirror included which becomes an important commodity once you are away from home.

Its 4-pound weight also makes it the lightest of all organizer bags that you can easily roam around with. You can easily disconnect it and make use of the handles provided which makes its transportation a lot simpler.

Cons: Well, I couldn’t find any. Go pick up this super beneficial Kuryakyn 4134 Lid Organizer Bag for a comfy tour.

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Saddlemen 3516-0121 Luggage Bag

Going on a motorcycle tour alone is the best thing ever.

Nonetheless, surviving alone by the roads can be a tedious task as you have to have all the crucial survival stuff.

You won’t have anybody by your side to help you with water, gas, or gears.

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You can choose the Saddlemen 3516-0121 Luggage Bag to fit in almost anything that is on your mind.

It has multiple storage and organizer sections with two full side compartments. One of these divides in two in the inside and the other one divides on the outside, rewarding you with plenty of space for those last minute items. The brawny zippers permit the over packing and the inline provides great protection due to the reinforced stress points.

Also, the special space accommodations would make it extremely painless for you to pack and use the items. This luggage bag would end up being the best for any street cruiser motorcycle, sport motorcycles or touring motorcycles. You can even check if this would fit your vehicle by entering your bike’s make and model online.

Cons: It doesn’t come with a shoulder strap, so in case you carry your luggage off your shoulder, you can buy an additional shoulder strap with rings.

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Saddlemen 3516-0125 Trunk Organizer

On the road, you can easily get away with packing a little extra, but you’ll regret it as soon as you drive off a patch of sand or a nasty piece of scrappy road.

The Saddlemen 3516-0125 Trunk Organizer would let you pack efficiently and thus, you won’t have to regret at all.

It can be installed effortlessly and in case you encounter any problem, there are numerous YouTube videos that would make the installation pretty simple.

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This organizer is loaded with numerous bands and a lot of cargo space. All the tiny compartments pack up your stuff neatly which means there would be no problem taking it out. Just like the other awesome products from Saddlemen, this 3516-0125 Trunk Organizer also comes with a self-adhesive hook and loop fastener strips that you can use according your bike’s model or the size of your luggage carrier. If you have the Honda Goldwing, this organizer will surely be your best pick.

In case you are travelling alone, the Saddlemen 3516-0125 also lets you add in a First Aid kit. It comes for an easy handle to carry it along when you get off from your bike.

Cons- Like the other Saddlemen’s your packs and organizer, the 3516-0125 also has complaints regarding its adhesives. So, buy some strong glue to put your straps in place.

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ERPower Multipurpose Car SUV Organizer Collapsible Folding Car Trunk Organizer

There are guided motorcycle tours available, but if you are set on exploring the world alone, it would be a really exciting option since you will be experiencing the unexpected.

Although there might be certain risks involved in case you do not pack properly.

Hence it is important to be prepared to ensure that you maximize the experience.

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An ERPower Multipurpose Car SUV Organizer Collapsible Folding Car Trunk Organizer plays a key role here. This one has to be on your list, for it is the only ‘organizer’ that actually defines the term. It has three large storage sections, one of which could be divided into two or three depending upon your segregation requirements. The separating walls are also made out of durable polyester ensuring good life.

All your large and tiny items would easily find a place in this organizer. When not in use, you can easily collapse and fold it up. This ERPower Multipurpose Organizer also has 4 mesh pockets on its outside for keeping necessary items in reach.

Cons: I didn’t encounter any problems with its usage. Adding to it, it has an additional 2 pockets with Velcro closure, leaving you with no option than buying this one.

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Saddlemen 3501-0782 Saddlebag Lid Organizer

The amount you pack depends hugely on how long you are touring and how much space you have on the motorbike, but one thing you should never forget is your tool box.

If you are hiring a motorcycle for the tour, the company should provide you one in a good tool bag, but in case it doesn’t, be ready to pack your own tools in a Saddlemen 3501-0782 Saddlebag Lid Organizer.

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This Lid Organizer hardly weighs around one pound which is the best required for the tools as the road tools carry a lot of weight. Moreover, this one is somewhat of a 2-D unit that can be easily fitted on your saddle bag with hook and loop fastener strips. To take it off, you will just need to peel it and lift it off away from the bag.

You will acquire the benefit of shaped pouches that would firmly hold your tools or any other items. On the whole, this is great for day trips and night travelers as well. You can store in little torches in the mesh pockets provided on the exterior.

Cons: The 3501-0782 Saddlebag might not fit in some of the BMW panniers. So, check your scarier dimensions before you go for this amazing add-on.

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Well, these were our latest top picks of the Best Motorcycle Pack and Organizers for all your 2017 tours. Now that you are packed, have a great time and ride safe.

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