Best Motorcycle Saddlebag Inserts and Saddlebag Liners

Saddlebag inserts and liners allow motorcycle riders to store so many additional items while travelling. Choose from the best motorcycle saddlebag inserts and saddlebag liners which will give a refreshing look to your bike, as well as come in handy for additional storage. Here is the list of the best saddlebag inserts and saddlebag liners of this year.

Hopnel HDSL Saddlebag Liner

This saddlebag liner is from the brand Hopnel.

It will go perfectly with the hard bags that are present in the motorcycles of brands like Harley, Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki.

This bag will contain all your belongings and will not produce any rattle sound while they hit the surface of the hard bag on your motorcycle.

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You can put an extra pair of shoes, a rain suit, a bottle, an extra visor, or other such items that you need during the ride. This saddlebag liner will easily make room for all of it. The saddlebag liner also has a handle for conveniently taking the all the items out from the motorcycle. They are also very durable.

It is black in color, so it will not get dirty very often. The saddlebag liner is made of polyester which makes the liner weather resistant, as it is strongly coated with urethane.
The bag is quite big enough to hold all your stuff. Its dimensions are 20.5 x 10.5 x 6.5 inches. It is also very light in weight, weighing only 12.8 ounces.

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Kuryakyn 4170 Removable Saddlebag Liner

This saddlebag liner is from the brand Kuryakyn.

It is black in color and it can be easily removed from your motorcycle.

This saddlebag liner is 10 inches tall and 6 inches wide.

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The bag is made of cordura. This saddlebag liner will fit the saddlebags of GL 1800, Metric and HD OEM hard leather Road King saddlebags.

It also has handles to carry it which makes the loading and unloading very easy. You can easily store all your belongings in this safely. This saddlebag liner also has a shoulder strap to easily carry it along with you if you have stored heavy items in the bag.

These liners are strong but they are flexible too which allows you to store most of your stuff into it. You can easily access the things you have put into the saddlebag while riding.

It weighs 2 pounds. This saddlebag liner is suited for bikes like Honda, Roadmaster & Springfield Kawasaki and Yamaha Royal Star or Yamaha Royal Venture. They even fit with the angled hard bag of Harley.

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Saddlemen 3501-0714 Saddlebag Liner For Use With Reda Gas Can

This saddlebag liner from the brand Saddlemen comes with a Reda gas can.

This saddlebag liner is made up of 15 denier polyester which is durable because it is lined with PVC.

The use of PVC makes this saddlebag liner super light.

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The strong zippers on the bag allow some extra stuff into the saddlebag liner so you can easily over pack. This saddlebag liner is around 13.5 inches high and 15.5 inches long. It has a compact width of 1.5 inches.

The bag also has a gas can from Reda which can store up to 1 gallon of gas. So, you also have a backup supply of gas with you if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. It is always on the safer side to carry extra gas with you while traveling.

It also has handles to easily lift it after your journey. The handles make it easy to load the stuff into the hard bag of your motorcycle and also to unload to wherever you are headed.

This saddlebag liner is very affordable.

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Saddlemen 3501-0712 Saddlebag Packing Cube Liner Set

This is a four-piece set Saddlebag liner from the brand Saddleman.

The set includes one full size liner which will fit perfectly into fld-style hard saddlebags on the motorcycle.

Secondly, the set has a vertical half sized saddlebag liner, and it also includes two quarter sized horizontally oriented saddlebag liners.

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It will provide you with the option of organizing your stuff easily into any of the bags and remembering later in which bag you will be able to find what you are looking for. You can classify your items into categories and then store them in any of these saddlebag liners. For example, you can store wet items such as your rain suit, bottles, etc. into one bag and then dry items like a laptop in the other saddlebag liners. The full sized and the half sized saddlebag liners are in the black color and the other two quarter sized liners are in gray color. Their top sections are transparent which makes you spot the stuff you need easily.

All the liners are made up of durable PVC lined 15-denier polyester.

This is a great buy for the value of money.

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River Road Liner Bag for OEM Hard

This saddlebag liner is from the brand River Road.

The materials that go into making this liner are of high quality and are water resistant, hence, they will protect your belongings from slush and rain.

It has a two-way zipper opening, which makes it easy to open the bag, spot the thing you want from it, and take it out without much hassle.

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There are pockets on the inside and an exterior small pocket with zipper. It has handles for easily carrying it along with you.

The bottom of the bag is strong. The liner is 11.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide. It weighs around 3.7 pounds.

You will get a pair of two saddlebag liners when you buy this.

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Hill Country Customs Hard Saddlebag Luggage Liner Set

This saddlebag liner set is from the brand Hill Country Custom Cycles.

It has three storage compartments for you to store your belongings in a convenient and organized manner.

One of the three compartments has a see-through mesh which will enable you to locate your belongings easily.

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The saddlebag liner is perfect for your Harley Davidson motorcycle produced from the year 1993 to 2013.

This saddlebag liner is made of polyester fabric which is backed with PVC, which makes the liner durable as well as light in weight.

This saddlebag liner has handles on it which allow you to carry them with ease. The lid is put on the liner in such a way so it flips easily and you can easily put things into the bag and take them out while riding.

This main bag in this set is 13 inches high, 21 inches long, and 6 inches wide. For placing smaller items, the other two compartments are 2 inches high.

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River Road Liner Bag for Road King Classic Leather Saddlebags

This liner bag is from the brand Continental.

It is suitable to fit into the hard bags of the Road King motorcycle.

This bag liner is made of materials which are of high quality and are fully resistant of water.

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It has a two-way zipper opening, which allows you to open the bag fast and view inside the bag to locate the stuff you need quickly.

It has side pockets on the inside and a small pocket with a flap on the outside where you can store small items which you may need while you are riding.

The bottom of the bag liner is strongly woven and will not tear in case you put them on rough surfaces.

This saddlebag liner weighs around 3 pounds, and it is 14.5 inches tall, 24 inches long, and 3 inches wide.

It is a great deal for two nicely constructed bags which come with handles, extra pockets with flaps, and interior side pockets.

This is a water resistant bag, and the cost at which it is available is very affordable for such a nice pair of bag liners.

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Hopnel HCSL Saddlebag Liner

This saddlebag liner is manufactured by the brand Hopnel.

It is a black colored saddle bag liner which will fit perfectly for the hard bag of the Can-AM Spyder RT motorcycle.

It is 15 inches long, 10.75 inches wide, and 9.25 inches tall.

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This saddlebag liner opens from the top and not from the side, which prevents your stuff from falling out on the road.

The strong handles on the side of this saddlebag liner make it easy to grab and lift the bag.
It is a generously big bag for storing much of your belongings safely into it.

It is very light in weight as it weighs around only 1.1 pounds. The material used is of good quality and there is a lot of room for storing things.

The size of the bag liner makes it fit into only the compartment side of your Can-AM Spyder RT motorcycle. Other than that, it is a durable and easy to pack bag liner.

At this price, this product is worth the money with all the features it has.

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Saddlemen 3516-0122 Soft Liner Bag

This is a soft liner bag from the brand Saddlemen.

The bag liner is of standard size which can be used to pack for tours.

The inner lining on the bag is very soft.

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This bag liner is to fit for the tour packs of your King or Chopper motorcycles. The bag liner is made of 15-denier polyester which is PVC backed. It is a long lasting as well as lightweight bag.
It has the design of a travel bag, which means you can open the lid of the liner bag fully to store the items as well as to find any item from the bag.

You can over pack as the zippers will not fall off when you try to close or open it. It has sturdy zippers.

It also has some cool features like a radio antenna which will catch FM frequencies, so you can listen to the radio.

It can fit easily inside the tour-packs because the liners of the bag can be molded according to the shape of the hard saddlebag. The outside of the liner is very soft and flexible.

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Hill Country Customs Hard Saddlebag Luggage Liner Set

This saddle bag luggage liner set is from the brand Hill Country Customs Cycles.

It is made to fit for your new Harley Davidson motorcycle which came in the market in or after the year of 2014.

This saddlebag liner will keep your things organized, as it has three compartments which you can use to store your items after classifying them on the basis of their size, needs, or however you like.

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You can use the center compartment for storing things that you may need more than the others because this compartment has a see-through mesh which will help you to quickly locate the thing you want. The lid flips over easily which makes taking things out easier.

The main bag is 9 inches tall and 6 inches wide, and the smaller compartments are 2 inches high for storing smaller items.

The bag is made up of PVC lined polyester. It is very lightweight. This saddlebag liner comes in the pair of two bags for your newer models of Harley bikes.

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Hopnel King Kooler Saddlebag Liner for Harley Touring Motorcycles

This saddlebag liner from the brand Hopnel is best suited for the Harley touring motorcycles.

The main feature of this saddlebag liner is that it can keep your liquids cool for a very long time.

It has an insulated cooler inside it which makes it the perfect bag liner to carry with you when you are going out for a picnic at a hot and humid location.

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The material that goes into the making of this liner is waterproof. This bag is a custom fit for the Harley Davidson OEM saddlebags.

It weighs only 2.1 pounds. The height of the bag is 12.3 inches and the width is 4.2 inches. The bag is 14.2 inches long which allows so much space to store your stuff.

It is very affordable given its cool features.

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