Best Motorcycle Rain Gear

No day is bad for riding on your motorcycle unless you go out unprepared. Those downpours can really mess up your riding experience. But when you have the best rain gears with you, there is no need to worry. Here, we give you the list of the best motorcycle rain gear for 2017.

Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit

This rain suit is from the brand Nelson-Rigg.

The rain suit has really nice and bright yellow color on its jacket, and the rest of the suit is of black color.

The outer shell of this rain gear is made of soft polyester with PVC backing.

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It has a full-length zipper jacket. The storm flap is attachable with Velcro. It is super waterproof but it will still let you breathe, as it has cooling vents under the arm area. The jacket has two large pockets on the outside which will keep your stuff like mobile phones, etc. safe from getting drenched and easily accessible when you need them without taking the rain suit off.

The inner collar is made of soft corduroy which will not cause any irritation on your neck. The waist has elastic, making it adjustable to your waist size. The cuffs are also adjustable. There is also a reflective stripe attached with the jacket and the pant for providing visibility in the dark. The pants come with elastic boot stirrups to keep your footwear covers in place.

The whole rain gear weighs 2.9 pounds and you can buy it from Amazon.

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Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit

This sporty rain suit is from the brand Frogg Toggs.

Frogg Toggs are very famous in manufacturing affordable rain wear.

They also make rain suits that are very lightweight and breathable.

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This sporty rain suit comes in many solid colors as well prints. Both the jacket and pant in this rain suit is made with a blend of many non-woven materials.

They are very light in weight (around 1.6 pounds), hence you can carry them around with you in your bike kit. In case the rain comes without any prior notice, then this rain suit will come in handy.

The 100% polypropylene makes the fabric ultra moisture-wicking which will keep you dry. The polypropylene is also a highly insulated material, so it will give you a good resistance from the electricity.

This rain suit, along with giving you protection against the rain water, will also make you look very stylish on the motorcycle. It will not ruin your fashion quotient; it will only increase it by giving you a sporty look. There is also a waterproof hood which is detachable.

You can check them out on Amazon.

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Frogg Toggs Women’s All Purpose Rain Suit

This rain suit from the brand Frogg Toggs is made for all the female riders out there.

It is specially created for the female body shape.

It is a two-piece rain suit with a cherry pink jacket which has a full length zipper on the front with a storm flap covering it, and the pants are in black color.

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The hoods on the jacket can be rolled inside the collar of the jacket with a zipper and can be taken out whenever needed.

It is made of 100% polypropylene which makes the jacket very light, waterproof, and less prone to any damage. The material that goes in this rain suit is so light, it almost feels like paper. And, it is very easy to carry around as it weighs only 1 pound. The pants are adjustable by the drawstrings and not elastic so you can stay relaxed about it getting loose after some time.
It will keep you super dry during the rain and will not make you sweat because the suit is very breathable, and if the temperature goes down, then it will give you warmth.

So ladies, with this Frogg Toggs women rain suit, you need not get frightened by downpours anymore. Just keep this rain suit with you and be ready to face the rain boldly.

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Frogg Toggs Pro Lite Rain Suit

This rain suit is again from the brand Frogg Toggs.

This rain suit is very affordable and is perfect for those who do not want to spend too much on rain gear but still desire a good protection from rain.

This rain suit includes a very affordable range of prices.

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This rain suit comes in three solid colors such as royal blue, khaki, and carbon black. The material used is 100% polypropylene and not plastic or rubber, so this material is very breathable and not to mention light, of course. The material does not have any PVC or Phthalates and is easily washable. It is made of L83 Nonwoven bi-laminate material which is recyclable.

The cuff of the jacket has elastic and the hood is easily adjustable.

This rain gear is so light so you can take it with you or wear it with ease. It will not make you sweat. The rain suit comes with a stuff sack in which you can put the suit when it is not in use.
The price will vary depending on the size of the suit you purchase.

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Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company Motorcycle Riding Rain Suit

This rain suit is from the brand Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company.

This rain suit is made up of heavy duty nylon which is very durable moisture wicking fabric.

The jacket has a full length zipper on the front and it also has a storm flap with Velcro.

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The collar can be fastened with Velcro and will give you maximum defense against strong winds, as it can also be easily adjusted under your helmet.

There is a belt on the waist to adjust it as you please; you can secure it more tightly to give you maximum protection against rain and wind. The pants are secured around the waist by the elasticized waist band. The seam of this rain suit is strong and the interior is fully lined.
The cons of this rain suit will be that it is kind of baggy. And it is not that lightweight, as it weighs around 3.4 pounds.

This Milwaukee motorcycle clothing company’s motorcycle riding rain suit can be purchased on Amazon.

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Joe Rocket RS-2 Men’s Motorcycle Rain Suit

This is a men’s rain suit from the brand Joe Rocket.

This is a black colored jacket which will go with your motorcycle as well as your motorcycle irrespective of their color.

You can also choose from different secondary colors of this jacket, the primary color remains black for all the jackets of this type.

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It is a two-piece rain suit with a waterproof and soft outer shell made of polyester, which is PVC backed. It is a durable material.

There is a full-length zipper in the front of the jacket and a Velcro over-fly to cover it. The collar also comes with Velcro, which will snuggly fit under the bottom of your helmet. The jacket has two large pockets on the outside which will ensure that your mobile phone and other important stuff stay safe from the rain water. The pocket also has gusset expanders which will allow you more space to keep your stuff. The collar has soft corduroy fabric on the side which will not irritate your skin on the neck.

There is a vent on the back which allows variable air flow.

The rain suit weighs around 2.9 pounds and it is up for grabs on Amazon.

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Nelson Rigg SR-6000 Black/Hi-Viz Yellow Stormrider 2-Piece Rain Suit

This 2-piece rain suit is produced by the brand Nelson Rigg.

The pants are of black color and the jacket has some high visibility yellow on the front, stylishly combined with black color.

The cuffs of the jacket can be adjusted with Velcro tab.

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The waist of the pant has an elastic waistline. There are reflective stripes on both the pant and the jacket for visibility during night time. The reflecting tapes are very important, as they make your presence on the road visible to the other riders. The pants have elastic boot stirrups to keep your footwear covers in place.

There are cooling vents provided for airflow under the arms of the jacket. The jacket has a full length zipper and a storm flap with Velcro.

The hood can be buttoned down into the collar for when you do not need them. The soft corduroy material which is made from cotton is used inside the collar and hood.

This rain suit is available on Amazon. The rain suit weighs around 2.6 pounds and the model number for the suit is 406-045.

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Coleman PVC/Nylon Rain Suit

This rain suit is from the brand Coleman.

It is of tan color and the hoods and shoulder of the jacket is of black color.

It is made of 200mm PVC backed material and with nylon lining on the inside which will keep you dry and comfortable, and it wicks away any moisture.

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Needless to say, this rain suit is also waterproof.

The hood is adjustable by the drawstrings. Similarly, the cuffs of the jacket are adjustable with hooks and the waist of the pant is also adjustable by the drawstrings. There are two slit pockets on the outside of the jacket which will allow you to access the pockets on the pant worn with the jacket. The leg opening can also be adjusted as you like it. There are two ventilations in this jacket; one vent in the front and the other one on the back of the jacket.

The rain suit comes with a bag, which provides you with ease of storing it or the ability to carry it around while riding.

The cost of this Coleman jacket will vary depending upon the size you want.

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Xelement RN4764 Womens Black/Purple 2-Piece Motorcycle Rain Suit

This women’s rain suit is from the brand Xelement.

This jacket has black colored pants and jacket with purple stripes on the front and the arms.

The rain suit is made of oxford nylon which is a kind of oxford fabric.

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It is softer and shinier than polyester. It is prepared by weaving 100% nylon yarn. The weaved nylon gives strength to this rain suit. There is a inner lining on the jacket of meshed shape which is meant to wick the moisture. It is breathable and hence, will keep you dry and comfortable even if you are sweating. The pant, however, has no lining on the inside.

This two piece rain suit has a front full-length zipper on the jacket. There are pockets on the jacket with zippers.

There is a reflective strip on the chest, arms, back, and the leg area of the rain suit.
It is a very affordable rain suit.

The cons of this rain suit will be its weight. It is considerably heavier for a woman to carry around. It weighs 4.5 pounds and it also does not have a hood. So, you will always have to carry a helmet with this rain suit.

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Frogg Toggs DriDucks Mens Ultra Lite Rain Suit

This men’s rain suit is from the popular rain gear brand Frogg Toggs.

They always bring light and affordable rain suits.

It is solid forest green colored rain suit.

You can also consider some other solid colors which are available for this rain suit.

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The material used is very breathable and easy to move in. It is a stylish rain suit which you can wear while riding your motorcycle, hiking, or maybe fishing. The material is washable.

The cons would be that there are no pockets on the jacket or the pant. And, there is no zipper on the bottoms.

It is a super light rain suit and weighs only around 10.4 ounces. It works best for those who want to carry it with them all the time and compactly store it somewhere.

It is very affordable and can be purchased on Amazon.

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