Best Motorcycle Fairing Speaker System

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just listen to your favorite music while riding on your motorcycle? All this, without making use of any ear piece. Yes! That would be super nice, right?
Good music translates into a great journey.

Now, you can turn your motorcycle into a personal music system by installing the best motorcycle fairing speaker system available in the market.

Here is the list of the same for you to decide better.

Hogtunes Inc. Memphis Shades Batwing Speaker System

This batwing fairing speaker system is from the brand Hogtunes.

They come in black color which will match perfectly with the bike of any color or type.

So, you do not have to worry about the looks of this speaker system.

Both the speaker pods can hold up two speakers in each which are of 4.35 inches.

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There are 50 watt amp USB charging ports in these speaker pods. You can easily control the volume of your speaker with the build in volume button.

The installation of this speaker system in your motorcycle becomes easy with all the tools, hardware, and the wiring that will be required during the installation process, as they are included in the kit that comes along with the product.

The weight of this speaker system is around 5.7 pounds and the dimensions of it are 14 x 7 x 10 inches. The item model number for it is 4405-0218.

These speakers are best suited for street cruiser type motorcycles.

This speaker system will not play any FM. You can just attach the cord of these speakers to the headphone jack of your phone or iPod to listen to your choice of songs whenever and wherever you want.

The built-in volume button will only work when the speaker system of your motorcycle and the source of your music for say, your phone, are connected through Bluetooth. You cannot regulate the volume of your music if the speaker system and your phone is connected physically through cords.
These fairing speaker systems are water resistant which means that it also beat the rain, as they still work fine after you take them out during light rain. They, however, will not work properly if they get soaked up quite well. Do not try to experiment. It is meant to withstand light rains. You can easily enjoy music even during rainy season without worrying that it may damage the speakers.

The option of connecting your phone and the speaker system on your fairing via a Bluetooth saves you from the mess that all the wirings may create.

The built-in volume controller allows you to control the volume with your thumb. Now, you do not have to take out your phone to increase or decrease the volume.

You can buy this speaker system form Hogtunes Inc. from Amazon.

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Hoppe Industries Quadzilla Fairing with Stereo Receiver

This fairing plus speaker system is from the brand Hoppe Industries.

You do not need to invest separately on a batwing upper fairing and a speaker system for your motorcycle.

With this quadzilla fairing with stereo receiver, you get the two in one deal.

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It will be your batwing fairing as well as your music system. It will enhance the look of your motorcycle, protect the engine, and also entertains you during the journey.

What more could you ask for?

The speakers installed in this fairing are styled in such a way to give you the best sound quality.

The material used in the construction of the upper batwing fairing is hand-laid fiberglass. Fiberglass is the material known for its strength at low prices. It is highly insulated material which makes maximum use of the science of aerodynamics. It evenly distributes the force of an impact throughout the material which prevents any damage. On top of it all, it does not corrode or oxidize, which means that your batwing fairing will stay like new for a very long time.

The outer body of this batwing fairing is painted with black color with a gel-coated finish which adds a nice gloss to the fairing. You can even paint any color you wish over it.

This speaker system also plays radio like Eclipse, AM, FM. You can also play songs through a CD or a USB drive.

There are four pre-wired speakers installed in this speaker system. You can also attach an auxiliary wire. The faceplate is removable to insert a CD drive.

The antenna which serves the purpose to listen to FM radio is hidden to not mess up its style.
It also has a 12-inch wind deflector which will protect you against the strong winds.

This whole product along with the batwing fairings and the speaker system weighs up to 33.8 pounds. The dimensions are given as 18 x 20 x 46 inches.

They are water resistant so you can enjoy your music even in the bad weather.

This batwing fairing will be suitable for your 1994 – 2015 Harley Davidson motorcycles.

You can buy these batwing fairings with stereo receiver on Amazon.

They are very pricey, but considering its features, we think that it is worth every penny. This speaker system is basically like the music system that is usually installed in the cars. And the fact that it serves two purposes makes it all more worth.

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98-13 Harley Speaker Bundle

These speaker bundles are produced by the brand Enrock motorcycle bundle.

They are suitable for the 1998 – 2013 models of the Harley Davidson bikes.

The bundle kit has two speakers, two woofers, two tweeters, and two crossovers.

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There is a pair of the kicker speakers which are 6.5 inches long.

They can be attached with the source via two-way coaxial cables to 300W car stereo speakers. There are Metra mounting adapters for the 6.5 inches speaker in the quantity of two, and one Enrock wire which is of super high quality for the speakers; it is 50 feet long and 16 gauge. This wire will connect this speaker to an A/V receiver or an external amplifier.

The kicker’s speaker set has a tough end polypropylene woofer and the foam inside it is made of polyester which makes it very durable.

The kit and speakers will go perfectly with each other. They will not look bad on your motorcycle.

There is also a PEI balanced dome which puts fine detailing in the music, so you will feel like you are listening to the live music, and if connected to an external amplifier, then the music experience will be awesome.

The Metra adapters that come in this speaker bundle will allow you to even attach a custom speaker in your bike. You do not need to make any extra installment or to use some other extra hardware for it. These adapters are made from the long lasting materials and can work with the 5.25 to 6.5 inches long speakers.

This speaker bundle weighs around 6.1 pounds and the item model number for this product is 40CS654 829601.

You can buy these speaker bundles from Amazon.

The price is great for so many things. They will enhance your music experience and will also let you customize the speaker system of your motorcycle without a difficult installation.

The con with this product is that they are not marine grade. So, you cannot take these out during rain as the water will cause damage to their functionality.

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Hoppe Industries Stereo Fairing

The stereo in the batwing fairing is from the brand Hoppe Industries.

These are best suitable for bike models like the 1994 – 2015 Harley Davidson FLHR, Road King2007 – 2013 Harley Davidson FLHRC, Road King Classic1998 – 2006, Harley Davidson FLHRCI, Road King Classic1996 – 2006, or the Harley Davidson FLHRI Road King.

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The antenna which is used for listening to FM or AM is concealed so to give the speaker system a nice and clean look, which won’t make your bike look messy.

The body of the batwing fiber makes use of fiberglass. Fiberglass is a reinforced material. It is many times stronger than the ABS plastic. The fiberglass is electrically insulated and also provides resistance from heat. It works great with the impact too. It is highly impact resistant and in case of an impact, it evenly distributes it to all the parts so that it does not cause any harm.

You can even listen to music from your CD drive or USB drive with the help of the removable faceplate and the provided USB connection slot.

It also features an auxiliary input and a three-band EQ.

The total weight of these stereo fairings from Hoppe industries is around 30 pounds.

The stereo comes pre-assembled with the fairing so you do not have to install the speakers as well. The material used is marine grade which means it will provide these stereo fairings with the resistance to fight with rain and moisture. The stereo fairing is a good deal, considering that it is going to last for many years without any repairing.

When you buy this stereo fairing, you will also get a windshield of 12 inches along with it.
You can buy these stereo fairings from Amazon.

This stereo fairing is a great deal. The batwing fairings in the motorcycles allow the air to circulate around you, which does not give your upper body a draining workout. They also reduce the fuel consumption of your bike. They even reduce the amount of debris on the road. And that’s not it. Along with the stylish and protective batwing fairing, you also get entertainment in the form of a stereo speaker system installed in the fairing itself.

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Hoppe Industries Mediazilla Fairing

These mediazilla fairings are from the brand Hoppe Industries.

This batwing fairing is suitable for the bikes such as 2007 – 2013 Harley Davidson FLHRC Road King Classic, 1998 – 2006 Harley Davidson FLHRCI Road King Classic, 1996 – 2006 Harley Davidson FLHRI Road King, and the 1994 – 2013 Harley Davidson FLHR Road King.

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Batwing fairings are an important part of your bike which will enhance the style of your motorcycle as well as provide wind protection by distributing the airflow over the rider. They play an important role, especially during the cold season when the air hitting the rider is very chilled.

These mediazilla fairings provide the best quality sound as well as comfort.

There is a pull out drawer in this fairing which stores the USB plug and the Auxiliary input cables required for the speaker system. They are concealed to give this a cleaner look and also not to mess up the style of your bike. These drawers are water resistant which means that your wires are fully safe from the rainy weather.

The great feature about this is that it has a JBL black box portable media edition which will take your music experience to a whole new level with the most amazing sound quality.

You can listen to your own music or even AM or FM radio.

There are four coaxial speakers to give you the ultimate sound quality.

You get a 3.5mm mini jack with this product. So, you can plug in your GPS or MP3 player with an auxiliary cord in this jack.

All the speakers are also marine graded which means these are safe from water and will not get damaged when they come in contact of rain. It has a black colored radio faceplate.

This whole fairing and the stereo set weighs around 67.9 pounds and its dimensions are 11.8 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches. So, the batwing fairing is pretty much in the shape of a cuboid.

You can buy this amazing looking mediazilla fairing from Hoppe Industries on Amazon.

This speaker system in a batwing fairing is a steal deal. The sound quality of the speaker is superb due to the use of JBL media. No matter if you are going too fast, the music will still create the same magic as it would when you are riding at a slow pace.

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