Best Motorcycle Batwing Fairings

As much as lower fairings are important in motorcycles, upper fairings are very important too.

Batwing fairings are an important part which will enhance the look of your motorcycle. They are also used to distribute the airflow over the rider. They play an important role, especially during the winter season. Here is a list of the best batwing fairings of this year, which you can invest your money on.

Bagger Brothers BB-HD1584-044 Front Outer & Inner Batwing Upper Fairing

These batwing upper fairings are from the brand Bagger Brothers.

They will be suitable for the touring models of Harley Davidson motorcycles which are 1996 to 2013 models like the Electra glide 1996 – 2013, CVO classic, Anniversary FLHT etc.

This product contains the outer part of the batwing fairings as well as the inner part.

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You can easily install them on the touring models of your Harley Davidson motorcycle. The installation process is same as installing as any OEM part. However, you will have to figure out yourself how to install this as there are instructions given. You will also have to get the required hardware to install these batwing fairings on your bike.

The material which was used in the manufacturing of these batwing fairings is the high quality molded plastic which is injected by ABS. The ABS material is known for giving the best strength at affordable prices. ABS has decent strength. It is a hard and tough material with good chemical resistance.

The outer body of these batwing fairings is vivid black colored with a clear smooth finish.
The batwing fairing made of 100% ABC plastic makes this very durable. The weight of this upper fairing is about 12.8 pounds.

The looks of this upper fairing are its best point. They will match the rest of your motorcycle very nicely. You can even further decorate these batwing fairings with reflective strips or stickers.

The cons of these batwing fairings are that the holes provided in these fairings are not lined up well to go with the bike. However, it is not impossible to make it work; it just needs a little extra effort.

The main purpose of having a batwing fairing is to regulate the airflow around the rider and to protect the engine in the event of a crash, and these batwing fairings serve the purpose well. The whole product will include one vivid black colored upper batwing fairing and one vivid black inner batwing fairing. You can even attach a windshield to it if you want to use it for controlling the airflow.

Remember, this batwing fairing does not have holes for mounting a mirror on it. You can use the mirrors which will mount at the windshield trim.

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Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing

These batwing fairings are from the brand Memphis Shades.

It is an opaque black colored batwing fairing with a great finish on the outer body.

The opaque black color of this fairing will match your bike, adding an extra star to it.

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These batwing fairings from Memphis Shades are 36.5 inches wide and 17 inches tall.

This batwing fairing is the perfect combination of style and quality. They give you ultimate protection from the wind. The aerodynamics used in this batwing fairing can compete with the aerodynamics used in the aircraft. These fairings will protect you from this aerodynamic drag. They are also great during cold seasons as the air will be circulated over the rider. These fairings also protect the engine of your motorcycle if it gets into a crash.

The material that went into the production of these batwing fairings is the high-quality ABS plastic which is known for its stiffness. The ABC material provides high resistance against impacts. It will equally channel the impact into all the parts so that no damage is caused. The outer fairing is smooth while the inner fairing has black textured ABS plastic.

The installation of this batwing fairing is pretty easy. You do not need any extra hardware to install this batwing fairing. It comes with the trigger lock mount so there is no need for any extra tool to install it. With the ease you can install it, you can remove this batwing fairing with the same ease. It has a detach system, too.

This batwing fairing will go well with your Harley Davidson and you will require special mounting kits for installing this fairing in the metric model motorcycle.

The CNC machinery is used with the trigger lock system kit that comes along with this product. However, this trigger lock kit does not come with all motorcycle models. Check on the Memphis shade website before purchasing.

These trigger locked systems are black in color which is e-coated with aluminum plates. It also features polymer bushings which are of gray color and nylon latches filled with glass which gives a clean and sober appearance.

This batwing fairing weighs 10.2 pounds. The item model number for this batwing fairing is 38.5 x 21.8 x 11.4 inches.

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Memphis Shades MEM7031 Batwing Fairing

This batwing fairing is manufactured from the brand Memphis shades.

The batwing fairing plays a very important role in the overall style and looks of your motorcycle.

Along with the style, they are also an important part while looking at it from the safety point of view.

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Aerodynamics plays an important role in your safety while riding.

This batwing fairing is suitable for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Victory, and Yamaha model motorcycles. The shape of this batwing fairing is perfect to avoid the aerodynamics drag. The science of aerodynamics used in this batwing fairing will give you maximum protection while riding. It will not let the air flow towards you. It will regulate the airflow around you, and this way you can ride comfortably.

You do not require any installation kit for this, all you have to do is to use the trigger lock mounting system to install this on your motorcycle, as well as a detach system to remove it from your bike. The trigger lock kit works in the combination of CNC machined e-coated aluminum plates. The bolts are made of stainless steel and aluminum anchors. All the use of bolts and anchors gives it a clean and finished look.

The outer shell of the batwing fairing is made up of high quality ABS plastic. The ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. Acrylonitrile provides strength to the material, styrene gives it the toughness, and the butadiene gives it the resistance of rubber. The ABS plastic is electrically insulated and heat resistant. The color of this outer batwing fairing is opaque black. The finish on the body is very smooth, you can even paint over it for a more personalized look.

You can also add a music system to this bat fairing such as the Hog tunes. The weight of this batwing fairing is 11.5 pounds. Its dimensions are 31 x 21 x 12 inches.

You can easily install a windshield or any wind deflector or mirror on this batwing fairing, as this fairing comes pre-drilled. The holes are fitted with the pushed out hole plugs in which you can easily fit the wind deflectors.

The batwing fairing will not let the fast air that falls directly upon you while riding at a high speed. It will channel the air in such a way that the air goes around you.

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Vector Batwing Fairings

These batwing fairings are from the brand Vector Batwing Fairings.

This batwing fairing is well suited for the 1999 – 2009 motorcycles models such as the Yamaha road star 1600/1700.

We all know the safety purposes served by a batwing fairing.

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They make use of the aerodynamics to protect you from the fast blowing air towards you, which are really freezing during the winter time. It protects your engine from bursting, in case your motorcycle gets into a crash.

Most of the people who are unaware of its safety feature use it for the style quotient. They can put many things on their fairings to personalize their bike and their riding experience.

Well, if you also want to make the most out of your riding experience then we have something for you to rejoice. These batwing fairings have speaker cutouts in them where you can put up speakers and enjoy good music while riding. These speaker cutouts can hold the speakers sized 4 X 2.5 inches.

The material used in the making of this particular batwing fairing is fiberglass. Fiberglass is a lightweight material but possesses high strength. It does not conduct electricity which is a key feature as it makes the material insulated. Most importantly, it does not oxidize or corrode, so you can rest assured that these batwings will last longer. The hand-laid fiberglass material used in the production of this batwing fairing is much stronger than the ABS plastic.

The outer body of the batwing fairing is UV protected which means that it will not damage under the scorching sun. It is also scratch resistant due to the fact that the outer body is painted with a gel-coat finish.

You can also put up windshields or wind deflectors on this batwings. You will get one clear and one tinted windshield with this batwing fairing.

The weight of this batwing fairing is 18 pounds, which means that they are quite heavier than the batwing fairings which are made of ABS plastic.

The batwing fairing is supposed to prevent the extra fuel consumption and reduces the amount of debris found on the road.

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Memphis Shades Batwing Motorcycle Fairing

This batwing fairing is brought to you by the brand Memphis Shades.

This batwing fairing is of black color which gives it a very royal and classy dimension.

This will go with your motorcycle irrespective of what color your motorcycle is.

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These batwing fairings are made of high-quality ABS plastic. The inner part of the batwing fairing is made of the textured black ABS material. It has a smooth black finish on the outside over which you can even paint if you want.

The height and width of the batwing fairing are 17 inches and 36.5 inches respectively.

You can get a trigger lock hardware mounting system separately with this batwing fairing to make the installation of this on your bike an easy task, else you will have to use lots of tools, which is a hassle. You can also get a detach system for easily removing the batwing fairing off your motorcycle when you want to.

The holes plugs of these batwing fairings are pushed out so you can easily place your windshield or wind deflectors on these. Remember, this batwing fairing does not come with a wind deflector. You will have to buy one separately. You can put different styles of wind deflectors on this batwing fairing with ease as they are pre-drilled.

The weight of this fairing is around 11.1 pounds and the dimensions are given as 39 x 22 x 12 inches respectively.

At this price, it is a good idea to invest your hard-earned money into this product.

Having one of these on the upper fairing of your bikes ensures that all the air is channeled around your body and not at your body while riding. This will make sure that your upper body does not fatigue. The fuel consumption of the bike will also reduce when you have a batwing fairing and it will help you relax on your journey.

If you want to take your style up a few more notches, then you can add some additional decorations onto your fairings such as fairing trims.

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