Helmets are the most important safety gear of a rider when he is riding is on a motorcycle. It protects your head and face from any injuries.

Modular helmets are becoming popular day by day among sports and adventure riders. It has a convenient design, and it fulfills all the safety aspects of a full-face helmet.

HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is from the famous motorcycle helmet brand HJC helmets.

HJC Helmets have gained their reputation for selling good quality helmets at affordable prices.

The shell of this helmet is made of polycarbonate with an advance injection mould technology.

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The shell is very light in weight, but it is also very tough.

It uses the advanced CAD technology to give you pure comfort.

There are Bluetooth speaker pockets integrated inside the helmet.

The ventilation provided in the helmet is great due to the advanced ventilation channel system. It will let the air in from the front vents and out through the exhaust vents, which will keep the inside of the helmet cool and dry.

The face shield which comes with the helmet has UV protected coating. You can easily replace the face shield without using any special tool.

The visor in this helmet can be made to easily slide down with just a push of a button.
The helmet weighs around 4 pounds and is a great buy.

This helmet comes at a great price considering the fact that it is certified from DOT. Hence, it will keep you protected in the event of a crash.

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ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip Up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This motorcycle helmet is from the brand ILM.

It is a stylish looking helmet which has a matte black finish on it.

It has an integrated sun shield in it to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays.

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It is also very helpful when you feel you are lost as the Bluetooth device will let you hear the audio GPS navigation.

You can also talk to a fellow rider who is within the range of 1000 feet.

The shell of this helmet is a polycarbonate shell which makes it very lightweight as well as strong.

The interior microfiber liner used inside the shell can be removed, washed, and then placed again inside the shell.

The ventilation system can be totally controlled by the rider by adjusting the vents.

It also has Bluetooth compatible Mp3 device integrated into it which allows you to enjoy music while you are on the ride with the high-quality speakers. You can also talk to someone over a call. This device gives you a standby time of 110 hours which means that you can talk to your loved ones without any interruption while you are on a long journey. All you need to do is to click a button to answer the incoming calls.

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Scorpion Exo EXO-GT920 Full Face Modular Helmet

This helmet from the house of Scorpion Helmets is a modular full face helmet.

The heavy duty shell of this helmet is made from polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate is being used widely in manufacturing helmets as it provides great safety while being not very heavy.

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The look of this racing helmet is minimal and sleek.

The shell of this helmet has been designed keeping in mind the theories of aerodynamics, hence it will regulate the airflow around the rider. It will also evenly distribute the impact.

The interior of the shell is made from the dual density EPS foam layer which will absorb maximum shocks experienced by the shell and will not let it affect your head.

The face shield is installed with anti-fog technology for a clear vision. The coating done on the visor will not let any scratch on it. It will also give your protection against the harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.

The helmet meets the requirements of the US Department of Transportation and the ECE standards.
This helmet is suitable to be worn on any race tracks in the world.

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HJC IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

This modular motorcycle helmet is from the brand HJC Helmet.

HJC helmets produce helmets of great quality and deliver it to their customers at reasonable prices.

The polycarbonate composite shell of this helmet is built to last and will offer great performance even in the tough situations.

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It will snuggly fit on your head due to the CAD technology used in the shell.

There is an adjustable chin curtain made of polycarbonate. So you can use this helmet as a full face helmet or remove the chin bar to make it work like the three-fourth helmet.

The face shield of this helmet uses a pin lock technology. Hence, it is very easy to replace the shield.

The face shield can be released easily by clicking a button. This will make the task of replacing the face shield easy during a race.

The visor is optically correct to provide the best vision on the track or road. It provides maximum protection against the harmful UV rays due to the smoke tinted visor.

This heavy duty HJC IS-MAX II Modular Helmet is available on Amazon.

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Bell Revolver Evo Unisex-Adult Modular/Flip Up Street Helmet

This Revolver modular helmet is from the brand Bell helmet.

Bell is a leading name in the helmet manufacturers, and many famous racers wear the helmets made by Bell.

The shell of this Revolver modular helmet is made of polycarbonate composite which offers tough performance.

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The shell is also very light in weight, and it will not put any strain on your neck muscles.

The face shield in this helmet has a click release system. With just a click, you can remove the visor and replace it with another one. You do not require any special tool for it.

The shield is also UV ray-resistant and scratch-resistant to provide you clear vision.

Nutrafog present in it will not let fog accumulate on the screen of your visor.

Ventilation in this helmet is taken care by a great velocity flow system. You can adjust the flow of air yourself.

The entire liner of the helmet is removable as well as washable. Hence, it will prevent any bacteria build up.

The strap has magnetic locks which will keep the helmet in place.

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Scorpion EXO Unisex-Adult Modular/Flip Up Adventure Touring Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is from the brand Scorpion and is a great choice for those who ride adventure touring motorcycles.

The shell of this helmet is made of advanced lightweight polycarbonate composite.

The inner Kwikwick Liner of the shell wicks away all the moisture, so you stay dry and sweat-free during your whole journey.

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The interior has a dual density EPS foam layer in it.

You can use this helmet in two ways. When you attach the face shield in this helmet, it acts as a full face helmet. If you remove this face shield, you can use it as an adventure touring helmet.

The eye port of the visor is very wide giving you more lateral vision. The clearer lateral vision will help you in easily changing to the side lanes without bumping into anything. It will also make you see all the obstacles in front of you more easily.

The ventilation in this helmet is facilitated by the aero-tuned ventilation system.

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Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet

This helmet is from the famous motorcycle helmet manufacturing company Shoei and is perfect for long distance rides.

The shell of this helmet is made from tri-composite.

The inside of the shell is very quiet as the polymer absorbs the excess noise.

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The shell is very light in weight; hence you can wear it comfortably for longer rides without experiencing any strain in your head or neck muscles.

This shell may be light in weight, but it does not lag anywhere behind the security. It will protect your head against any impact.

The visor which comes installed in this helmet is an easy slide up and slide down visor. It is resistant from fog, scratches, and UV rays.

The chin curtain and the face shield can be removed to make it suitable for dirt bike racing. Just put on your goggles, and you are ready to go.

The locking system in this helmet makes use of a pivot locking system which can rotate throughout 360 degrees, and it will safely hold the face shield and chin bar in their place.

For ventilation, there are vortex generator vents which will keep the helmet cool inside.

The inner liner has a high-density EPS foam layer for maximum displacement of an impact.

The weight of the helmet is around 3.88 pounds, a bit bulky but its worth it.

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HJC SyMax 3 Helmet

This HJC SyMax 3 helmet is best suited for people with the head profiles from round to oval shape.

The shell used in this helmet is made of polycarbonate composite which can be relied on in tough situations, as the strength of the material will not fail you.

It is also a very light material so that the helmet will be light on your head and it will not cause pain in your neck and shoulder muscles.

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The ventilation provided in this helmet is an advanced channeling ventilation system. Your head will stay cool due to all the air flowing in and out of the helmet, showing humidity its way out of the helmet.

The interior liner of the helmet has advanced silver in the material which will act as the best anti-bacterial and keep the helmet smelling fresh always.

The visor in this helmet has a pin lock technology. It also comes with a scratch-resistant coating, so there is no obstacle to give you clear vision.

The face shield can be quickly removed and replaced without any tools.

This helmet meets the requirement of DOT and keeps you safe.

HJC brand is famous for producing helmets in affordable ranges.

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Speed and Strength SS1700 Solid Speed Modular Helmet

This modular helmet is from the house of Speed and Strength.

The shell of this helmet uses the advanced thermo polymer alloy shell a.k.a A.T.P.A.

This helmet is well suited for people with intermediate oval face profiles.

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The interior liner of the helmet is made of a cool and moisture wicking material which will not let you sweat. Many helmets give you the sweaty forehead, but not with this high-quality liner.
You can also easily remove the entire liner, and then wash it before placing it again in the shell to avoid any bacteria build up in the fabric.

The visor comes with an optically correct glass and hence will give you a clear vision. The screen is scratch proof with anti-fog and UV resistant properties. The visor is a drop down style visor for easy operation.

The helmet meets the standards of DOT as well as ECE 22-05.

The ventilation system used in the shell follows the “Airstrike” Direct course ventilation system and keeps you cool.

The weight of the helmet is only 3.73 pounds. You can buy this helmet at a great price for a DOT and ECE certified modular helmet.

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Shark Evoline 3 ST Mezcal Helmet

This helmet is from the brand Shark Helmets.

The shell used in this helmet is a Lexan polycarbonate shell which is light and also very strong.

The chin bar and the face shield can be easily moved with just adjusting them up and down.

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The inner Coolmax liner of the helmet is very soft and more comfortable with an elegant and stylish finish. The liner is also removable and washable.

The helmet is approved by the DOT standards.

It has Sharktooth Bluetooth device installed in it.

The ventilation in the helmet has been innovated for providing a good airflow and maximum comfort to the rider.

The looks of the helmet are really great and the finish and design will turn a lot of heads. It also provides you with good safety features.

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