Best Harley Davidson Sunglasses & Safety Glasses

Buying a pair of sunglasses is your investment in safety and style. You cannot pick up any one of them lying down the roadside for your bike tour. Both the lens and the frame of the biker’s sunglasses need to be very durable. This is because even the tiniest piece of debris in your eye can make you lose your balance in less than a few seconds. So, we have for you some of the finest sunglasses from the wide store of Harley Davidson.

Harley-Davidson HD1101 Safety Glasses with Black/Orange Frame and TSR Gray Tint Hardcoat Lens

A lot of people use sunscreens to prevent themselves from sunburns and premature aging, but what they tend to forget is the eye protection from the sun.

The same UV rays that can cause aging to your toned skin can damage your eyes too, causing eye problems.

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If protection from the sun is your utmost concern, then Harley-Davidson HD1101 Safety Glasses won’t let you face it alone.

Weighing less than an ounce, they add no extra weight to your face. You can keep wearing it for your long hours journey or work for the entire day. This is the best part of this product. It features the Harley Davidson logo on the bar and the left temple, making the branded product known. You also get the soft temple inserts along with it in case you feel the frame is too tight for your little face.

Not only just for riding, you can use these shades in a number of different occasions, like on outings or travelling. They also include wrap-around brow expands to give you a secure wear. They are the most fun loved product from the Harley brand, with their silver mirror tint making them look stylish.

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Harley-Davidson HD802 Safety Glasses with Silver Tempels Frame and Silver Mirror Tint Hardcoat Lens

The American National Standards Institute (ANS) establishes standards for the eye safety devices or sunglasses.

To pass these standards and get an ANS affiliation, these glasses are made to go through various checks.

These Harley Davidson HD802 Safety Glasses meet both the ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3 standards.

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Their glasses are made out of polycarbonate which passes the test of high speed wings and breakage. If you are looking for the eyeglasses that you could use for your tours along with your casual life, you should certainly go for Harley Davidson HD802 glasses. They are available in silver tempels frame with silver mirror which make it look attractive. They cover a large portion of the viewing angles, and the frame doesn’t block your sight, so, you can easily wear this during your plays and matches too.

The glasses, though made of hard material, are not exactly opaque. Your eyes are lightly seen from the outside. The mirrored lenses combined with a double 9-base frameless design make this product stand out from the rest. They are a lot comfortable with rubbed nose pads and a plastic body making it sturdy enough to pass the test of time. Priced at as low as $26, they offer the broadest range of features and applications.

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Harley-Davidson HD1201 Safety Glasses with Black Frame and TSR Gray Tint Hardcoat Lens

The first in our exclusive list is the Harley Davidson HD1201 Safety Glasses with gray lenses contrasted with orange nose pieces.

It is also available in black lenses.

The lenses are made out of impact-resistant polycarbonate which offer complete safety to the biker.

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The lenses also assure you of 99.9 percent UV protection; so you can rely on this product with your eyes closed.

The lenses are dark enough to block away all the strong lights. It is the cheapest one in the market with so much to offer. This product itself flaunts its vivid maker, as it has the Harley Davidson logo engraved on both the temples too.

Additionally, it is so light in weight that you can easily wear it along with your helmet and you won’t feel a thing. Even if you are not using it for your rides, you can put it into daily use during your travel or for protection from paints and dust. It comes in a tough safety cover, so you can store them easily in it without worrying about any damage to your lenses. All in all, it a great product at such a cheap price. So, go for it.

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Harley-Davidson HD1001 Safety Glasses with Black Frame and Gray Tint Anti-Fog Hardcoat Lens

Harley Davidson is a well-known name due to its bikes ridden by passionate riders all round the world.

The Harley bikes have their own aura and this Harley Davidson Hd1001 adds an extra tint of style to it.

It offers a sleek safety solution to your safety eyewear requirements.

They are made of the same polycarbonate material, proving 99.9 percent UV protection and are unisex.

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This means they would fit easily onto a man’s as well a woman’s face. You need not worry about its size and fit. Wearing it, you would feel as if they were exclusively designed for you. These can also be a great choice for gifting it your friends as you won’t have to worry about the size.

Available in black and gray tint, these glasses have and anti-fog finish, thus making it comfortable to use it with your helmets. The anti-fog glasses will also prevent the fog from depositing on the lenses, thus protecting you from many challenging situations. If you love to drive at high speeds, you can go for HD1001 Safety glasses as they have been known to block the winds efficiently. So, what are waiting for? Let it protect your eyes in the most effortless way.

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Harley-Davidson HD503 Safety Glasses with Silver Matte Frame and Silver Mirror Tint Hardcoat Lens

If you are of a sporty nature and would prefer something that would look sporty as well as stylish at the same go, you can opt for the Harley-Davidson HD503 Safety Glasses, whose metal frame and silver color give it a sporty look and style.

They have spring hinges making the frame fit comfortably onto any face type.

The hinges prevent the frame from breaking off.

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The Harley HD500 series is exclusively known for its sporty look and original style. However, your need should always be a factor in deciding the right sunglasses for yourself. In case you do some kind of welding work, these shades can go on helping you for nearly 20 years or so. These glasses are amazing, and you will feel the quality that even the small details of these glasses are showing through.

The lenses are made of tough material and nobody will be able to see your eyes through them. They also have adjustable saddle nose pads with which you can align according to your nose shape. If you have a tour planned for 2017, do put the HD503 Safety Glasses on your list.

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Harley-Davidson HD1102 Safety Glasses with Black/Orange Frame and Silver Mirror Tint Hardcoat Lens

If the lenses of your motorcycle sun glasses are not of good quality, it could break easily and cause serious injury to your eyes.

That’s why it is never recommended to wear eyeglasses having glass lenses, because though they are resistant to scratches, they have a tendency to break easily.

Moreover, being riders, you often drive at very high speeds on clear roads.

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This raises the probability of debris hitting you hard.

The Harley Davidson HD1102 withstands the strong winds and is able to beat any debris falling at you. You have an option of buying them in black/orange frame or a silver mirror frame. The black-orange frame would give you more of a sporty look and the silver one will add on to your style.

The lenses are not made of glasses; instead they made of polycarbonate material. So, they are well suited for road journeys. The lenses have undergone vigorous testing to be able to meet the ANSI Z87+ standards. You can also wear them on a daily basis, as they will protect your eyes from the UV rays and the additional glare.

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Harley-Davidson HD800 Safety Glasses with Silver Tempels Frame and Orange Mirror Tint Hardcoat Lens

The new HD800 Series Safety Glasses have noteworthy mirrored lenses.

There are many types of Harley Davidson sunglasses which complement any biker’s personality.

For those who prefer to use contact lenses, they are safe. But for everyone else, it is very important to give 100% UV protection to their eyes.

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Made from the impact-resistant polycarbonate material, they are functional, stylish, and perfect for those who live a fast-paced life.

These glasses are also resistant to scratches, and hence they won’t be affected if you accidently drop them down. They weigh less than 27 grams which proves that they are lightweight along with being trendy. The frame comes in silver temples frame and the lens comes in orange tint color which gives it a chic appearance.

Before purchasing these sunglasses, you should also pair it up with a helmet of your choice as it would be difficult to wear both of them if they are not compatible with each other. Their sizes play a great role in their selection. Other than this, the HD800 Safety Glasses won’t leave a chance to make you feel special and sophisticated.

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Harley-Davidson HD803 Safety Glasses with Silver Tempels Frame and Clear Tint Hardcoat Lens

We all know that The Harley Davidson HD800 defies convention and embraces compliance.

The HD800 Series of the Safety Glasses has striking transparent mirror lenses.


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It is made of the same polycarbonate material which is very useful as it eliminates the glare that throws out at you.

The concept behind this is that when the light waves hit the surface of the lens producing the vibration, the polarized surface counteracts them, thus offering you a clear vision.

So, even if you are riding your bike right at noon, the Harley-Davidson HD803 glasses will save you and you won’t find yourself squinting against the brightness of the sun or other surfaces. Usually, the recommended filter level of the sun screen glasses is UV 400. Sunglasses with this much UV protection are more important than those with the polarized lenses. On the days that are not very sunny, polarized lenses are not necessary as there is no bright light. When ultraviolet rays are present, any constant exposure to them increases the risks of getting eye diseases.

These transparent sunglasses would make you look your best. You can also ask for a free quote online in case you are doubtful about buying this gorgeous pair of sunglasses.

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Harley-Davidson 3 Pc Tinted Mirror Safety Glasses w/ Cord & Black Zipper Case

Harley-Davidson 3 Pc Tinted Mirror Safety Glasses stand apart from the rest in our list.

This new officially released Harley Davidson product has tinted mirror silver lenses.

These tinted lenses have been made by adding a substance such as a metal oxide to the lens usually when the lens is being created.

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They are applied to the surface of the lenses which helps in increasing the toughness of the lenses along with giving it a solid color.

If you opt for these sunglasses, you will be delivered a pack of three things. One of which would be the sunglasses, the second would be the black cord for extra protection, and the HD case. The sleek black frame having the Harley Davidson logo on the metal hinges accomplishes your dream of walking in style. If you are someone who is fond of outdoor tours and open parties, this one would completely fulfill your needs.

These polycarbonate glasses offer UV protection of your eyes from the glaring sun. You can easily locate these on the web. These Tinted Mirror Safety Glasses will make you look good and powerful but not at the expense of safety. The best part about this product is that it can be worn by men and women alike. So, go and check out this one in the market.

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Harley-Davidson HD502 Safety Glasses with Silver Matte Frame and Gray Tint Hardcoat Lens

We have yet another pair of gorgeous sunglasses to enrich you with style and safety.

These are the HD502 Safety Glasses.

The unique feature of this product is its matte frame which gives it an additional appeal.

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The looks they create are sure to please everyone, even to the most fashion conscious wearer.

The lenses are grey tinted. The grey tint is known to protect the eyes from glare and to keep the distortion of the colors to the minimum.

It scatters away the brightness away from the surface of the glass, which decreases the amount of light penetrating into your eyes thus, blocking 99% of the UVB and UVA. It exceeds the normal required UV filter requirements. Most of the time people complain of their sunglasses breaking off. But with these ones in your bag, you can be sure of their longevity.

The lenses have a special nickel-free coating with a base-10 wrap for extra protection. The lenses are also hard-coated to make them scratch resistant. It provides a secure and comfortable fit due to its spring hinges. This pair of sunglasses meets the ANSI Z87+ standards making it one of the most loved models. The only thing you have to care about with this is that you have to handle it with care. If you tend to drop it down often, it would lose its sturdiness over time.

As the Harley Davidson sunglasses are known to be processed with the best sight protective techniques, these sunglasses can ensure 100% vision safety. Be gentle with your eyes and buy one.

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