Best Harley Davidson Belt Buckles for Women

Women are known for their love for fashion; it defines their personality. Style is not about how much money you spend on shopping. Instead, it is about what you wear and how. Staying fashionable and looking good helps you feel good about yourself, and when you are happy, people around you will feel the same.

One of the important accessories that helps add to your looks are your belt buckles. When paired with a matching belt, it will jazz up your outfit.

Also, if you are into riding bikes, you might want to opt for something that matches your personality–something that will combine your femininity with the speed, passion, and rush of Harley Davidson.

Your choice will depend on the type of look you prefer–sporty, classy, casual, or elegant.

We bring to you the Top 10 Women Harley Davidson belt buckles you can buy today, based on your fashion style.

Designed with inspiration from the Harley brand, these belt buckles help you indulge in the brand and show your love. Read through our guide and choose the belt buckle that matches your personality, style, and occasion.

Harley-Davidson Women’s American Bling B&S Flag with Rhinestones Buckle

Shiny stones are always attractive which makes this buckle a bestseller.

This buckle is made of metal with a nickel polish and a border of rhinestones.

It has shining stars on a black enamel background in its upper half and stripes on the lower half which makes the design of the look very appealing.

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The Bar and Shield Harley logo is present in the centre of the buckle on the black background in white script.

It is of a standard size and super comfortable to wear.

You can use it with a black leather belt. The color of the buckle is its highlight, and matches with any other outfit. Also, add a denim jacket to your outfit and you are ready to rock.

Verdict: This wallet friendly HD buckle is a must in your wardrobe.

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Harley-Davidson Women’s Back Roads Cross Winged Belt Buckle Chrome HDWBU10453

Show your Harley love by buying this buckle made of metal with a chrome finish.

The buckle fits well with any 11/2″ Harley-Davidson belt strap.

It features the Bar & Shield Harley logo in the centre of the cross which has crystals studded on it.

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This cross has long wings on the lower end which increases the height of the buckle. Crystals studded on the buckle are different sizes and complete your stylish look.

Its dimensions are 3″ x 2.5″ and it is available at a very reasonable price.

Verdict: If you are a biker and a Harley fan, this buckle is the one for you. You can wear it with either blue or black jeans on any occasion. Try it with denim pants and a tuck-in white tee. You can even gift this to your friend, wife, or girlfriend and win their appreciation. The only problem is that because of the increased height, some may find it uncomfortable.

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Harley-Davidson Women’s Belt Buckle, Embellished Relic Bar & Shield HDWBU10768

You can wear this buckle with a Harley Davidson headband, and your biker look will be ready!

This oval-shaped buckle is made of metal and has silver polish on it.

The buckle has an H-D Bar and Shield logo in its centre and is bordered with rhinestones.

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The outer rim of the buckle also has rhinestones in it.

Its dimensions are 3.75″ x 3″, which is slightly more than the standard buckle size.

Because of the silver polish, this buckle can be worn with outfits of all colors. It looks stunning and the unique design is widely appreciated.

Verdict: There are pointed edges on the outer border of the buckle which makes it unsuitable for daily use or long duration wear. However if you add this to your accessory collection, you are bound to fall in love with it pretty soon.

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Harley-Davidson Women’s Embellished Ace Belt Buckle, Polished Nickel HDWBU10967

This buckle looks classic and smart, and can be worn by women of all age groups.

You can try it with a black belt on a grey dress or jumpsuit.

The women’s Ace Belt Buckle is made of metal and has the perfect nickel finish. It is round and has beautifully embellished crystals on its outer boundary.

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The Harley-Davidson script is engraved in a circular manner around the ace design in the centre. It is a high-quality, heavy-duty buckle with a dark enamel background.

Its size is 2.5″ x 2.5″ which makes it a comfortable daily wear buckle. Ace also has HD written on it and is surrounded by stars.

Verdict: To amplify your party look, buy this one today and experiment with different looks. It will surely be an instant hit.

Check price here.

Harley-Davidson Marquee Buckle HDWBU10309

There is something about this buckle that turns heads.

The HD buckle, made of metal, goes well with all pairs of jeans and this makes it quite an attractive option for women.

Harley Davidson is written in the centre of the buckle which has engraved rhinestones on its dark black background and also on the outer rim.

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The buckle fits well and is very comfortable to wear because of it being a standard size.

You can wear earrings or a neck piece of a similar look to the rhinestones to complete your party look. Wear it with black T-shirt, white hot pants, and sporty sneakers to get the perfect look.

Verdict: You can also give in and feel that Harley magic as you let the buckle make you sparkle.

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Harley-Davidson Women’s One Hundred 12 Belt Buckle, Polished Nickel HDWBU10966

The buckle looks gorgeous and comes in a black gift box. Add this to your collection of buckles and create your very own biker look.

This sporty HD buckle, made of metal, is coated with nickel finish polish.

It measures 3.25″ x 2.5″ and has a Bar and Shield Harley logo outline which has filigree design on it.

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The background is dark black, which brings out the touch of nickel nicely.

Verdict: The only con of this buckle is that because of its pointed edges and increased height, women may find it uncomfortable. It looks heavy and weighs around 0.8 pounds, which is not preferable. It will be a good purchase, nonetheless, if you look past this fault.

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Harley-Davidson Women’s Rhinestone Rocking Roses Skull Belt Buckle HDWBU11340

You will definitely get the attention of people around you with this superb buckle.

This beautiful buckle is one of the bestsellers of Harley.

Made of metal, it has a silver finish.

Check price here.

The Winged Willie G Skull in the centre of the buckle has eyes of pink hue stones and the Bar and Shield Harley logo is printed on the head of the skull. It appears that the skull is wearing a crown of stones. Roses, created delicately with pink crystals in the centre, also surround the skull. The background of the buckle is black, and its outer oval boundary is decorated with rhinestones.

Great detailing is a feature of this buckle. It measures 3.75″ x 2.5″ and is very comfortable to wear. Wear it with a completely black outfit, and it will add a royal and elegant touch to your look.

Verdict: This buckle looks stunning, and is a must buy on this list. You don’t have to speak about style; this belt does it for you.

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Harley-Davidson Women’s Rhinestone B&S Buckle

This buckle is made of metal and is in the shape of the Bar and Shield Harley logo.

Rhinestones border the script of the Harley Davidson motorcycles written on a background of black.

The shield in the logo has a pointed edge in the upper end, and its height is also more than the standard buckle which makes it poke over the belly.

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But overall the buckle is very stylish, and quite the catch for Harley fans.

It looks good with either blue or black jeans. If you are a biker and like to race, this one is perfect for you. You can also wear it for regular occasions.

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Harley-Davidson Women’s Belt, Velocity Harley Bling, Black Leather HDWBT10625

Style is a personal choice and everyone has their own preference, but good quality products are always appreciated.

This is one such product.

This HD women’s accessory provides a good-quality black leather belt with interchangeable buckles attached to it.

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The bling buckle has Harley written on it and the rhinestones decorated on it make it very appealing.

The width of the buckle is around 1.5″, and its height is the same as that of the belt which makes it a comfortable daily wear buckle.

You can also use this buckle with different belts and experiment your look with different outfits. Try this on a white jumpsuit, and it’ll add a zing to your outfit. It is available in different sizes ranging from extra small to XXX-Large. You can order according to your waist size.

Verdict: It looks glamorous. Do grab this one as fast as possible!

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Harley-Davidson Women’s Suspension Bling Bar & Shield Belt, Black HDWBT10912-BLK

You can indulge your Harley love by buying this exclusive Harley belt, made of excellent quality black leather which moreover, has a stretch panel for the right fit.

The bling buckle is in the shape of the Harley Bar and Shield logo outline and is decorated with rhinestones.

Rhinestones are also used to decorate the upper and the lower end of the belt with the help of black stitching.

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The centre of the belt is also not exempted from the glitter.

Since the buckle is interchangeable, it can be combined with the other belts in your collection. It is available in a whole range of sizes.

The buckle’s width is 1.5”, and the weight of the product is 0.8 pounds. You can pair a crop top and black jeans with this one and look trendy. You can even use it with a grey belt and wear a black dress.

Verdict: You wardrobe would love it if you were to add this belt to your collection. The only concern with this buckle is that the upper end of the shield is pointed and also the height might cause discomfort to some.

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No brand can remain restricted to one gender. Women are very particular about their clothes as well as accessories. Harley Davidson has women fan-following too, as bikes are universally loved. They represent fearlessness and independence–qualities which are highly respected among today’s generation.

Belts and buckles can be made to look unique and distinguish your look from others. They are not just functional, but they also contribute to your style quotient, too. Since 1903, Harley has always believed in providing exclusive and high-quality products to its customers. And if you want a Harley in your life, you can opt for any of these options.

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