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Best Full Face Helmets [2021 – 2022 Edition]

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Why do we wear helmets? For safety. What is the safest helmet design you can buy? A full-face crash helmet, of course.

The full-face helmet market happens to be the most over-saturated and highly populated market in the helmet world. Every manufacturer provides a ridiculous amount of options when it comes to full-face helmets, so we have created this list to help clear some of the air and guide you on your helmet purchasing experience.

As 2020 comes to a close and many of us are winterizing our bikes for storage over the long and cold winter ahead, how will we get our motorcycle addiction fix when riding is near impossible? We upgrade our gear and get our ducks in a line so we can hit the ground running when spring comes around. If you’re in the market for a new helmet and have some confusion due to the insane number of options available, look no further.

I have broken down these helmets into three separate price ranges to deliver what I think are the best bang-for-your-buck options when it comes to finding the best full-face helmet for you and your budget.

Entry-Level Full Face Helmets
(Priced Under $250)

Scorpion EXO-R710

Scorpion has been in the helmet game providing great entry-level options for 10 years now. For the low cost of $200 – making it the cheapest helmet on this list. There are pricier options with more features, but that doesn’t mean this helmet won’t provide you with years of safe and comfortable riding into the future. It has a locking visor, adequate ventilation, lots of color/design options, and a unique/proprietary blend of fiberglass construction that you won’t find in other helmets at this price point.

Why you should buy this helmet:

  • Popular, with plenty of color options
  • Quick-release face shield
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Snell certified (learn more about how snell certifies helmets as well as the Snell M2015 and M2020 standards)
  • Well ventilated

Other considerations to make:

  • Missing the ‘air fit system’ found in previous Scorpion models
  • Lacks features/quality found in mid and high-end helmets

Icon Airflite

  • Price: $250.00
  • Buy it: RevZilla,
  • Review: webBikeWorld
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Head shape: long oval
  • Weight: 3.79lbs

With an extra $50 over the Scorpion EXO-R710 mentioned earlier, you sure are getting a helmet that at least looks far more expensive/premium. Its styling may be polarizing to many; either you love it or you hate it. But for those of you enticed by the design, you’re in luck.

Icon has a very well-renowned motorcycle gear brand and we have had plenty of experience with their products. A colleague of mine did a full in-depth review of this helmet and quite liked it based on its comfort and added features. A decent pair of sunglasses could run you as much as $50, so if the styling appeals to you, may as well bite the bullet because this helmet comes with a built-in drop-down sun visor to make riding in the sun a piece of cake.

Why you should buy this helmet:

  • Affordable
  • Innovative face shield design
  • Integrated drop-down sun visor
  • Made by a major brand known for building good gear
  • Coolest looking helmet on this list (in my opinion)
  • DOT, ECE, SAI, and PSC certified
  • Great for all riding styles

Other considerations to make:

  • 1-year warranty compared to competitors 5-year advantage
  • Heavier than other options
  • Exotic styling for someone looking for a more subtle and traditionally styled helmet

Mid Range Full Face Helmets
(Priced $250 – $500)

Shoei RF-1200

As the saying goes, if it ain’t broken…don’t fix it. The Shoei RF-1200 has been around forever, and that’s for good reason.

When you are typically looking at buying a Shoei the first thing you are going to notice is the very steep price tag. The RF-1200 gives you the option to ride with Shoei’s MotoGP-backed safety technology at a lower price, making it one of the cheapest helmets they sell.

If you read some of the negative reviews, you’ll see the main caveat RF-1200 owners have with the helmet is how loud it is at speed due to wind noise. If you have loud pipes, you’re probably wearing earplugs anyway. But if you don’t mind a little wind noise and are looking for a safe option with tons of premium features this is the helmet for you. If you go to the helmets section of and sort by popularity, you’ll see thousands of people have bought an RF-1200 making it one of the most popular helmets on the site.

Why you should buy this helmet:

  • Built by Shoei, one of the worlds premier high-end helmet manufacturers
  • I own one, it’s great.
  • Comfortable
  • Snell and DOT certified
  • Four shell sizes (many helmets will have three)
  • Pinlock lens shield and lens insert

Other considerations to make:

  • 7 years old
  • Outdated style
  • Some owners complain that it is very loud


  • Price: $499.00
  • Buy it: RevZilla, Amazon
  • Warranty: 2 years with an extra 2 years if you register the helmet within 60 days of purchase
  • Head shape: intermediate oval
  • Weight: 2.95 lbs

The AGV K6 is a great helmet featuring an insanely light-weight construction for the pricepoint.

While some helmets are better suited for sportbikes vs touring bikes due to how the aero works with turbulent air, this helmet is designed with all riding styles and seating positions in mind minimizing any form of wind turbulence you may experience on your ride. If you require glasses while on your ride, this helmet perfectly accommodates that.

The face shield is well designed, easy to use with gloves, and is pin lock ready with the insert included with purchase. The only way you’ll be disappointed with this helmet is if it doesn’t fit.

Why you should buy this helmet:

  • Very light due to its carbon-aramid shell. Like, REALLY light. Carbon fiber light.
  • Shape optimized for all riding positions i.e. upright/bent over
  • Pinlock lens
  • DOT and ECE approved

Other considerations to make:

  • Although there are 5 vents, they are quite small

Shoei RF-SR

If the RF-1200 is too pricey and outdated for your liking, the RF-SR is here to save the day. I’m sorry you have to see two Shoei helmets listed in the mid-rance pricing section of this article, but what do you expect; Marc Marques has come first in 6 of the last 7 MotoGP championship standings and wears his Shoei proud, so you know it’s good.

The RF-SR was made with quiet and comfortable riding in mind. Just look at the shell design; sleek and line-free for aerodynamic greatness developed through tons of wind-tunnel testing.

This is the cheapest price point you will ever find a Shoei helmet at, and despite being a cheaper alternative to the RF-1200, you won’t be missing out on much. It’s quiet, safe, and even features replaceable cheek pads so you can get the perfect fit for you.

Why you should buy this helmet:

  • Built by Shoei, one of the worlds premier high-end helmet manufacturers
  • Pinlock-ready shield with an Evo lens in the box
  • Awesome ventilation
  • Some owners note it as one of the quietest helmets they have owned

Other considerations to make:

  • You have an extra $100 to spend on the AGV K6 mentioned above

High-End Full Face Helmets
(Priced $500+)

Bell Race Star Flex DLX

Ah, here we are. The premium helmets section. While all of the helmets above are excellent choices, these high-end helmets are for those that want the creme de la creme, with all the bells and whistles. Personally, I find it valuable to invest in the most important piece of safety gear for my ride.

This is the pinnacle of Bell helmets, the full trim package with every option they offer. Want to talk about premium quality? This helmet has recycled jade woven into the mesh liner to keep you cooler on long and hot rides.

This is essentially the Bell version of Shoei’s X-14 racing helmet and competes with ease. The new Race Star doubles down on what the original model got right while bringing new features like speaker pockets and a 10% reduction in weight.

Why you should buy this helmet:

  • A sizable update to the original Race Star
  • Bell’s top-of-the-line option
  • Speaker pockets
  • 3K carbon fiber shell
  • 5 total shell sizes for the perfect fit
  • Comes with Bell’s ProTint shield

Other considerations to make:

  • Expensive
  • No pinlock feature
  • Optimized for riders in tucked racing positions, not the best for up-right riding or touring

Shoei GT-Air II

The Shoei GT-Air II was rated the best overall helmet on the best full-face helmet list found over at our sister site, webBikeWorld. What more can you ask for, the helmet has all the features you would expect from a high-end helmet, and it’s all packaged into a Shoei design.

The coolest feature of the helmet is the fact that there is a built-in Sena communications system yet still maintains a comfortable weight of 3.79 lbs. This may be a drawback for those of you seeking a new helmet but already own a Sena system, but for those who haven’t invested in one consider this helmet 20% off when you take into account you aren’t going to have to buy a coms system for it.

Many reviewers mention that the helmet can be quite loud, especially when being compared to the first version of the GT-Air, but with all the added bonus features and a quality seal of guarantee from Shoei and a 5-year warranty to back the product you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Reasons to buy this helmet:

  • Great for riders with more up-right touring seating positions
  • Fully integrated SRL 3 Bluetooth Communications System by Sena
  • Good value for the price
  • Looks amazing
  • Pinlock visor and integrated drop-down sun visor
  • Built by Shoei, one of the worlds premier high-end helmet manufacturers

Other considerations to make:

  • Only features DOT approval
  • Many owners say it is quite loud

Arai Regent-X

  • Price: $599.99
  • Buy It: RevZilla, Amazon
  • Head Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Weight: 3.41 lbs

Arai is the light to Shoei’s dark side. They are both deeply rooted in MotoGP and utilize top-of-the-line technology to make their helmets high quality, and most importantly safe.

The Regent-X is a great helmet with it’s ~$600 price point, it’s hard to lose with its PB-cLc shell construction and room for speakers. When you choose an Arai, you’re paying for safety. If you’re torn between choosing the Arai Regent-X and the Shoei GT-Air II (they have the exact same price) ask yourself: do you value added safety, or added features? While this helmet doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the GT-Air II includes (built-in communications device, drop-down sun visor, etc) what it has is a Snell certification where the Shoei does not.

Reasons to buy this helmet:

  • The perfect all-arounder
  • Round shape for ‘glancing impacts’ making it safer than other alternatives
  • Arai is a highly respected helmet manufacturer and happens to be Shoei’s arch-nemesis
  • Comfortable
  • Good face shield ventilation

Other considerations to make:

  • No drop-down sun visor
  • Many owners say it is quite loud
  • A little bit bulbous looking (it’s a safety feature, but perhaps not for everyone)
  • Pinlock shields are not provided but are compatible
  • Noisey

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