Bell Star Motorcycle Helmet Review

Bell Star Motorcycle Helmet Review

The Bell Star motorcycle helmet comes complete with standard safety approval. The ventilation and quality of the helmet are well noted as well as an innovative head shape for the 2013 edition.  (Click here for the full product details page.)At one point, helmets by Bells Star were one of the most well known helmets on the market – and the developers are hoping that with the new design, it will become so again.

In 2008, the re-designed Bell star helmet premiered at the Indianapolis Powersports Dealer Expo. The new helmet features had an internal narrow shape, which does not fill all size shape heads. Thankfully, the company realized this was a downside and re-developed the design for a more universal fit. The qualities of the newly designed Bell star helmets are unsurpassed in quality of design and use. Those who buy them will no doubt be impressed.

There is more than one option in terms of color graphics on the Bell Star helmets. The “Cerwinske” helmet has a simple matte black and the “Rally” one is white. Both of these helmets have different combinations of patterns that are exciting to look at and sleek. The “Cerwinkse” helmet is named after Jona Cerwinkse, is a popular sharpie helmet design. There are different versions of his graphics on the Bell star helmets; one has white colored plastic in the chin vent, rear vents, and other places. The other version is made of carbon fiber and has black colored fittings.

Everything about these new designs is perfection in quality and vents, surround, liner, and the face shield. Even though, it is in the more expensive range, it is a well-made helmet that you can be proud of combined with a 5-year warranty. There are also fantastic helmet bags made by Bell Star. The helmets made by this company are highly recommended especially for bike helmet aficionados.

Bell Star Helmet Fitting

The original Bell Star helmet did not fit the majority of potential owners. It was designed for those with a slender oval shape of head, which cuts out around 66% or more of people. The 2008 helmet had an uncomfortable liner which was changed in the 2010 one. A newer version has an average to slim shape for the head. It errs in the middle of neither round nor narrow and should fit most head shapes except for the very round ones. There are various sizes available for these helmets as well. The XXL and XL sizes use the largest size shell. The L and M use a medium-sized shell, and the S and XS use the smallest shell size. The helmet size is proportioned well and even though there is less room behind the chin bar than other company’s helmets, it works out fine Bell Star’s “TriMatrix” uses Kevlar material to make the helmet, which is made up of carbon fiber and fiberglass. The end result is a helmet that is durable and lightweight and is the kin used in high-end helmets. The cheaper helmets are made up of polycarbonate, which is heavier. An L Bell size helmet fits a 59-60 cm head, and an XL helmet fits a 61-62 cm head. If you happen to have a head that is almost in-between sizes, the smaller helmet should fit fine.

Arai and Shark helmets have more expensive liner used inside their helmets. However, the Bell Star helmets are improved from the old version and there are benefits such as the airflow in the new helmet. The 2010 version of Bell Star’s helmets have ear pockets designed for speakers. There is a padded helmet liner along the ear cavity and there is some material and foam that be adjusted to be custom fit. This helmet also has a magnetic chinstrap that is comfortable and well made. Since the helmet has been made to fit a more universal size head combined with aforementioned attributes, this helmet will not disappoint and comes highly recommended.

Bell Star Helmet Accessories

The face shield of the 2010 Bell Star helmet cannot be matched in terms of design and quality. On the left-hand side on the bottom, there is a normal lifting tab. It has a smooth and even rotating mechanism that allows the face shield to stay in place as it opens and closes. If you lift the tab into the first open position, ventilation and defogging can be used. There are 15 micro-clicks when the helmet is being rotated upwards to the opened position. The rotating mechanism is not fragile or complex; it appears to be simple and well designed. There are fewer parts to it than on other helmets, it is easier to use than other helmets, and removing it is an cinch.

On either side of the helmet, there is drilled aluminum hardware and on the left side there is an aluminum lever that has been molded and milled. This lever has three positions that can be rotated through. The forward position allows the face shield to be opened just slightly for defogging, and there is a neutral position in the middle. A rearmost position allows the face shield to be completely closed so that it will not randomly open and in order to keep the face safe. Along the eye port, there is a full-length gasket that is closed over by the face shield and it keeps out air and moisture. When testing this piece, the water goes down the sides and off of the helmet and the water does not leak into the helmet. It follows VESC-8 safety standards and the there is an anti-fog coating thatworks well. These optical qualities are coated with “NutrFog II,” a UV coating, and anti-scratch. Compared to other helmets, there is much less fogging that happens even during spring. The face shield is impressive and tightly seals while being easy to remove. It has a visibility through the eye port that is much better than other helmets on the market in terms of vertical and side-to-side.

The 2010 Bell Star helmet is easy to use with a quality that cannot be denied. The already well-known airflow capability of the 2008 Bell Star helmet was improved upon with the make of the 2010 version. The ventilation has two vents on the top that work independently of each other and the flow of air is unhampered. The air flows cleanly into the EPS foam liner. There is another vent right above the face shield and it has no blockage of flow and lots of air will flow through. On the rear side, there are two exhaust vents on both sides, which is also highly beneficial in terms of airflow. The last vent is at the chin and has two openings through the back of the chin bar. This allows air to flow on either side of the face. Thus, the ventilation system works incredibly well. The only downside would be the air coming from underneath the helmet possibly because of the thin shell design. The quality of this helmet is definitely worth the price.

Star Motorcycle Helmet Weight

The weight of the Bell Star Helmets is definitely reasonable. An XL size weighs at 1696 grams, which is about 3 lbs and 11-7/8 oz. The L size is about 1628 grams equal to 3 lbs and 9-3/8 oz. A Bell Sprint helmet that is XL will weigh at around 1688 g. Other helmets such as the HJC CL-16 weighs about 1702 g and the HJC CL-14 helmet weighs in around 1704 grams.

The Bell Star 2010 helmet meets DOT and Snell safety standards for North America. This helmet comes highly recommended for its various features, weight, design and quality.

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