Bell Rogue Helmet Review – Is it a half, full, or a new category of helmet?

What’s so special about a hybrid helmet?

bell rogue on harley davidson motorcycleSo I have been getting into this new helmet from Bell, the “Rogue.” Initially I was attracted to its unique styling and easy on/off front shield capabilities. Unlike most DOT certified half shell helmets that turn your head into a large “mushroom head,” this extra feature of a muzzle locking down in front takes out some of that sitting high on your head look and feel.

After taking the face mask off, however, that mushroom look does come back, as with any helmet with that much padding/safety.

Check out some of the customer reviews here on that subject. 

The options that come with this styling of helmet are very intriguing in the custom motorcycle helmet painting arena. I think that we are gonna see some very interesting and unique custom air brushing or painting on this one. I know I am looking forward to getting mine done.

Let’s get inside of this new Helmet –

The newest Bell motorcycle helmet is definitely different, and is making a lot of people take a second look. Bell created this custom paint bell rogue2helmet as an innovative solution to rider comfort. They wanted a lightweight helmet that would be super comfortable as well as one that met all safety requirements. With the “Rogue”, Bell has fulfilled their goal.

The Rogue is more than a half helmet, but less than a full helmet. This lightweight helmet is very comfortable, the ears and neck areas are well padded. The forehead area has no padding, but does have a thin cloth cover that fits nicely without rubbing. The inner liner is held in place with the help of four strong snaps. The ear pads have three snaps to keep them secure; they also have speaker pockets for communication systems.

The lower face muzzle may look strange, but it is comfortable and gives the rider protection from the elements. It is made of two parts: the outer shell is a hard, flexible polyurethane; the inner liner is made of a removable super soft cloth. Wearing it with the inner liner will make the muzzle fit snug on your face; if you don’t like that snug feeling you can remove the liner and have a bit of air between your face and the muzzle. At first it might seem a tad bit strange wearing it. Yes, it is supposed to fit snug (or not) just below the bridge of your nose. Give it time, you will get used to the feel of it on your face.

The Muzzle – on a helmet!?

At first it is a tricky thing to get the adjustable muzzle straps lined up for a perfect fit. It is easy enough to do – just push the button that holds them in place and move the straps. Once you have the straps lined up with the slots, the two “Fidlock” magnets help pull the straps in place. It is better to line up one strap and then the other, trying to do both at the same time will not work. Once you get the muzzle straps adjusted for a perfect fit, you will be able to slide the helmet and muzzle off still connected.

The Rogue was designed for cruiser riders who don’t like full helmets, but still want some protection in case of accidents. The helmet might look a bit evil, but so far people are liking what they see. Riders who love braincaps and bandanas are going to find this is one fine helmet that is easy to get on and off.  At just under $250. (or €191), the Rogue is reasonably priced.

This newest addition to the Bell line comes in 5 different colors, and has 3 shell sizes, a D-ring lock, and a detachable liner that is fully washable. Some riders have stated that these helmets seem to run a half size smaller than other helmets. Only you know what is comfortable on your head, choose your size wisely.

custom paint bell rogue

  • A lightweight, composite shell
  • Adjustable muzzle with a removable liner
  • FidLock magnetic connection for ease of putting on and taking off
  • 3 shell sizes for comfort
  • Stainless steel D-rings
  • Speaker pockets
  • DOT approved
  • Full five-year warranty

Cruising along wind-swept sandy areas near the beaches of southern California, or wherever you dare to ride, the muzzle quickly becomes your best friend. The three-quarter inch thick walled muzzle keeps the lower half of your face from become a sand blasted mess. At 70 miles an hour that is a good feature to have.

If the lower strap feels like it is choking you, all you need to do is pull the D-ring closure tight then snap it into place. If it doesn’t flap around, it will not bother you at all.

Another nice thing about the muzzle is the way it keeps your face from freezing on chilly mornings. Sure, your temple and cheeks get cold, but keeping your lips warm (and safe from wind chapping) is a wonderful feature. Also, think of the muzzle as a bug and rock repellent; it’s better that the muzzle takes these hits than your lower face.
To recap quickly, the new Rogue offers these features:

female in bell rogueThe Rogue has so much to offer riders that prefer wearing half helmets over full-face helmets. The muzzle is really handy for times when you prefer not to be blasted by the elements, and easy to remove when the weather is perfect. These helmets fit wonderfully, especially at high speeds.

One final note for anyone thinking of getting themselves a Bell Rogue helmet… watch the video and learn the correct way to wear this thing. Many happy customers agree that watching the video is a must!

Happy biking.

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Bell Rogue Ghost Recon Helmet


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A video look at Bell Rogue


Bell Rogue Motorcycle Helmet Review
An in depth look at all the available features of this hybrid motorcycle helmet.
Bell Rogue Motorcycle Helmet
Written by: Karl Steinmeyer
Date Published: 09/18/2015
5 / 5 stars

Some more pics of the Rogue


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