Bell Race Star Helmet

The Bell Race Star helmet was first introduced in 1967. It was the first full-face helmet of its time. Bell is popularly known for the stylish and sleek helmets they produce without compromising the strength and reliability in the head protection.

It meets all the needs of a modern racer and makes use of innovative high-end technologies to provide the best protection to the rider.

In the Bell Race Star helmet review, we will discover the amazing features of the product and see if it is worth your money.

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The Bell Race Star helmet is strictly designed for racers and the sports enthusiasts who want to perform exceptionally while they are on the tracks.

  • This Bell Race Star gives you maximum visibility.
  • The liner reduces the impact by making use of state of the art technology.
  • It comes in five shell sizes, so you can buy the helmet which will suit your head size perfectly.
  • The Bell Race Star helmet uses carbon fiber for its shell which gives strength and stiffness to the shell.
  • It is a rather quiet helmet due to the modern ventilation techniques used in it.


The Bell Race Star helmets use flex impact liners. The liner has three different layers which are made up of three different materials. Every layer comes into play according to the intensity of the impact that is experienced. When the impact is of high impact, the deeper layers of the liners are involved to equally distribute the impact throughout the surface.

The Race Star is designed in such a way that it gives you the touring position which looks sleek and upright.

The helmet has an oval shape which is longer on the front side and the back side.
A lot of road accidents occur due to unsafely changing lanes, which happens due to lack of vertical and lateral vision through the helmet. With this Race Star helmet, you get Panovision viewport which facilitates maximum visibility and hence prevents any accident. You can see better even in a tucked position, even when you are driving at high speed on the road or the track.

The recycled Jade liner makes the inner fabric of the helmet extremely moisture-wicking to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the ride. The fabric, manufactured by Virus, gives a natural cooling effect by reducing the temperature inside to 10° F. Even if it is very hot outside, you can still stay cool and free from sweat.

It weighs 4.15 pounds and is a moderate weight helmet.

Shell Design and Quality

The shell uses 3k carbon fiber which is a heavy material, but it looks very stylish and can definitely turn a few heads in its direction. The shell is durable and strong and will get you through any race with maximum head protection.

Going with the feedbacks that they got from the racers, the company designed a shield which can be as tall and wide as possible.

Bell is known for putting quality material inside their helmets. It also makes use of fine silver threads for weaving. As silver is known for its antimicrobial properties, using silver in the lining will keep the bacteria buildup away from the helmet and will keep the helmet smelling fresh.


The interior liner of this helmet is made up from the Virus Cool Jade fabric which is nothing but recycled jade. The 6 EPS foam layer will provide you the custom fit, so it sits on your head properly and does not wobble during the ride.

Along with all this, it also makes use of a three layer technology in the liner. The liner is prepared in such a way so it can handle all the impacts very well.

If the impact is low, the first layer of the liner will absorb the impact. If the impact is higher, then the inner layers participate to equally divide the impact throughout the entire surface.

The three different materials used in the inner liner are polystyrene, polyolefin, and polypropylene. The polyolefin lining gives protection against low-speed impacts, and polypropylene lining gives protection against mid speed impacts. The polystyrene lining gives protection against the high-speed shock impacts.


There is a double chin vent, a double crown vent, and a brow vent. All these vents are operable by small sliders. At the rear end of the helmet, there are three rows of exhaust vents.

So, there are lots of vents to keep your head cool and promote proper air circulation.


The visor in the helmet makes use Panovision viewport which will allow you to see the maximum of the road and watch out for any obstacle in your path.

The helmet seals perfectly around the visor, and hence it will not allow any air to make its way inside through the gaps. It reduces wind noise and makes it a quiet helmet. The air will only come in through the vents provided.

The visor of the Bell Race Star comes with a clear lens for clear vision. The aperture is contoured for providing a better peripheral vision.


This Bell Star helmet is certified from DOT, ECE 22.05 and Snell M2015. It has been tested on the race drivers to see how they perform on the tracks, and they fared well.

Other Factors for Consideration

It is meant for racing and shorter duration rides. So, if you want to buy for sports touring purposes, then you should go with a size 1 cm larger than your head size.

It is a very quiet helmet. Unlike other helmets, you will not require ear pieces to nullify the noise.

The helmet comes with magnetic cheek pads which can be removed easily.


The Bell Race Star helmet is one of the best purchases that you can make. It is durable, comes with amazing features, and keeps you safe all the time.