Badass Motorcycle Art by zx.12rf

Motorcycle art with a cool, animated vibe is what you’ll find on the Instagram profile of Tetsuya, or zx.12rf. With almost 7,000 followers, you know this guy is onto something good.

Just a quick look over his profile and you’ll see that he is a serious motorcycle enthusiast, featuring not just his artwork, but also numerous photos of Honda and Yamaha bikes, just to name a few.

When looking over his motorcycle art, you get a clear sense of the role that bikes and riding plays in his life. The animation within the drawings seems life-like. This is also aided through the great use of color throughout.

Here’s exactly what we’re talking about. Check out some of our favorite pieces of artwork from this profile:

Japanese influences are also seen throughout the artwork, which adds another cool feature. With the artwork featuring images of bikes and riders alike, you get a great glimpse into the awesome world of riding simply by looking at these fascinating works of art.

A great artist and cool photos make this one profile that you’ll definitely want to keep your eye on. Be sure to follow zx.12rf on Instagram and keep up with future works.

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