Badass Motorcycle Art by kohlenstofffasermonster

An avid rider truly knows a fellow motorcycle enthusiast when he sees one. And from the looks of his Instagram profile, it’s clear that kohlenstofffasermonster has an immense amount of love and respect for motorcycles and the art of riding.

As you look across his Instagram profile, you’ll see many photos of bikes, bike designs, and real riding photos with the oversized heads with that bobblehead look that we all have come to know and love.

While there are many more images than just what is shown below, these are a few favorites that really stood out:


Overall, a really solid profile, and one that really conveys the excitement of riding. But the biggest takeaway is kohlenstofffasermonster’s passion and respect for bikes. Definitely one to keep your eye on in the future!

And it’s not just photos that are included on this profile. There are quite a few video clips available for viewing, including some really cool overhead shots from a drone.

If you like what you see on Instagram, the profile also points to a YouTube channel for kohlenstofffasermonster. Be sure to check that out for another insight into his world.

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