Badass Helmet Concepts

I’m never exactly sure what is so appealing about browsing through thousands of helmet concepts and drawings. Maybe it’s the useless metal, rebreathers, and senseless pneumatic hoses. But I get inspired every time I start digging into some of these creative geniuses portfolio’s. Perhaps you will too.

10 Badass Futuristic Helmet Concepts

Links to Profiles (in order from top to bottom)

  1. Andrew Darkovich
  2. Atalay Cankaya
  3. James Hurlock
  4. Jarryd Muir
  5. Ivan Santic
  6. Jim Martin
  7. Nicolai Tudi
  8. Pavel Zolot’ko
  9. Payam Tavakoli
  10. Rafael Amarante
  11. Ryan Love
  12. Ryan Love 
  13. Sasawat Intakul
  14. Sergey Kozyakov
  15. Slater Ferrell
  16. Stanislav Khokhlov

Somebody start making these helmets and you will have my money$.

Here are some more concepts, and here are more from the year before that.

Motorcycle Gear
1.Motorcycle Boots
2. Motorcycle Gloves
3.Motorcycle Jackets
4.Motorcycle Pants
5. Motorcycle Rain Gear

As always – All photos credits are to their owner. Being the internet as it is, I try to make sure that I am crediting the “original owner” and not someone claiming it for their own, but your know how that sh!t goes.