Aviator Motorcycle Helmet

OSBE GPA Open Face Helmet

The new GPA helmet comes with an HTR shell (high thermoplastic resin) which should provide the rider with the required safety from sudden impacts or collisions. The helmet is designed to withstand hard knocks and is ergonomically engineered to lessen the drag, wind resistance to increase performance under extreme speed.

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The helmet comes with two visors with a clear one providing the rider with a clear line of sight, unimpeded view of the road ahead as well as a tinted visor which is designed to protect your eyes from the backlight, harmful UV radiation or even sudden bursts of light.

While on the one hand, the helmet does come with both the clear visor which protects the facial area completely, it is important to determine if the helmet is a good fit for your head.

The fitting can be adjusted on request so that you have a snug fit, and moreover, the helmet is lined with high-density foam designed to absorb any hard shocks, as a result of the impact.

This provides you with an additional layer of protection as well. The brand name is GPA, the model Tornado and overall, on a scale of one to five, it certainly ranks quite well in terms of performance, aesthetics and safety. It comes in four shades, green, black, matte green and matte black.

Overall consensus: The helmet is indeed a good buy considering its performance in the market to date.

Double Mirror Air Force Jet Pilot Flight Motorcycle Helmet

The double mirror air force jet pilot flight motorcycle helmet is designed specifically to provide you with the edge you need, when traveling at high speeds.

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The helmet itself comes with a detachable visor and does a good job of protecting the face. It also comes in gloss black thereby complementing the whole helmet. The helmet comes in two shades, green and dark smoke and looks perfect.

On to the structural part of it, the helmet is hard enough to withstand most impacts and can provide you with the protection you need, when using the same on the road. It also comes with several motorcycle part accessories including designer signal indicators, and a strap that makes it easy to secure the helmet on top of the head and even to remove it.

The Double mirror helmet is engineered to enable you to get the most out of your bike at extreme speeds. The only con one can consider is that this helmet may be a bit loose which is why you can request a custom snug fit when purchasing the same or get it customized later.

You can always measure the widest part of your head, the crown area and use it to tag a helmet that is near your size. This one comes in at least four sizes, and you can then customize it further so that there is a snug fit.

Consensus: Overall the helmet is okay, it certainly looks good and other than the loose fit, should be perfect for any bike.

Scorpion Covert Ratnik Phantom Hybrid Helmet

The Scorpion Ratnik Helmet is one of those few helmets that closely resemble the one that Darth Vader had on with the difference here being that the Scorpion helmet comes with a neodymium magnetically attached front mask, and one that’s easily removable.

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It is a modular motorcycle helmet, one that opts for hybrid approach when it comes to the design and the overall functionality of the helmet itself. The Scorpion helmet comes with an advanced polycarbonate shell, one that is specifically engineered to withstand hard impacts and stress pressures.

This further serves to protect you from any sudden impact, collisions and safely ensconces your head while the high-density impact foam lining on the inside of the helmet helps to absorb such shocks.

The interior of the helmet comes with kiwiwick two antimicrobial fabric liner, one that serves to cushion your head comfortably while soaking up the moisture. Furthermore, it comes with an aero-tuned ventilation system that ensures that you have the requisite ventilation at all times. Good ventilation is a must especially when you wear closed helmets, and the Scorpion hybrid does that and much more.

It also comes with an internal sun vision as well as a speed view. The visor is designed to protect your eyes from sudden bright glares when on the road and even protects your eyes from harmful UV radiation.

Consensus: Overall this helmet is as good as it gets, and ranks rather high regarding both safety and performance.

Why Aviation in a Motorcycle Helmet?

First reason that comes to mind is the in the aviation world, everything is tested and optimized for the lowest wind resistance possible. Of course the pilot is not flying with his head sticking out the window, but in the event of mechanical failure that pilot could face the option of ejecting. And nobody wants to eject out of an airplane with a helmet that is not designed with wind resistance in mind.

So unless you are creative like the above motovloggers, you’ll be looking at purchasing a helmet that already has the look and feel you are after – me too. So here are the best avaitor-style motorcycle helmet the that have a resemblance to the helmets of jet-fighter pilots.


Runner up: Harisson Corsair Helmet – Buy 

Custom Aviator Motorcycle Helmets

These 2 guys: Motopilot and Walterrific make some pretty unique looking helmets by adding on some cool accessories that are not typically used in customizing a helmet.

MotoPilot makes a few small, but significant adjustments to his helmet – and it looks more like a fighter pilot’s helmet than his first one and Walterrifics.