ATTEMPT 13 Darizt Design

“My priority and objective when designing and fabricating all of my bikes is comfort, because I want all of my bikes to be rideable and fulfill the essence and the function of a motorbike, so when you take the bike for long journey it won’t cause you too much trouble.” “Although this is the second time I’ve built a bike like this I really tried to make it different, ’cause I love to be different and different is the best way to be recognized and remembered.” -Agus Darzit

Built In: IndonesiaBike Style: Trackers

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 Attempt 13 Bike Specifications – Darizt Design

Class Styling Trackers
Featured Parts Kickstart
Frame Custom One Off Frame
Gastank Custom One Off Gastank
Handlebars / Risers MX / Tracker Bars
Motor Brand Honda
Paint Color(s) Red.White
Seat Solo Solidmount
Suspension Front Springer
Suspension Rear Cantilever
Tires Skinny 100mm or less
Wheels Standard 40-80 spokes

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