Arai XD-4 Helmet Review: Dual Sports Helmet With Advanced Features

After getting bored of the same type of helmets available the market, the Japanese helmet maker Hirotake Arai decided to bring about innovative helmet designs and thus Arai Helmets was born. The family-owned company is committed to world class excellence with their helmet manufacturing skills.

The unique feature of the Arai helmets is that every helmet is handmade, making it special. The company ensures that the safety standards are a starting point for the helmet design so that the wearer doesn’t have to worry about head protection. It is for this reason that Arai helmets are popular among F1 racing drivers.

This Arai XD-4 helmet review will help you to determine whether spending around $550 on a helmet is worth it.

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The Arai helmets are known for their handmade design and superior build quality. However, they are not cheap. The premium priced helmets are not for those who are looking for just any helmet to wear on the roads.

If you are specific about your riding position and racing style, you need to choose the helmet that is just right for you. The XD-4 series helmets from Arai are one of the best adventure touring helmets you will ever find. Paying around $550 and getting a Snell-certified helmet is a dream come true for most adventure riders.


While riding on long roads during your adventure, you want your helmet to provide as much support as possible. You don’t want to feel the heaviness in your head when you ride all day long.

The aerodynamic design of the Arai XD-4 helmets is greatly improved. The floating peak adds a unique style to the helmet and it is removable. It funnels air into the vents, providing improved ventilation and minimized buffeting.

The XD-4 helmet from Arai is a full-faced helmet weighing about 3.66 pounds, which is pretty much the industry standard.

Shell Design

The XD-4 is a much-desired upgrade to the XD-3. The first look reveals that the XD-4 has a refined shell design. The shell design is modified to be more aerodynamic, distributing the center of gravity.

The brow vents are placed on the shield to funnel air to the interior of the helmet, which was of course absent in XD-3. The shell design is customizable to ride in different configurations. You can remove the shield, peak or both, and ride in any way you want.

The shell also includes winglets at the back for stability and they also aid in ventilation. It uses one of the exotic Super CLC shells used in other Signet helmets. The composite fibers reduce the weight of the helmet while giving adequate head protection.


The interior is slightly modified to align with the transformed shell design. The neck roll is also modified to provide more comfort and personal fitment.

The new cheek pads are contoured and use multiple foam. It is comfortable and provides the perfect fit for your helmet. The cheek pads also fit snugly, helping you to eliminate noise and other disruptions while riding on your bike.

The 5mm peel away foam pads can be used to tune the helmet without changing the shell size. The high-end comfort liner is similar to the newer premium helmets in the market. The snaps of the liner are away from the pressure points to ensure that the helmet will stay comfortable.


The extra chin vents provide additional airflow and enhance the circulation. The vents can be opened and closed easily even with a gloved hand. The chimney top vents are also strategically designed to match the design of the helmet.

The switches to open and close the chimney vents are made larger to allow you to comfortably adjust the vents while riding your bike. The diffusers on the exhaust vents at the back pull out warm air more efficiently, keeping your head cool. This design is mostly found in the Vector helmets, and Arai has added a nice touch to the XD-4 helmets.

Face Shield

The clear face shield is UV-resistant and scratch-resistant. The face shield can be either open or closed. Aria has not included an anti-mist position in the face shield here. It allows you to crack open the face shield and lock it in that position for riding in cold weather.

The face shield encompasses eyelid style brow vents that are new to on-road and off-road helmets. There is no anti-fog coating with the face shield. However, fog is minimized by the way air is channeled through the helmet, so that the warm air inside the helmet doesn’t fog up the face shield.


The Arai XD-4 helmets are DOT and Snell approved which means that you don’t have to worry about your safety. The cheek pads also come with an emergency quick release system that allows medical personnel to quickly remove the helmet without any hassle. The helmet snaps are sturdy and comfortable at the same time, allowing you to put on and take off the helmet with ease.

Other Factors for Consideration

While purchasing an additional face shield, you have to make sure that you buy one for the XD-4 helmet. If you have an incompatible face shield, dirt and debris may come inside the helmet through the brow vent.

The XD-4 helmet is essentially a dual sports helmet. It looks like a dirt helmet, but it has all of the premium features required for on-road and off-road helmets.

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