Arai Signet-X Helmets Review: Affordable Helmets With Premium Features

Arai is a revolutionary helmet manufacturer introducing some exciting new features with every helmet design. The high-end helmets from Arai are great for motorcycle riders who are looking for class and style with every bike accessory.

The ultimate purpose of wearing a helmet is head protection. With an Arai helmet, you don’t have to worry about safety, and you can concentrate on the road. The safety standards are developed with help from Arai, and that speaks volumes about the manufacturer’s dedication to developing safety helmets.

The Arai Signet-X helmets review shows how the Signet-X helmets compare and contrast with other high-end helmets from Arai so that you can make an informed decision.

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The Corsair X helmets from Arai are designed to be race-ready. Sometimes, you don’t want to miss out on the street orientation of bike helmets. In that case, you can get the combined features of a race helmet and a street helmet from the Signet-X helmets of Arai.

The Signet-X helmets have a long oval shape, fitting the needs of most motorcycle riders in the American market. It is also a great high-end helmet that can be purchased for less than $800.


The Signet-X helmet series has a number of helmets with a similar profile. Essentially, you can find a Signet-X helmet for around $600, and you can also buy one for around $800 with cool graphics.

The Signet-X can be considered as a direct successor of the Signet-Q. At the same time of the launch of Signet-X, Arai also introduced Quantum-X, which also shares many features of the Signet-X. Some of the features are also borrowed from the high-end Corsair X helmets. The Signet-X helmets are full-face helmets that come under the lightweight helmet category.

Shell Design

The shell of the Signet-X helmets is made of Peripherally Belted Super Complex Laminate Construction (PB SCLC) fibers. It is a proprietary blend of fibers used by Arai in the Signet-X series. It uses multiple materials and advanced techniques to fuse these fibers to create a lightweight and resilient shell.

The new proprietary blend makes this helmet much more affordable compared to the Corsair X series. The elements of this PB SCLS are not entirely exotic, and as a result, the helmet is slightly heavier than the Corsair X series. However, it is much lighter compared to the other Arai helmets it replaces.


The interior is made of plush and luxurious Eco Pure liner with antimicrobial properties. It has neutral acidity levels to minimize skin irritation. The cheek pads are made of layers that can be peeled or fused to create a custom fit.

One of the prominent features of the interior design is a tight neck roll that eliminates wind noise and also provides additional protection. Unlike the other helmets from Arai, the interior is made of standard single-density EPS liner to reinforce comfort and affordability.


The Signet-X helmets provide excellent ventilation and airflow compared to the other helmets in the same price range. The ducting design allows more airflow inside the helmet, resulting in better comfort.

This helmet is comfortable to wear all day long in both 50-degree temperatures and 100-degree temperatures. Your scalp will feel cooler and sweat-free inside the helmet even if you indulge in longer rides.

There are two intake forehead vents that can be adjusted. The exhaust vent at the back is also adjustable, making it possible for you to close the vent and improve aerodynamics while you engage in racing.

The side vents are not adjustable, similar to the exhaust duct added to the back of the liner. The eyebrow and chin vents are also redesigned so that they can be opened and closed easily using gloved hands.

The QVR and QVF upper ventilation ducts provide better airflow and additional adjustment.

Face Shield

The Variable Axis System (VAS) face shield allows for a lower shield pivot mounting position. The shield can be opened and closed easily compared to the Signet-Q helmets. You can also keep the shield slightly cracked open in the de-mist position.

The Max Vision face shield provides unhindered visibility in all riding conditions. The Pinlock insert adds to the antifogging ability of the face shield.

The dual function lever is useful in popping open the face shield and side pods for a quick replacement of the face shield. While the technique is relatively simple, it may be difficult for those who are using high-end Arai helmets for the first time.


The Signet-X helmets from Arai have both Snell and DOT certification. The smooth and round shape of the helmet disperses energy instead of absorbing it during a collision. This reduces the amount of energy transferred to the body, which greatly reduces the possibility of head trauma.

The shell design is perfected to provide optimal head protection, and the emergency release system enables medical personnel to quickly release the helmet for providing medical assistance.

Other Factors for Consideration

Numerous subtle changes are made to the Signet-X helmets to differentiate it from the other X-series Arai helmets. The chin curtain and mouth guard are slightly away from your mouth, providing more space on the front of the helmet.

One of the problems with the new face shield design is that it can’t be cracked open slightly to enhance ventilation, even though the locking mechanism is much safer. But overall, it is a great buy in a price range that can be considered affordable.

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