Arai Signet-Q Helmet Review: Long Oval Shaped Premium Helmet with Perfect Fit

Hirotake Arai is the founder of the Arai helmet brand. He was a hat maker who realized the importance of a motorcycle helmet and eventually started a company in 1926. Currently, the family-operated company is run by Michio Mich Arai. Akihito, the son of the original founder, also takes part in company operations.

The handmade helmets are different from the other helmets in the market. When you purchase an Arai helmet, you know that you are wearing one because it gives you a different experience.

The Arai Signet-Q helmet review discloses the unique features of the helmet that make it one of the ideal choices for motorcycle riders.

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The Signet-Q helmet series is a replacement for the Signet helmets from Arai. It is an ideal helmet for riders with a much longer and narrower face. It is the perfect fit for those with oval heads who find all the helmets to be extremely tight. In the helmet market, it is difficult to find a helmet for people with slightly different head shapes.

The exterior shell of the Signet-Q is very similar to that of RX-Q, but the interior is 5mm longer, meaning that there is more space inside the helmet. It is also one of the low-priced helmets from Arai because you can purchase it for about $450 to $600, depending on the Signet-Q configuration you require.


Arai only brings about small changes in its helmet design with each new series. If you expect a massive shift in the style statement, Arai may not be the right helmet for you. On the other hand, if performance and safety are the two primary criteria for choosing a helmet, then Arai is the best choice for you.

The RX-Q and Signet-Q helmets are launched almost at the same time with a similar profile. The Signet-Q helmets have a long oval fit and cater to the requirements of people with specific head shapes. The Signet-Q helmet is also a full-faced helmet that weighs just 3.60 pounds.

Comfortable Fit

When placed side by side, the RX-Q and Signet-Q helmets look just the same. Unless you are a seasoned Arai helmet user, you won’t be able to tell the difference even if you put it on. However, if you have a slightly longer head shape and every helmet you put on has created pressure points on the temple, you will instantly feel comfortable with the Arai helmet.

The interior with a small 5mm extension makes all the difference in the fitment of the helmet. The elongated shell profile eliminates hot spots, allowing people with irregular head shapes to ride the motorcycle comfortably. The peel away cheek pads also provide an additional level of customization.

Build Quality

The Signet-Q is made of the same shell like that of the RX-Q, which is again shared by the Corsair V. The proprietary blend of fibers makes the shell extremely strong and lightweight. If you want a much lighter helmet, you have to pay more. The build quality is absolutely flawless, to say the least.

Interior Design

The Signet-Q helmet features a single multi-density EPS liner. The Dry-Cool surface wicks away moisture while riding in hot weather conditions. The interior is comfortable, but it is not as comfortable or plush as the Corsair liner.

The 5mm peel away pads on the temple provide excellent fit inside the helmet. The micro fitment interior is all that you require, customizing the helmet interior. The cheek pads have Facial Contour Support (FCS) design so that your helmet fits you like a glove.


The ventilation system of Arai Signet-Q helmets has undergone an overhaul. The top and chin vents follow the same design of every other Arai helmet. There is a reason that Arai has not changed the design, because it works perfectly.

When you use the switchgear for opening and closing the vents, you will understand that you are in fact wearing an Arai helmet. Unlike other helmets with delicate vent adjustments, the click feels solid and comfortable.

The exhaust cowls of the top and chin vents are similar to that used in RX-Q. The brow vents direct air throughout the helmet, keeping you much cooler. Arai helmets are popular for their ventilation system, and Signet-Q won’t disappoint you on that aspect.

Face Shield

The Signet-Q helmet ships with a SAI Max Vision clear face shield with anti-scratch coating. The elongated shape allows for a wider eyeport, which provides excellent peripheral vision. It is 5mm wider on both sides of the helmet. The internal shape of the helmet allows for this extended eye port. The Pinlock ready face shield also includes a Pinlock anti-fog insert to be used in cold weather conditions.


The Signet-Q helmets are DOT and Snell approved, which will give you peace of mind. When you are tumbling on the road after a crash, the least of your worries is whether you look cool wearing the helmet; you want your head unscratched!

The Arai Signet-Q may not match the aggressive graphics of your racing bike, but it will give you optimal protection required by a racing rider.

Other Factors for Consideration

Those who have felt continuously uncomfortable by squishing their long oval head inside a helmet for years will be very happy with the fitment of Signet-Q. Apart from this unique feature, Arai Signet-Q helmets deliver the same performance as any other Arai helmet, carrying their trademark high standard build and features.

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