Arai Defiant Helmets Review: Best Mid-Range Helmet With Interesting Features

Founded in the year 1926, Arai entered the motorcycle industry as just another motorcycle helmet manufacturer. Hirotake Arai was a hatmaker, and he was fed up with the lack of innovation in the motorcycle helmet industry. Year after year, he witnessed sub-par helmets winning the best helmet awards and that is when he decided to change the way helmets are produced.

The specialty of Arai helmets is that they are handmade and they are designed to portray perfection in helmet design. Every feature is carefully added to the helmet, and more importance is given to the safety aspects.

The Arai Defiant helmets review shows exactly what make these helmets special in the mid-price range category.

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The Arai Defiant helmets are designed for the street riders. In recent years, the street rider look has gained popularity, surpassing the racer look.

Style conscious riders who want the best safety helmet always had to compromise between style and functionality. With the Defiant helmets from Arai, you don’t have to compromise anymore.

If subtle style is your choice, you can choose Defiant Pro-Cruise or Solid helmet. If you like a pop of color in your helmet, you will be impressed by the cool graphics in the Pro-Cruise Mimetic or Chronus variations of the Defiant helmet series.

The Defiant helmets are available in the price range between $450 to $700 depending on the stylish features you prefer.


The Defiant helmets from Arai are full-face helmets that weigh around 3.73 pounds. All the variations of the helmets in the series weigh about the same because they share the same shell design.

When it comes to Arai, the helmet designs differ only so slightly, but those subtle changes can make a big difference when you ride with the helmet on the road. With numerous variations and designs, you can always find an Arai helmet that perfectly suits your needs and fits your budget.

Shell Design

The Defiant helmets feature the PBCLC composite shell that is found in other Arai helmets. It is a new proprietary material that is designed to minimize trauma to the head in case of a collision. It is a good upgrade from the Vector helmets from Arai.

The organic shaping of the shell proves its importance through superior energy management. The aggressive styling combined with the positioning of the vents make this one good-looking helmet. If you have been complaining that Arai doesn’t suit the style conscious personality of yours, you will be happy with the Defiant series.

Comfort Fit

This Defiant helmet series is designed exclusively for naked riders. It is the best helmet you can wear in the ¾ upright position while riding your street bike. It is a badass helmet that keeps you comfortable and excels in performance.

The interior with adjustable temple pads and cheek pads allow you to customize the fit according to your choice. The fit of this helmet is intermediate oval, and it is ideally suited for those with long and narrow faces. The helmet also has a pull-down spoiler that reinforces helmet stability.

Interior Design

The interior of the helmet is designed with more focus on comfort and safety. The cheek pads feature Facial Counter Support (FCS R) design to allow you to enjoy the customized fit for your face. The 5mm peel away micro fit layers can be customized for a personal fit.

The contoured cheek pads provide excellent support, and the multiple density foam layer is supported by the use of a patented spring. There are no pressure points with this helmet, and it gives the snug fit you crave in a decent quality helmet.

The bottom edge of the interior design uses water repellent material so that rain on the outside doesn’t seep into your helmet.


The Arai Defiant helmets feature a new venting scheme on the top and chin. The ventilation inside the helmet is more than expected for most of the riders.

The IC-4 vents on the top provide a complete seal when they are closed. ACR-4 airflow system inside the helmet provides excellent airflow when they are kept in open position. If you constantly feel stuffy even in your expensive helmets, you will be happy with your choice of Defiant helmets. The vents can be closed to improve drag while you are racing on the track.

Face Shield

The Defiant helmets ship with a clear face shield. Arai has done numerous modifications to the face shield design to provide distortion free viewing.

The SAI Max Vision Shield is 5mm wider on the left and right. This results in the widest eyeports, providing superior peripheral vision. The face shield is also pinlock ready with brow vents.

The helmet also includes Pinlock insert lens which is super useful in keeping the fog away. This is essential because the face shield itself doesn’t have a fog-free coating.


When you wear an Arai helmet, you can be guaranteed of safety. The Defiant helmets are DOT and Snell certified, which mean that they adhere to the tough requirements of industry standards. These helmets are designed to protect your head even during a fatal collision.

Other Factors for Consideration

When you need additional features in your Defiant helmet, you must go for the Pro Cruiser model. It has a face shield with sun blocking capabilities, and it also has more plush Eco Pure Liner interior. There is nothing to complain about with the Defiant helmets, as they combine style and performance in a classic way.

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