Arai Corsair X Helmets Review: Premium Quality Helmets With Advanced Features

Arai is one of the top class helmet brands preferred by bike racers all over the world. Each helmet is handmade with utmost care to ensure that the helmets offer maximum protection. Arai has helped to develop Snell standards and that itself shows how much importance is given to protection and safety.

In fact, the safety standards are a starting point for Arai Corsair helmets. You can understand that you get the best value for your money when you purchase Arai Corsair helmets because these are made by a three-generation old family company.

The Arai Corsair X helmets review reveals the unique features of these helmets that make them stand apart from the competition. Apart from the comfort that these helmets offer, we also loved the fact that these helmets are really premium quality and carry some great styles. Here is a look at what you will love.

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The most important benefit of Arai Corsair helmets is the extreme safety factor. The helmet shell is designed in a unique way to distribute the force on impact instead of absorbing it. This reduces the amount of force transferred to the body and thus, minimizes pressure on your body in case of a collision.

The Arai Corsair X helmets are premium helmets that can be purchased from around $800-$1000 depending on the type of helmet you want.


The Corsair X helmets from Arai are full-faced helmets that weigh around 3.5 pounds. The actual weight of the helmet depends on the type of helmet and its size.

The true oval fit ensures that you get maximum comfort while wearing the helmet. Arai is an industry leader, and it is the first company to introduce brow vents, one-touch face shield control, diffuser ventilation system and movable chin piece, which have all become industry standards.

Shell Design

The Corsair X helmet from Arai is made of super fiber and advanced synthetic fibers developed exclusively for F1 helmet visor panels. The experts from Arai have assembled and bonded these fibers to create a super strong shell.

The biggest benefit of these fibers is the reduced weight. You can enjoy wearing a resilient helmet with ultimate comfort because it weighs just around 3.5 pounds. It is incredibly hard to find a sturdy and strong helmet that weighs less. The advanced PB SNC2 shell has superior tensile strength, making it one of the best lightweight and strong materials for shell design.

The R75 shell is molded into a round and smooth shape to emphasize dispersion of energy and impact during a collision. This greatly reduces trauma to your head. To put in simple words, you can stand up and walk unscathed with an Arai Corsair X helmet on your head.


Arai has revolutionized interior design as well. The interior liner system is entirely removable and washable. It is made of Eco Pure material which maintains neutral acidity levels. This helmet is the best fit for riders with very sensitive skin.

The antibacterial properties ensure that you don’t get rashes after wearing this helmet even for a long time. The soft liner provides maximum cushioning, and it feels so luxurious against the skin. The temple padding along with cheek pads is contoured and customizable so that you can enjoy the best possible fit with your helmet. The cheek pads are equipped with the Emergency Release Tab feature for quick opening in case of a crash.


The shield design of Arai Corsair X helmets also features some advanced designs and production techniques. The variable axis system (VAS) with a moving pivot point makes it possible to use a lower shield pivot. The shield can be easily opened and closed even with the lowest shield mount position of 24mm.

The face shield is equipped with Max vision to guarantee better visibility during all the seasons. It is a great helmet for all types of riding positions. It also comes with anti-fog Pinlock insert which enhances the anti-fogging property of the face shield.

The face shield latch system holds the shield in place in every position so that it remains closed at all times. You can crack the shield slightly open in the de-mist position and still enjoy a ride free from rattling face shield. The latch system enables seamless operation of the shield.

The shield can be removed and replaced quickly using the dual function lever system which releases face shield and side pod simultaneously. The face shield includes a clear pinlock insert.


The Corsair X helmets from Arai feature Type 12 air diffusers that are longer and straighter compared to the other helmets from Arai. The improved aerodynamic properties of the helmet allow you to use the helmet at all riding speeds without any issues.

The airwing feature provides 19% gain in terms of efficiency. The intake vents are adjustable, and they can be fully closed, fully opened and half opened depending on your riding requirements. When closed, the face shield provides a tight seal, providing shield from water intrusion and wind noise. The IC Duct 5 forehead vent allows 11% more circulation compared to the predecessors of Arai Corsair helmets.


The Corsair X helmets from Arai are DOT and Snell 2015 certified. It means that the helmets adhere to the advanced safety requirements. When you want a solid helmet for racing and riding, you can’t go wrong by choosing one that is preferred by racers on the field.

Other Factors for Consideration

The Corsair X helmet series from Arai is available in different versions with different graphic designs and colors. Ultimately, it depends on your choice to select a helmet that will last for several years, providing adequate head protection.

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