AGV K5 S Helmets Review: Premium Quality Helmet With Every Feature You Want

AGV stands for Amisano Gino Valenza, who was the founder of the company. AGV was started in Italy in 1947 in Valenza Po, Italy. The company is well known for its great selection of motorcycle gear.

AGV doesn’t make cheap helmets. If you are looking for a solid and branded helmet, you won’t be bothered by a premium price tag. The AVG K5 series of helmets have a minimum price of $400. These helmets vary in price depending on the graphics design and model chosen.

The AVG K5 S helmets review helps you to understand the characteristic features of these helmets that make them unique.


The K5 S helmet is most certainly a premium helmet. The helmet series has quite a few designs and graphics in multiple colors. The K5 helmets from AGV already have rave reviews from numerous satisfied customers.

The new K5 S helmets provide a complete overhaul to the shell design. There is no functionality that is spared, and it is what you expect from a luxurious helmet. The helmet has a solid design and it is much lighter in weight compared to the other counterparts.

The K5 S helmets are available in the price range of $400 to $500 depending on the model you choose in the series.  Click here to check price.


The K5 S helmets have all the features you would hope for in a premium helmet. Sometimes, you have to deal with a premium price tag if you want the best quality helmets.

The K5 S helmets are all full face helmets that weigh around 3.5 pounds. The shells are available in multiple sizes, along with 4 different sizes and densities of EPS liner, making it one of the exciting customizable helmets of choice.

Shell Design and Build Quality

The K5 S helmets are made of Carbon Fiberglass which is well known for its lightweight properties. This shell is available in 2 different sizes to accommodate different head sizes. The flexibility in choosing the shell size makes this helmet even more desirable.

The solid design and build quality ensures that you get value for the premium price you pay. The K5 S helmets from AGV have some cool graphic designs in different colors. There is a helmet for everyone’s preference in this series of helmets.


The interior of K5 S provides an excellent upgrade from the previous K5 series. The EPS liner is available in multiple densities in different sizes. This provides a customization option for the fitment.

You can choose whether you want your cheek pads thick or thin, to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. The EPS and shell dimensions use Fine Elements Analysis for optimization.

AGV has introduced interesting materials to make cheek pads, neck roll, and crown pad. Shalimar fabric is used in making the neck roll, and it is hydrophobic. The material has undergone water resistance treatment, which prevents water from entering the helmet.
The cheek pads are constructed from Ritmo fabric, and it is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. The 2Dry moisture wicking element quickly wicks away moisture to keep you cool with the helmet on. The crown pad is also made of the same Shalimar fabric, and it has large channels that allow ventilation.

The interior also has cutouts for third party Bluetooth communication devices. The interior looks and feels very luxurious and cozy. This helmet provides optimal performance in the 3/4th riding position.


The K5 S again has an upgraded ventilation system that uses IVS ventilation system. The helmet has one large chin vent, 2 front vents and exhaust vents. It is much simpler to find the control switch to open and close the vents.

One of the unique features that is not available in other helmets is the adjustable exhaust vents. It is useful in extreme sports racing where you can open and close the vents to improve the riding experience.

Face Shield and Sun Visor

The K5 S helmets ship with a clear face shield that provides a complete seal in closed position. This face shield is pin lock prepared. This means that it provides additional fog protection. It ships with the pin lock insert lens so that you can use the helmet out of the box in cold weather conditions.

A $500 helmet sports helmet without sun visor is not preferred by many bikers. That is why the K5 S helmets come with a tinted sun visor that provides maximum sun protection. The drop down visor can be activated with a switch that can be accessed with a gloved hand.

The face shield comes with extra quick release system for quick release of the face shield. The toolless integration of the sun visor makes the helmet a great choice. The face shield is also available in two different sizes to match the shell size.


The K5 S helmets come with DOT approval, which is the industry safety standard. For $500, you want the helmet to provide ultimate safety when you get into a car crash. With their fiberglass shell, the K5 S helmets are rigid and resilient.

Other factors for consideration

For a premium price of $500, you want an all encompassing helmet, and the AGV K5 S helmets deliver that promise. These helmets are stylish with supreme safety features.

Also, these helmets complement the sports bike design very well. There are a few different graphics and colors to choose from, making it one of the most customizable helmets.

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