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The visitors that frequent this site – primarily through organic search engines – are looking for information and details on Motorcycle Helmets and Motorcycle Gear. That is it. Not motorcycle news, racing news – crash pics- or drama in the news – or some other flash in the pan trend…. just Motorcycle Helmets, and Motorcycle Gear–  and that is the way we like it.

Written by bikers – for other bikers.

We do not buy cheap traffic, or risk some crazy penalty with cheap tricks. This site runs by publishing content about motorcycle helmets, helmet accessories, and the many shapes/sizes/ styles and custom options that go right along with them.

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Product Reviews

Want a full blown review of your helmet? You’re gonna have to send me one, (big surprise there right?) I’ll write-up an honest review and it will stay live on this site – for good.  More details about that at this link

We also use Amazon Affiliate links on this site which drive traffic to those product pages and increase the sales velocity of the product listings. Shoot me an email if you are interested in boosting your amazon listings.


Sponsored Posts

If you want to display your motorcycle gear in more of an organic fashion than on the homepage or in the side bar, send me an email about your guest post and I will take a look at it. These stay live and are promoted on social media as well. $500 for a sponsored post.


Sidebar Ads

Ads are rotated in the side bar, spot one is under “Helmet of the Month” and spot two is “Popular this month.”

$200/mth for the #1 spot, and $150/mth for the #2 spot. Max of 4 in rotation at any time.



Stats for this site for the last 6 months or so (update every 6 months- APR 2016 current.)

Google Analytics APR 2016

Yup, that is almost 1,000,000 page views in the last 6 months.