10 Best Motorcycle Storage Sheds

If you are looking for ways to protect and shelter your motorbike from the various elements, and need a proper storage shed, then read on.

1. The Bike Shield  Motorcycle Shelter for Storage or Garage

Whether you don’t have the space at the moment to be able to store your vintage bike or you’re just looking for a way to store your bike while on a trip, this portable shed storage unit should do the trick.

Apart from being constructed with galvanized steel pipes and a secure locking system in place, the whole shelter can be set up within a matter of seconds–it is that easy.

Furthermore, leaving bikes in the open will only result in your custom paint job fading away due to increased sunlight with dust covering the whole bike.

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Whereas this tent will provide your bike with the shelter it needs from all the elements, including UV radiation.

All you would need to do is to set up the shelter, ride your bike in, close the flap, and lock it up. And what better way to protect your bike than with the Bike Shield Standard Motorcycle Shelter? On the pro side, the shed is very easy to set up, and apart from protecting your bike from the elements, it also comes with windows that prevent humidity from rising inside the tent. Moreover, with this shed handy, you can park your bike safely without worrying if the exhaust will come into contact with the cover. The shed storage unit is designed to prevent that from happening, and since it is an all enclosing unit, you can just park, set it up, lock it up, and walk away. The only downside is that you would need to measure your bike to make sure that the standard unit fits.

Priced under $350, it may seem a little steep but is worth every penny. Moreover, the shed is completely waterproof with a very heavy polyurethane coating on the inside which should keep your bike bone dry even in the midst of a storm.

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2. ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box

The ShelterLogic is indeed a shed in a box, and it fits the purpose since you can use the shed to park your bike and protect it from rain and sleet.

Apart from this, you can use the shed to store your tools, and given the premium on space within the shed, try to store just your bike sans any accessories.

The shed is the perfect choice, and with an affordable price, it is a good buy.

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Unlike many other sheds, it does not come with a secure lock in place. It nevertheless comes with a 1.375-inch all-steel frame, which should provide you with the support you require and will enable you to park your bike in it. The ShelterLogic shed tries to use the space rather cleverly by multi-purposing it, while at the same time ensuring that your bike is protected from the weather. On the plus side, the shed is a welcome option especially if you cannot afford the high price tag of some of the more expensive options out there. The thing you need to look for when it comes to sheds is “small footprint, big value,” and this should allow you to sort from the various other sheds and garage covers out there. On the other hand, the shed does not come with any lock function, but instead comes with two double zippered door panels, along with a small panel for ventilation.

The great thing about this product is that it offers the best value at that price, and since you were looking for a storage solution that offers you great value, this would be it.

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3. Speed-Way MTS-GRY Grey Standard/Small Sport Shelter

If you do not have a storage shed to store your vintage bike, the Speedway MTS small sports shelter should come in handy.

The shelter provides you with full coverage and protection from all weather conditions, including rain, sleet, snow, and dust.

Apart from ensuring that your bike remains undamaged, this shelter comes in with a locking mechanism that locks your bike in place, securing it further.

While the bike comes with additional features such as anchor plates for a secure mounting and a 100% durable polyester cover, it could be designed to provide more value for the consumer.

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With the price getting slightly steep, you’re bound to rethink the product, but given the fact that it serves its purpose and comes with a secure locking mechanism, it makes it worth every penny. Just remember to measure your bike as this shelter is the standard format, so as to ensure that the bike fits into the shelter. The shelter has limited space, but it could have been better utilized. The lighting is a bit weak, but the shelter itself should prove to be quite durable and long standing.

The shelter is designed in such a way that you do not have to wait for hours for your bike to cool down before parking it in the shelter. You can just ride it in, park, secure it, and that’s it.

Overall, the bike does provide great value for your money, along with all the protection your bike would need from rain and all the other elements. It is definitely a great buy in every sense of the term.

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4. CarCapsule 8 Foot Indoor Inflatable Motorcycle Cover and Storage

The car capsule’s indoor inflatable motorcycle cover should be perfect for storing your bike irrespective of the make.

The storage area is about eight feet and you should be able to store your car in there as well.

So you need not have any concerns regarding your bike and whether the storage unit would be able to cover it.

More to the point, the shed or capsule in question will protect your vehicle from UV radiation, rain, sleet, and snow. They will also help you keep that fresh bike look by preventing any dust related damage.

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The outer cover or the bubble for this inflatable storage unit is made from 10 millimeter double polished PVC, thus providing your bike with the shelter from even the heaviest of rainfall. The base of this bubble is made from 8 millimeter PVC, which makes it flame-proof, mildew-proof, resistant to abrasion, and also impervious to oil, gas, and even anti-freeze. So, if you are worried about oil spillage onto the floor of the bubble, don’t worry; you can swipe it away. If you are worried about the bubble tearing up, it is composed of heavy duty nylon and even the zippers are designed to be more sturdy and reliable.

Priced just under $300, the inflatable storage unit certainly is worth the price tag. On the plus side, it provides you with secure protection for your bike and gives a full coverage position. But it also fails to utilize the large space within the tent more effectively. It also comes with access for a trickle charger, but the shed does not provide much by way of dehumidifying the inside of the storage area to protect the bike.

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5. Portable Storage Shed = Motorcycle Storage Cover 

The Portable Storage Tent is a multi-purpose garage cover which you can use as a shed to store your utilities or your bike, and still have some room to spare.

The storage cover is made of heavy duty green canvas and it should provide your bike with all the protection it needs from elements like rain, snow, and sleet, along with dust and UV radiation.

The unit encloses your bike completely with reinforced ground supports for extra stability.

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While the unit does provide more than adequate protection for the vehicle, it still comes up a bit short since it does not have a locking mechanism in place. But on the other hand, the tent comes with two support benches as well, so you can convert this storage area into a shed with ease and even set up your tools and undertake repairs. The point being that this unit is multi-purposed and you should be able to use it for anything with ease. The ground support should fix this unit firmly to the ground and it should withstand most weather conditions including extremely windy weather.

Priced under $250, the garage cover falls within the affordable range and moreover, it comes with two small windows which should prevent damage to your bike from humidity. The tent is easily stored and weighs only about 68 pounds. The product comes with a limited warranty only, so do check out the terms of the warranty when purchasing the product. With the cover offering little by way of anything else, it is still a great buy and can provide your vehicle with that much needed protection from the elements. Overall, this storage cover is okay, even though it falls a bit short when it comes to providing a secure locking system for your vehicle.

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6. Peaktop® Heavy Duty (Large Size) Motorcycle Shelter Shed Cover Storage Garage Tent

The peaktop heavy duty motorcycle storage unit should be perfect for bikes of any make, as you should be able to store any bike comfortably within the shed and still have room to spare.

While the shed is mainly for storing your bikes, you can nevertheless multi-purpose it and use it as a storage area or even as a shed.

It comes with black TSA Code LOCK for security and durable 600D waterproof Oxford Carry Bag.

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So this unit should provide you with all the protection you would need to be able to securely lock your bike down. Apart from this, the garage cover comes with two window panels on the side with mesh protection and is reinforced with 22mm/1 mm Thick Black Powder coated steel and Durable 600D PU Oxford Waterproof Fabric. In short, with this unit you should be able to effectively protect your bike from all the elements.

The unit is what every motorcycle owner would need, and while the pricing is within a normal range, and it does provide secure lock features along with reinforced anchor plates and frame to provide stability. However, it still falls a tad short when it comes to providing foolproof security. It does come with a locking mechanism, but not one that is completely foolproof. That apart, the rest are okay and you should be able to reuse this shed for any purpose.

The unit is durable and should last for a while, while the unit is good for short term use, it still remains to be seen if it would be effective in the long run given the basic locking mechanism it uses to secure the door in place.

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7. King Canopy 7 by 12-Feet Garage – Fully Enclosed

The King Canopy Seven by Twelve Feet Garage fully encloses your vehicle so you can be sure that it is protected from all the elements such as rain, sleet, snow, and dust particulates.

While the shed does not come with a locking mechanism, it still comes with a sturdy framework which should enable you to securely park your bike, without having to worry if the shed would collapse or fall over.

Apart from that, this unit comes with long sides which you can bury to anchor it further.

Moreover, it is made from polyethylene, which should prevent mildew infestations and not to mention, waterproof your shed.

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The product is still a tad steeply priced and offers less by way of value than the other units in this price range. While the King Canopy is spacious enough and is reinforced with frames and weights at 98 pounds, it still does not offer much by way of protection other than a zippered door panel. Apart from this, the unit does not come with any specific flooring, so you would still have to do something about that when using this product.

On the other hand, the unit can be easily set up with some effort on your part. It comes only in blue shade and the tubular frame does not bend easily and can withstand windy conditions easily. So if you are looking for some basic shelter for your bike, then this garage cover would be it. On the question of warranty, you would have to check with the manufacturer directly, as it may vary from time to time. The product is easy to assemble and similarly easy to disassemble, and quite durable under all weather conditions.

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8. Quictent Heavy Duty Motorcycle Shelter Garage with TSA Code Lock & Carry Bag 

The Quictent Heavy Duty Motorcycle shed is as the name implies, so if you were looking for a heavy duty portable shed or garage cover for your vehicle, it would have to be this one.

The unit comes with a secure locking system and the cover is coated with PU, making it completely waterproof on the inside and outside.

Apart from this, the garage cover comes with a sturdy framework with thick black powder coated steel, giving your vehicle more robust protection than a simple frame that most other sheds have in place.

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Overall, from the design to the purpose, this shed is near perfect, with a few kinks.

The Quictent may seem bit on the expensive side, but not so when you consider its TSA Code Locking mechanism and the fact that this tent is as secure as you can expect from any portable garage or shed. More to the point, the shed just does not merely protect your vehicle from all the elements but is designed to prevent humidity buildup on the inside with its two mesh panels on the side. On the other hand, the shed does not come with a floor and you would have to use it as it is or opt to set one up and then use the shed. Other than this, the only other handicap is that some of the instructions seem a tad confusing. Notwithstanding that you should be able to set it up right away.

The Quictent Heavy Duty motorcycle shed does provide you with full coverage protection, but make it a point to review the size of the tent and then measure your bike to make sure that they are a good fit.

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9. Speed-Way MTT-GRY Grey Touring Shelter

The Speed-Way MTT large shelter is large and spacious enough to store any bike you own, irrespective of the make, and offers full protection from all weather conditions including dust and debris.

The unit is large enough to store more bikes in it safely, and its dimensions are 36 x 54 x 76 inches.

The storage shelter is designed to provide adequate protection from weather elements and is completely waterproof, with its cover made from 100% durable polyester fabric with 700mm polyurethane coating and fully taped seams for waterproofing.

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It also comes with a secure and built in locking function, enabling you to lock the unit down, thereby giving you more security.

While you can use this shed for storing your vehicle safely, you can multipurpose it for other uses as well, including using it as a storage shed. The good thing about the Speed-Way shelter is that it is not retrofit for one bike and is spacious enough to store other makes comfortably. Apart from this is the fact that you do not have to wait for your bike to cool down, but can just roll it in and park it without worrying whether the hot exhaust will come into contact with the tent walls. It won’t, for the unit is designed for this very purpose. But on the other hand, it comes with screws for anchoring the unit down to a concrete bed rock, which may require some effort on your part. These screws are to secure your shelter against high winds.

The storage shed is currently priced just under $400, which may seem a bit steep, but given how this unit offers more by way of value than others, it makes it a worthwhile investment. The product comes with a one year warranty against damages by heavy use, and you may want to review the terms of the warranty when purchasing the cover.

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10. Speed-Way Shelters Speed-Way Shelter – Standard/Sport MTS-GRY

This Speed-Way shelter is of the standard variety, and while space within the cover is limited, it should still protect your bike completely from all elements including UV radiation.

If you were looking for something standard sized but durable enough to last a while, then this product should be a good fit.

Apart from the fact that the cover is both waterproof and UV radiation-proof, it is designed in such a way that you can park your bikes right away instead of waiting for the vehicle to cool, as there is no contact between the bike and the cover in question.

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Priced just under $300, it comes with a locking mechanism and a sturdy frame to anchor your bike. You can even park your touring bikes in this easily. The best part is that the unit can be set up easily in 30 minutes or less, depending on your skill when it comes to DIY tasks. The built-in locking mechanism secures your bike and provides you with the required security you need.

Additionally, the unit comes with anchor plates and cement anchors to secure the unit against heavy winds. The downside is that you would be required to screw in the plates correctly or get someone else to do it for you.

Overall, the Speed-Way shelter does a lot more than provide your vehicle with basic shelter; it even provides protection from high winds thanks to its anchor. This product is definitely a worthwhile investment considering that the benefits far outweigh the costs. So, if you are looking for a garage cover which gives you more value, then this unit is as good as it gets.

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