The 10 Best Motorcycle Messenger Bags For Men

Backpacks or corporate suitcases are not the only choices now available to men today.

While you might have had women buying messenger bags before, there are a good many options for men too these days. Be it messenger bags, sling bags, fanny packs, handler pouches and so on–the market is emphasising that designer and stylish bags should not be generalized only for the fairer sex.

Men’s bags are also made to serve a similar purpose as women’s bags, i.e. carrying the essential items such as wallets, cellphone, pair of sunglasses, keys, and handkerchiefs which otherwise would have been too inconvenient to carry by hand or in a pocket without compromising on the style statement.

There are various choices with respect to design and color offered by various brands which cater to men’s taste. Here are a few of the good ones.

Le’aokuu Men’s Genuine Leather Messenger Riding Hip Bum Waist Pack Drop Leg Cross Over Bag

The first item that we are going to browse through is the Drop Leg bag by Le’aokuu.

It combines the best features of messenger bags and fanny packs.

Handy and comfortable to use, it can be strapped around the waist and leg which removes the hassle of putting it on the shoulder, as it is in the case of a general messenger bag.

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It can be worn without any restrictions.

Carrying a messenger bag puts weight across the shoulder and is very inconvenient to wear it while driving, as the seat belt has to be put over it.

This bag solves this particular issue as it is strapped to the waist.

The user is happily freed from the troubles of putting it on and off while driving or doing any other such work.

What did we love?

The 15x35x22 cm (5.9×1.37×8.6 inch) bag is lightweight and easy to carry around. Made from genuine leather, it has brass buckles, metal zippers, and the straps are supported by good quality plastic clasps. The inner lining is done using polyester.

Not only is it highly trendy in its design, but it also comes in 11 different shades to chose from. Its design is an eye catcher and makes it a wardrobe-must for men.

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NAOKI LOVE Vintage-style Multipurpose High Capacity Outdoor Sports Waterproof Canvas Chest Pack Messenger Bag

Getting a suitable bag for a sports enthusiast was troublesome before as one either had to compromise or with the capacity and durability.

NAOKI LOVE perfectly understood our dilemma and released a vintage style Multipurpose Sports Waterproof Chest Pack Messenger bag which can be used for myriad purposes.

The bag is suitable for all outdoor activities.

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From normal usage to hiking or hunting, it will surely never disappoint.

High capacity and spacious compartments enable it to hold various items such as water bottles, cellphone, a towel, and more.

It is made from high-quality waterproof canvas which protects the items inside from getting wet.

The bag is meant to be strapped across the shoulders secured with an adjustable belt and strong plastic buckles to prevent it from getting undone even if the baggage becomes heavy.

What did we love?

Apart from the main compartment, it has 3 other compartments which help in keeping things organized and handy. The lining inside is of a good quality polyester which is perfect considering the outside canvas material. The bag is both durable and lightweight which makes it a prudent choice. It is a 17.7 (H)x118(W)x3.5 inch(D) bag and comes in two delightful color alternatives, coffee and black.

It is sturdy, but gives off a rough and tough vibe as compared to the elegant design, and that makes it a unisex choice for any age group.

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Cool Walker Versipack Multi-functional Tactical Messenger Military Bag Waist Bag

Cool Walker is always ready to offer trendy designer-inspired fashion and this bag is one of their masterpieces which promises to offer smart service.

Its charming design cannot go unnoticed.

This bag doesn’t only look amazing, but it is also spacious. It has a multi-compartment design and is durable.

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It can be used to hold plenty of items such as bottles, a diary, pair of glasses, and more without making it look unattractive.

As in a typical military bag, the main compartment of this bag has got a security barrier, hence rightfully earning its name.

The inside offers a mesh bag style design. It contains smooth and fine military zippers and has wide and comfortable braces.

What did we love?

The bag can be used as a daily saddle bag, travel bag, and riding bag. It comes in two variations of militia inspired designs–camouflage green and army printed yellow color. Being lightweight, spacious, and comfortable to carry around, it’s one of the first choices for people who carry a lot without compromising on their style quotient.

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Kawei Knight Nylon Tactical Leg-Bag Pouch-Messenger Waterproof

If anyone desires an affordable and yet multifunctional and durable bag, Kawei’s tactical leg bag pouch is the answer to it.

It can be used as a messenger bag, a fanny bag, or a tactical bag, as desired by the customer. This bag is spacious and multi-compartmented with the 3 different compartments of different sizes (small, medium and large).

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It comes with an adjustable strap secured by good quality zips.

It is durable and waterproof, made of high-quality nylon and polyester which ensure that it does not fall apart anytime soon.

This lightweight and slim pouch is perfect for all kinds of adventures – hiking, cycling, motorcycling and others, provided it is not overweight.

Bearing dimensions of 8.3 x11x3.1 inches, this hip bag comes in 5 different shades including blue, green, and black.

What did we love?

The bag is an economical choice but it doesn’t compromise on its looks and features. The pleasant color combination with the bag and its strap makes it a unisex design. In fact, this bag can also be a good alternative to a female handbag.

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Licensed Harley Davidson Messenger Bag-Briefcase

Harley Davidson Inc. or Harley doesn’t need any kind of introduction.

It’s not only famous for its bikes but also for various other accessories for men and women alike.

This Harley Davidson Messenger Bag reinforces that the company doesn’t believe in compromising either with quality or design.

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The 14”(H)x 4” (W) bag is made of high-quality nylon. It has padding on both the front and back sides which make it suitable and safe to carry the laptop in.

Apart from the main compartment, it features a zipped enclosure on its flap to carry small items.

The flap secured by two plastic snap buckles gives it some security and a modern design at the same time.

The bag also has 3 small compartments on the inner side of the flap and a separate area for keeping one’s ID card or driver’s license and such.

What did we love?

The nylon web 2-inch wide strap boasts a shoulder pad for comfort and adjusts for an 11-20 inch drop. The front of the bag has a rubber appliqué with the Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield logo.

This would be a perfect present to your own self or anyone in your life who is a Harley fan.

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Harley Davidson Messenger Bag

Another great product from Harley’s is the variant of a messenger bag.

This black colored bag is made from 100% polyester and has an ergonomic handle which makes it look formal.

It contains an organized pocket and padded laptop section.

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The bag contains textured designs in some places, and the inside also has the Deluxe Harley Davidson signature lining.

Harley’s patent logo is printed on the the front flap.

The bag has detachable straps and the flap is secured with two durable plastic buckles.

What did we love?

There is a mini compartment secured by a zipper for keeping pens or pieces of paper, but the main area under the flap is open and a protected strap is provided only for the laptop enclosure.

It is a simple yet efficient bag which can be made to suit any situation by removing or putting on the straps. If you want to flaunt around your Harley Davidson bag, then this is for you.

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ZUOLUNDUO Vintage Canvas Laptop-Messenger Bag-School Bag-Business Briefcase

The first feature of this bag that catches one’s eyes is its quintessential color combination which is so contemporary, and the design that is just so trendy.

The bag is versatile in its orientation and can be adapted to suit any situation.

This unisex bag is just as great for school as it is for travelling and camping, and that is pure genius.

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Its look lies somewhere between formal and informal, which ensures that a person never looks out of place with it.

The bad comprises various large capacity pockets to keep the items organized and also has a zipper pouch at the back.

It can be used to carry everyday clothing, A4 books, an iPad, glasses, a wallet, umbrellas, and documents.

Made of high-quality canvas, it comes in 4 different color combinations–black, coffee, dark blue, and khaki.

What did we love?

Adjustable shoulder straps are provided to protect one’s shoulder, and can be set according to one’s height and comfort requirements. Classic, stylish, and spacious, it is a win-win situation for the owner.

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Harley-Davidson Men’s Ballistic Vertical Messenger Bag Black Nylon MN5050S-Black

We have more Harley Davidsons in this list which tells you something about how amazing this brand is.

The slender black design is perfectly suited for formal settings.

This one has durable ballistic nylon to offer good support along with full grain leather trim.

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The antique nickel finish with the HD Logo plate is a sure eye turner

The shield lining looks great on the eyes and also offers extra protection

It’s a bit heavier option out there, and weighs just less than 2 pounds.

What did we love?

This bag has a modern finish and is one you would own proudly. The black color does go well too and at the price, it sure is a good buy.

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Harley-Davidson 3D Willie G Skull Camo Sling Backpack, Black BP3561S-CAMBLK

Harley believes in producing bags for all occasions and of all designs.

This sling bag by Harley has been specifically designed keeping in mind the youngsters and their needs.

The handsome black bag has a foam-lined laptop pocket and boasts of a MP3 portable hole, key hooks, and 8 assorted organizational pockets.

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It’s a high-quality, highly sturdy, durable, and sleek bag option out there.

It is made of a blend of 5 different polyester and nylon materials presented as a collection of sculpted rubber patches.

There are both 3D printed and screen printed G Skull Harley Davidson’s logo. It comes in a comfortable size of 13″ L x 17″ H x 6″ D.

What did we love?

It is a must-have bag for increasing one’s coolness quotient.

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Mobile Edge ECO Laptop Messenger (Eco-Friendly), 17.3-Inch (Green)

This laptop messenger bag is made up of natural canvas and nothing else.

What can be more pleasing than having a laptop bag which is not only spacious and safe for one’s laptop but is also eco-friendly?

The beautiful green colored bag features a swiveling shoulder strap, a padded computer compartment (holds a laptop of size up to 17.3 inches), and a removable ID holder.

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The bag contains various other compartments for holding essential items and is overall very spacious.

The bag comes in black and navy blue shades.

What did we love?

It is not only comfortable to carry around, but its double stitched seams also make it highly durable. Modern and unique in design, it is sure to make heads turn. It is an incredible deal for its price and can be used anywhere to carry anything.

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So go buy a bag for yourself. What are you waiting for?

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