10 Best Matte Black Motorcycle Helmets

Black is never going out of fashion. It is minimalistic, stylish, cool, and attractive all at the same time. Here is a list of the 10 best matte black helmets you can buy this year to rock the road.

ScorpionExo Covert Matte Black Motorcycle Helmet

Now, this is a stylish and a flexible must-have helmet to have in your helmet collection!

This helmet from the brand Scorpion is a convertible helmet.

It can act as a full-face helmet as well as an open-face helmet.

The front mask is attached with neodymium magnets so that you can detach it easily and tada!

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You get an open-face helmet.

The shell of the helmet is made up of Polycarbonate which minimizes the weights and disperses the impact onto various areas, so one area does not experience all the strain.
The integrated sun visor is retractable which comforts eyes when the light’s exposure varies. A dark smoke visor comes installed with the helmet.

The product also contains a complimentary clear visor for riding during night time. The helmet can be used as a 3/4th helmet using the block-off plates. It has dual density EPS.


If you buy this one helmet, you will get three types of the helmet because it is a three-in-one helmet.

The only concern with this product is its strength. The detachable parts may come off during the moment of a crash, or the magnets may not work properly after a long time.
You can buy this matte black helmet on Amazon at a reasonable price.

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Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet

This full-face helmet from the brand Torc comes with an integrated Bluetooth which means you do not have to buy special earpieces to enjoy your music or to take calls.

The helmet features a cool graphic at the back.

The shell is where the Bluetooth is integrated. It has a dual density EPS.

The helmet weighs around 4.8 pounds and features in the medium weight helmet category.

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It will look great with the following vehicles: street-cruiser motorcycles, street-touring motorcycles, street-motor scooters, and street-sport motorcycles.

This helmet is going to be a bit heavy and constraining. It may also cause strain on your neck during long rides, but it will ensure maximum safety for your face and head.
It is best suited for people with an intermediate oval head shape; others may find it tighter on the sides of their head. The visor has a smooth lock drop down system.

You can remove the entire inner lining, wash it in the machine, and then place it back inside the shell. The helmet is fully safe and protected as it is certified from ECE as well as DOT.


You can buy the medium size for this helmet on Amazon. It can be used for general riding around the city and the highway.

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TORC T55 Spec-Op Half Helmet

This is another helmet from the house of Torc, only this time, it is not a full-face helmet.

It is a half-helmet with a graphic of the flag on the back.

It is approved by the US Department of Transportation which guarantees its safety.

It weighs 2.8 pounds and is extremely lightweight for your convenience.

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It has two outer shell sizes for proper scaling.

There is a drop down visor integrated into it which saves you from the rays of the sun.

The entire inner lining is removable and machine-washable, even the cheek pads. The fabric is highly hypo-allergenic; hence, it will not cause any irritation to the skin.

It is very low profile and gives you the desired minimalistic look. It will fit you perfectly due to the dual density EPS foam layer. The retractable sun visor can be used as per your need.

This being a half-helmet, it is much lighter than the full helmet. It is easier to wear it and to carry it around. It does not apply any strain on the neck and head while riding.


However, it fails to provide any safety to the area under your nose, but it does diminish the chance of any injury. But it is the general characteristic of all open-face helmets.

It is suitable for vehicles such as street-cruiser motorcycles, sports motorcycles, or a scooters.

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Sniper AR15 3/4 Helmet

This helmet from the brand Sniper Tuning is a three-fourth bobber style open-face helmet which is certified by the US Department of Transportation.

It has a gray stripe running through its shell which gives it a unique appeal.

It comes with a retractable drop-down gray sun visor which makes it look even cooler and keeps your eyes safe.

The shell of the helmet is made up of thermoplastic which provides high resistance to any impacts.

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It has a clear drop down visor installed with it; the dark smoke shield comes separately with the product.

The fabric is moisture-wicking which will keep your head sweat-free and cool, and the entire thing is removable and washable. So, you can wash it periodically to avoid any germ build-up or to remove dirt.

This helmet weighs around 3 pounds. Hence it lies in the middle of full-face helmet and a half-helmet weight range. It offers more protection than a half-face helmet and fewer constraints than a full-face helmet.


The product’s dimensions are 1 x 10.6 x 10.4 inches, and it is suitable for vehicles such as street cruiser motorcycles and street touring motorcycles.

This helmet has a retro paint finish. You can buy it on Amazon at a very affordable price!

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Bell Rogue Unisex-Adult Half Street Helmet

This unisex helmet is from the brand Bell.

It is a half-helmet from one of the leading helmet manufacturers.

The features of this helmet are that it has a lightweight composite shell.

It has EPS foam layer which will make this helmet fit you better around your head.

It is durable and guaranteed to last a long time.

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You can remove the entire lining and wash it to maintain hygiene. The muzzle is adjustable and with the lid lock magnetic connection, you can even remove the muzzle and connect it again with ease.

The helmet is certified by the US Department of Transportation. Hence, it meets the safety standard and will give you proper protection.

This is a type of cruiser helmet, and it is best suited for street touring motorcycles, street cruiser motorcycles, and street motor scooters. This helmet will give you a tough biker attitude as well as the protection needed.

Though, it is a half-helmet and half-helmets usually do not provide any protection to the front face. But, this helmet has a detachable muzzle with it. Hence, this helmet is very flexible. You can wear it as a full-face helmet or a half-helmet.


The item model number is 7000801. The helmet weighs around 2.8 pounds, and you forget after a moment that you are wearing it.

You can check this helmet out on Amazon, where it is available for purchase at a price that is a bit costly.

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Shark Raw Blank Helmet

This stunning raw blank helmet is from the brand Shark.

It is basically a half-helmet with a quick release, attachable or detachable mask, and goggles.

This badass helmet is inspired by a street fighter theme.

The helmet follows the rules of aerodynamics and stays put on your head.

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Its lightweight goggles have double pane anti-fog lenses. The sun shield glass has dark smoke lenses.

It is basically a three-fourth helmet which comes along with a quick release mask and the detachable visor.

The helmet is super comfortable as it does not weigh much. The front mask is also light, due to which it may not provide much protection during the event of a crash.

The goggles are clear so it may not prevent clear vision while riding during the night time.

You can consider buying this helmet if you want a really cool looking helmet. The helmet weighs around 4.8 pounds.


The con of this product is that the assembly of the helmet can be an uphill task. The Product’s dimensions are 14.3 x 11.6 x 11 inches.

It looks best with the sporty street kind of motorcycles.

You can buy this helmet on Amazon. It is worth it to spend the money on this stylish, yet durable helmet.

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Bell Qualifier Full Face Street Helmet

This is a unisex helmet from the brand Bell.

This helmet is perfect for the street sports look.

There is a nice matt black finish to the helmet which gives it a unique appeal.

It has great aerodynamics which cuts the impact of the wind, giving you great stability.

It is certified by the US Department of Transportation.

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This helmet is not all about looks; it will actually protect you during the event of a crash.

The visor of the helmet can be lowered, opened, or even removed. There are ear pockets inside to keep the earpiece for easy connectivity.

The air flowing through various air vents in the helmet provides great ventilation, making it a perfect helmet for the summer season. But, all that airflow can make it a bit noisy inside.


The pros of this helmet are that it feels like a feather, gives protection, fits like a charm and is also not expensive.

The con of this helmet will be that there is no chin strap in it, which would have enhanced the fit and safety.

The helmet comes with only a clear vision visor, not a tinted one. It is still the best available helmet in the given price. It is available for purchase on Amazon.

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LS2 Helmets Vector Solid Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is from the famous brand LS2 Helmets.

It has been certified by the US Department of Transportation and meets ECE 22.05 standards.

It is a full-face helmet in the affordable range which gives you the ultimate protection against any head or face injury.

The shell of this helmet uses high-performance fiberglass composite.

It is very light in weight, and at the same time, it is strong and safe.

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The vents on the top of the helmet are adjustable. There is a chin vent also that can be opened or closed to adjust airflow. You can just press a button, and the vent will open clearing any heat built inside the helmet. Slide another button, and the wind will blow directly onto your face.

The drop down shield is optically correct and is UV and scratch resistant. The helmet is easy to use. You can get protection from the UV rays and sunlight thanks to the sun visor. It has an emergency release system in the cheek pads.

The fabric used inside the helmet is breathable and will keep you cool. The complete inner lining is removable and washable.


This helmet is worth its price. However, the helmet can get a bit noisy while driving. It is suitable for the riders who are into sports and adventures too.

You can buy this product on Amazon.

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Duke Helmets DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This full-face matte black motorcycle helmet is manufactured by the brand GD&M, a popular name in the biking world.

This helmet meets or exceeds US Department of Transportation’s fmvss-218 motorcycle helmet safety standards.

This helmet’s shell has an aerodynamic design for extra safety.

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The material used in the manufacturing of its shell is the advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy.

A full-face helmet provides you the guaranteed safety and protection, unlike the open-face helmets, although they are a bit heavier than the open-face helmets. You will not need to wear extra eyewear with this helmet.

The cheek pads and the liner of the helmets are made of hypoallergenic nylon, so they will not cause any allergies or irritation to the skin. There are seven places in the helmets through which the circulation of the air through vents is allowed, which are chin, rear, and forehead vents.

The helmet is a flush-fit, compound curves and scratch resistant. There is face shield present on the side which is optically correct.


This helmet is available for purchase at a reasonable price. The item model number is DK-120-L. It is quite an affordable helmet and gives value for your money.

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Daytona Dull Black Half Shell Helmet

This streamline half-helmet comes from the brand Daytona helmets.

It is a skull cap style motorcycle helmet and is approved by the Department of Transportation and FMVSS 218.

It has a very low price considering the quality and style it provides.

Half-shell helmets are usually less expensive because it takes less material and fabric to manufacture it.

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They are also very lightweight due to the same reason which allows movement with fewer constraints, and it also does not strain your neck muscles or other parts of the head.

It is a minimalistic helmet and keeps a low profile. It sits well on your head so that you will not look goofy with that mushroom kind of thing sitting on your head.

The chin strap is made of woven nylon and can be adjusted via a D-ring retention system.
The fabric used is soft and ultra-moisture-wicking which will help in keeping your head cool and sweat-free.

This does not come with any visor or front mask, so it will not protect your eyes from the sun or the wind. You can use your goggles comfortably.


It is available in a dull black color which brings a sophisticated appeal. You can get it on Amazon at a very reasonable price. You will also get a free head wrap and a drawstring helmet bag if you buy this on Amazon.

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Happy Shopping!