The 10 Best Handlebar Bags You Can Buy Today

If you love riding, you would know that bikers are extremely picky about what accessories they use. A very common example is the ‘Biker Jacket’. It started out as a fad, but has now become a biker’s trend.

Bikers don them, loudly and proudly, aiming to be different from the rest of the world. Another recent development that is fast becoming a trend and which will soon become synonymous with bikers are motorcycle handlers.

How Can a Handlebar Bag Help?

While riding, you would find it highly inconvenient and irritating to carry things in a bag slung over your back. Constant accelerating and frequent braking make these bags pull on the rider’s shoulders, causing a jarring sensation and ruining an otherwise smooth and enjoyable ride.

Storing everything in the pockets is also not the solution you need. There is always a risk that they might fall out during the ride and get damaged or run over by other vehicles on the road.

In keeping with the tradition of doing things in their unique way, bikers came up with ‘Motorcycle Handlers’. Motorcycle Handlers are not only a portable storage solution, but they also have the advantage of being a ‘no-muss, no-fuss’ contraption and that can also be installed anywhere – handlebars, front-forks, or sissy bars. Simple and efficient, they are ideal to solve this problem.

Just as each rider is unique and each bike is different – there are a large variety of motorcycle handlers available in the market today. Each biker is bound to find one that adds to his distinct style statement.

Here we have listed some of the best motorcycle handlers that you can opt for.

Willie & Max By Dowco – Revolution Series – Motorcycle Handlebar Bag

It has a classy look and is an example of fine craftsmanship. Made using black synthetic leather, it is equipped with a shiny chrome quarter fastener that will match very nicely with your bike’s shiny bars and rims.

This bag has two interior flaps which are connected with Velcro.

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Mount it anytime, without any difficulty.

It’s one of the sturdier options out there – the care put into its manufacturing ensures that you can keep it for years to come.

Boasts of UV protection, and the synthetic leather used to make it does not require a lot of maintenance.

Limited lifetime warranty with this product.

This is a great bag to store small items like sunglasses, a wallet, smartphone, or keys.

In a nutshell: Easy to install, durable, and attractive. You cannot go wrong with this purchase.

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Synthetic Leather Motorcycle Gear PVC Waterproof Tool Bag Plain Model

If you are on the lookout for a tool bag that is simple and affordable, yet is pleasing to the eyes – this one is for you.

With a minimalistic, rugged looking design, this bag is made using synthetic leather.

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Measuring 10”x5”x4”, it is portable and additionally also waterproof. So come rain, come shine, you can ride on with no worries on your mind.

It features buckle belts with quick release clips and also has rear adjustable buckle belt straps.

There is no compromise on the quality of the product – you get what you see.

In a nutshell: A heavy duty, sturdy bag that is easy on the wallet.

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Synthetic Leather Motorcycle Gear PVC Waterproof Tool Bag Braided

This is a bag that boasts superior craftsmanship.

The detailed work done in the form of exquisite braiding on the outer face will add character to any bike.

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Made from leather and waterproof PVC material, it measures 10”x5”x4” inches.

Keeps the items stored inside snug and dry no matter what weather you ride into.

The buckle belts have quick release clips that can be of help during an emergency.

In a nutshell: A great bag that marries ‘form’ with ‘function’, making it worth the money.

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Motorcycle Luggage Bag Handlebar Bag Tool Pouch Roll Barrel Bag for Handlebar Sissy Bar

The roll barrel design of this bag is going to attract people’s attention.

An extremely good addition to your bike, this bag is made using PU leather material.

Better storage space and measures 11.8”x5”x3.4”.

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Can be mounted easily on the Sissy Bar, Front Forks, or the Tail Rack–it is completely up to you.

The package includes one bag and two straps.

The straps feature plastic convenient buckles that makes them easier to open and fasten.

In a nutshell: A high-quality product that you should choose if you are looking for a large storage capacity.

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Fuel Helmets SH-BARBAG Handlebar Bag with Leather Shell, Black

Fuel Helmets’ Handlebar Black Bag has an elegant design which oozes class.

Mount it and it will add a whole lot of character to your bike that is sure to draw in admiring gazes.

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It is made with painstaking care and has a 100% leather shell. It has a storage capacity of 120 cubic inches.

At dimensions are 10”x4”x4”, the straps are luxurious, easy to roll, and have metal buckles.

Other features include HD foam padding inside that ensures the gear’s safety.

This bag is ideal for maps, hand tools, emergency kits, or anything else that needs quick access. There are also two straps for you to ensure that you don’t have to worry about the pouch falling when you’re riding the bike.

In a nutshell: A very good bag in its price range. It will not be a purchase you regret.

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Motorcycle Fork Bags Synthetic Leather Handlebar Sissy Bar Tool Pouch Bag

Classic yet trendy, this bag bears an attractive design of a sophisticated skull.

It is sure to attract a lot of attention and admiration for its unique and detailed design.

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Made from high-quality PU Material and secured by strong plastic buckles, this pouch measures a comfortable 31x13x13 cms.

It has been designed keeping in mind its universal compatibility with any bike.

The straps are sturdy and are used to install this treasured piece to a sissy bar or front forks.

It might, however, be too big to be installed on the handle bar.

You have two different color options – black and orange. We particularly loved the orange one – owning it is sure to make others jealous of you.

In a nutshell: A genuine eye catching possession to keep your items secure and easily accessible even while riding.

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Viking Bags Harley-Davidson FLH Black Motorcycle Windshield Bags

There are a number of windshield bags available in the market, but nothing beats the one produced by the world renowned Harley Davidson Inc.

The sturdy yet elegant black windshield bag is made from heavy-duty leather and PVC.

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It contains multiple pockets for keeping keys, mobile phone, media players and more.

Each pocket is adorned with a designer knob to keep the items safely closed inside.
One might presume that the pouch is delicate because it hails from such a big brand, but Harley does not believe in compromising the quality of its products.

The bag, with its strong and durable structure, maintains its size and shape in any situation. It is a high quality investment and the genuine leather comes with a guarantee of not fading even under the strong sun. It has been structured for easy installation and is specifically designed to fit all 4” and taller FLHT windshields.
Owning and flaunting a Harley Davidson product is a matter of pride. This product is guaranteed to give the owner satisfaction in terms of both quality and design.

In a nutshell: A must-have prized possession from Harley.

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KEMIMOTO Motorcycle Tool Bags Fork Roll Barrel Bag Handlebar Sissy Bar Tool Pouch

There are lots of similar handler bags in the market which do not receive attention.

KEMIMOTO observed this fact and came up with a unique and elegant design.

Made from shiny and high-quality leather, this pouch is accompanied by two stylish and durable buckles in front to keep the knacks inside safe and secure.

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It has metal pins on both the sides which makes it look vintage.

It is amply spacious and can used to keep one’s tiny belongings safe while riding.
It can be securely installed, thanks to its strong leather straps. It has been made generic in its design so that it can be easily installed on Sissy bar, front forks, and handlebars. It has universal compatibility, that is it can be installed on all bikes.

In a nutshell: The finely crafted and uniquely designed pouch is quite the catch at this price.

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Motorcycle Tool Bag Front Fork Sissy Bar Handlebar Bags Motorbike Tool Pouch

If anyone is bored of classic and typical black-colored handlebar bags, then Issyzone provides one with a bag which is a perfect alternative.

Refreshing to look at, it has a burst of orange in combination with the black leather. It is sure to catch eyes and make heads turn once installed.

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Made of high-quality PU leather, it features 2 beautiful orange leather straps to securely tighten the flap and the body together.

Measuring 12.2×5.11×11.5, this pouch comes with another set of black leather straps to securely fasten it to the sissy bar, front forks, or the handle bar.

This bag is designed for bikers who like a hint of color, while maintaining a sophisticated look.

In a nutshell: Affordable and stylish. It will lend your bike the zing it needs in terms of brightness.

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Barton Outdoors Leather Motorcycle Barrel Bag

Motorcycle leather bags might look like any typical duffle bag, but it gives its owner a totally different aura.

It not only looks swanky when installed on a bike but also looks equally classy when worn across the shoulder.

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A forerunner in the category of Motorcycle Bags is Barton Outdoors Leather Motorcycle Barrel Bag.

This snazzy, shiny, black, rugged-looking piece is carefully crafted from genuine leather.

Having a standard size of 14-3/4” x 9-3/4”x 9-3/4”, this bag is a perfect fit for 99.5% of the bikes available in the market and can thus boast of universal compatibility.

With a roomy interior accompanied by various storage pockets, this bag is large and suitable for any short or long trip.

It is highly spacious and can be used to carry towels, clothes, DSLR camera, books, shoes, and other things that one might need during the trip.

The bag is secured with high-quality zippers which come with 2 pull tabs where one can put a lock for extra security.

Though it is rugged and tough in its structure and design, it offers no guarantee of being waterproof and might leak if wet. Offering a variety of mounting options, this bag features 2 velcro straps on the back for attaching it to a sissy bar or grab handle. It also contains two adjustable nylon webbing straps with plastic buckles. All of the fastening options together secure the bag tightly to one’s bike.

In a nutshell: One of a kind, comfortable, spacious, durable, and flexible motorcycle bag. A must for anyone who travels on bikes extensively.

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Which motorcycle handler are you planning to buy?

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