Motorcycle Riding Glasses from Get Lost

If you love riding bikes, you would want to get a good riding glass. It would help you enjoy your ride more, and keep the sun glare away from you. And this is why you would want the Riding glasses from Get Lost. The tinted lens is just what you need and is the perfect accessory you need when you are out riding on a sunny day.

Front profile of black motorcycle riding glasses from Get Lost

Why do you need riding glasses?

Motorcycle riding glasses are very important for hardcore bikers for whom road is the life. Bikers are exposed to the weather elements all the time. Apart from the protective gear, clear visibility is of utmost importance for safe riding.

While riding at high speeds it is very difficult to keep your eyes open against the wind. Then there are chances of dirt or sand particles and insects getting into your eyes. You need a perfect solution that protects your eyes and also blocks the sunlight from interrupting your eyesight.

Motorcycle Riding Glasses 4aMotorcycle Riding Glasses from Get Lost (Tinted Lens)

These are one of the best motorcycle glasses available in the industry. The brand Get Lost is already famous for its helmet and riding gears. Now they have introduced the Get Lost motorcycle riding sunglasses which have already become popular among biking enthusiasts.

It is stunning when it comes to looks and offers a wide range of functions for better biking. The article will provide detailed information and review the product for its worth. Here is what you would love when you get these riding glasses.

Look and Design

The sunglasses come in black with a glossy tinted glass that blocks and reflects off the sunlight. The trendy design with a cool ridge on top of the lenses makes it a winner in looks category. The side arms also sport a nice design and can be detached. The name of the brand is written on the side arms in a stylish minimal way of “GL.” The lenses cannot be detached but are made from impact proof plastic for protecting your eyes. They will not break like glass if a small stone or particle hits the lenses.

Protective Foam Padding

For blocking wind and other floating air elements, there is padding provided on the inner side of the glasses. The material is breathable and effectively blocks dust, dirt, insects and light from entering your eyes. It is a great help when your are cruising along the mountain roads or taking on the mud and sludge at the dirt tracks.

The padding also makes a comfortable yet tight fit with your face and keep the glasses in place in case of jerks and bumps. The foam padding can be removed which transforms the riding glasses to normal sunglasses. The flexibility rids you of the burden to carry around another set of sunglasses for normal use.

Use these as Goggles too!

The two side arms can be removed and replaced by a strap that is provided along the product. This adjustable strap is easy to fit around your head and useful if you are wearing a helmet. This minor modification changes the whole feel and look of the glasses.Motorcycle Riding Glasses to Goggles Pic

The strap on goggles goes nicely along your humming Harley while you cruise down the highway. It is also best for people who somehow fail to keep their glasses on their nose!

Comfort and Feel

These comfortable sunglasses are lightweight but durable enough with their impact proof lenses. The glasses fit cozily on your nose and ears and make you forget they exist after a while. The padding adds to the comfort and it is recommended you try using the pair of glasses with the foam on in the beginning.

While riding the biking glasses work like a charm. The tinted lenses and along with the padding keep the disturbing sunlight away from your eyes. A bit of light enters from the sides but that is negligible and does not cause problems. The same set of engineering also stops wind and dust particles effectively so that you can see the road clearly all along.

The strap on goggles mode is useful in some conditions like off-roading where there is fear of the glasses falling off. Overall, very few products in the market come close to Get Lost motorcycle riding glasses when it comes to quality and performance.

Pros: Here is a look at some of the things you would love about these riding glasses.

  • They are extremely portable and durable, making it a favourite among many riders.
  • Super dark tinted lenses to block every wave of sunlight
  • The breathable rubber padding stops wind, dirt and light from interfering with your vision while riding
  • The detachable side arms can be swapped with a strap to make it a pair of goggles
  • Riding glass is specially designed to fit firmly on your face
  • Comes with a useful storage pouch
  • Impact resistant lenses for extra protection of eyes
  • Detachable padding makes the sunglasses fit for normal use

Cons: Here are some of the things you may not like as much.

  • Some users have complained the lack of a user manual
  • Lenses cannot be replaced or removed
  • The company provides a soft pouch to store the glasses. You need to be careful where you keep them else they may be scratched.

Motorcycle Riding Glasses Order NowWho Should Own It?

Get Lost motorcycle riding sunglasses have been favored by high ratings and over positive reviews on different online shopping portals. They indeed form a nice pair of biking sunglasses that is comfortable for a long use.

It is specially designed keeping bikers in mind and offers extra features to serve the purpose.

The cleverly designed detachable straps, goggles mode, impact resistant tinted lenses, protective foam padding – all contribute towards making it the best riding glasses available at an affordable price.

These glasses are perfect for riding, sports activities and also suitable for working outdoors and casual use.