Crystal Helmet Designs- How to BLING the crap out of your Helmet.


There are just a few terms from the world of “bling” vocabulary you should know before we start looking at how to apply Swarovski crystals to a motorcycle helmet. Let’s take a quick look a few crystal helmets.

A term you will frequently see is a “gross” of stones. This simply refers to a package containing around 144 of the same size and color crystals. Typically, they can be bought at wholesale prices.

“To stone” is the term that has been used for several years to mean covering something with Swarovski crystals. (For instance, when talking with a gymnastics mom whose daughter had issues her costume, she said, “I’ve decided to buy two gross of stones and stone her leotard everywhere! Maybe, then, she will love it!”)

However, the single most significant thing you can learn about Swarovskis is the difference between “Flat Back” and “Hot Fix.”

Hot Fix crystals are the easiest to apply and are considered the most common Swarovski stones. Shaped as a round crystal, they have a glue hardened on their backside that melts and attaches itself to whatever it is being applied to using the Hot Fix Tool. (We’ll come back to that shortly!) Without a doubt the best aspect of Hot Fix stones are how convenient they are. You can place them exactly as you want them before setting the Hot Fix Tool on the top. Just like that they’re attached to the material.


Flat Back crystals have an appearance identical to Hot Fix stones. However, they lack any glue on the backside. As a result, you must apply them with regular craft glue. There are benefits to using Flat Back crystals including the fact they cost slightly less per stone than Hot Fix stones.

Finally, you must know the correct way to pronounce “Swarovski”, so that you sound like a true professional. Never say, “Swar‐ vo ‐ski!” It is actually pronounced just as it looks: “Swar‐ov‐ski”. It rhymes with “star‐off‐ski.” If you are ever in Austria, the word may be pronounced differently, but in English, it is just like it sounds.

Regardless of what type of stone you are using, I suggest you use a flat head. This gives you the opportunity to arrange the crystals as you want them on the garment. Then, simply “iron” them on using your Hot Fix tool. It is as easy as that to get the precise look you want without a lot of work. Now, you will likely find there is a limited selection of flat heads compared to the beveled type. Just make certain the flat head is big enough to completely cover the top (colored) side of the stone and you will have no problems.


Now, that we have learned how to properly use the Hot Fix tool, it is time to get started. Stop for a second! What if you only have regular glue? Regardless of whether you have Hot Fix or Flat Back stones, it is easy to apply them using the regular glue method. (One last thing, Flat Back crystals cannot be attached using the Hot Fix tool.)

Crystal Motorcycle Helmets


Designs can range from very simple patterns to complex mixed use of all types of stones and crystals. That is only limited by your own imagination. And there are wide array of assorted crystals and rhinestones to choose from.

Here are a few more crystal helmets for you drool over.


Where do you buy a crystal and spike helmet?



Here are a few top selling crystals and spike for your new helmet project:


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