Iron Man Motorcycle Helmets

I am Iron Man. You might find the science subject to be boring. After all, who would want to know that two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen gave you a molecule of water? Or even the different laws of physics? It’s only studied by boring people who don’t have a social life or friends….. […]

Suomy SR Sport Helmet Review

Suomy is the world famous Italian helmet brand which is well known for the innovation they bring to the table. Their excellent safety standards make their helmet safe for any race track in the world, which is the reason that they are trusted by many famous racers on the track. The looks of this helmet […]

Suomy SR Sport Diamond Helmet 2017 Review

Suomy is the famous Italian helmet brand known for the authentic styles of their helmets. They manufacture handmade, custom-fit, lightweight helmets with using new technologies and trends. Suomy is the brand trusted by many racers, including the famous Italian racer Andrea Dovizioso. This sports helmet uses new technology and innovations in its overall safety standards […]

Suomy Apex Sam Helmet 2017 Review

The Suomy brand is well known for bringing great technology and innovation in the safety standards of their helmet. They take good care that you get the right style which is also very comfortable, yet the safety is also not compromised. They look great, and they also perform great. And all of it comes at […]

Nelson-Riggs CTB Luggage Rain Covers—A Review on Tour Pack Covers

Afraid that travelling this rainy season will have to take a backseat because your luggage is not waterproof? Just because it is raining doesn’t mean that you will have to stay indoors and cancel all your plans. You can have as much travelling fun in the rain as you did during dry seasons by using […]

Bell Race Star Helmet

The Bell Race Star helmet was first introduced in 1967. It was the first full-face helmet of its time. Bell is popularly known for the stylish and sleek helmets they produce without compromising the strength and reliability in the head protection. It meets all the needs of a modern racer and makes use of innovative […]

Bell Pro Star Helmet

Bell helmets are manufactured by the sports company Bell Sports Inc., which is a very popular brand in terms of making the most reliable and technically profound helmets for the racers to provide maximum protection and hence, getting the best for the rider. Bell Sports Inc. was established in 1954 under the guidance of Roy […]

HJC IS-5 Helmet Review

HJC brand helmets also popularly known as the best helmets for the racers. All of the helmets are quite affordable considering the features they provide. They do not compromise on the strength and reliability of the helmet. Many racers wear them on the track, including Jorge Navarro and Julian Simon, to name a few. So, […]

HJC FG-17 Motorcycle Helmet Review

The HJC FG-17 helmets are presented by the brand HJC, who is famous for bringing super quality helmets at affordable prices. This helmet has many unique features of a RPHA 10 Race Helmet including the central lock system. The HJC FG- 17 helmet has won the “World’s Best All-Around Motorcycle Helmet Bargain” and the “Motorcycle […]

HJC RPHA 11 Pro Motorcycle Helmet Review

HJC is famous for manufacturing helmets of high quality, but at a reasonable price. They lead the world of motorcycles helmets by selling their best helmets at affordable prices. Check price here. In 2012, HJC introduced its range of RPHA full-face helmets which have a center lock mechanism, lightweight shell, and great aerodynamic technology. This […]