Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmets

Why Cat Ears on a motorcycle helmet?

woman biker with cat ear helmetEvery motorcycle rider deserves comforts while riding. Wind noise is not only a disturbance and distraction to the rider – it’s also not good for the ears. Because of the threat to health and annoying noise, many bike riders seek for an alternative. There are several products on the market meant to minimize this wind noise, with varying levels of success with each.

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Wind noises occur when the airflow emanating from the noise flows around the ears of the bike rider. It creates audible and annoying turbulence in the process. Most types of novelty helmets available on the market are not designed in such a way to keep away such audible turbulences and noises that come with it. While most of them for full face helmets are modeled after the ears of a cat. The ear covers for half helmets are designed so that it works in the same mechanism with cat ears. The cat like fur in front of the helmet dampens and deflects airflow from the rider’s ears, very similar to the half helmet ear covers.

These covers can minimize the noise level that gets to the ears, but can not stop such noise completely because they are not meant to cover all the ears. It’s not ideal that the rider’s hearing be compromised while using the specially designed helmet. Many of them are designed in such a way that sixty percent of the noise coming to the ears are dampened or deflected away from the position of the ears. There are different devices on the market with different features; you have to select the product that suits your purpose most. You should however know that you should not compromise your hearing while using the product.

Human ears are much different from cat ears. Human ears can work only in a low wind density and environment. This is not compatible with a cycling speed, which has an average speed. This is too much for the ears as it sends turbulent waves to the ears. As the cycle increases its speed so does the turbulence that comes with it increases, and so does the disturbance to the ears increase. It will increase to a point it could cause damages to the ears. It could even be difficult under such condition for the rider to hear a noise or horn of an approaching vehicle.

It is because of the deficiencies of human ears that some helmet designers decide to take a cue from nature. Human kinds are known to love pets. Pets like cats have been living with humankind since ages, studies about their behaviors and hearing abilities were done over the years. Cats have leading edge. It has hairs in its ears. This protects cat’s ears. It has the ability to dampen or deflect wind turbulence. This is also the reason the pet is endowed with exceptional hearing ability. Taking a cue from cat’s ear shape, recent helmet manufacturers introduced the cat ears technology.

Man has a special passion for cat. This is why manufacturers decided to design helmet patterned to that of the cat. Apart from the special bond between man and cat, cats have a unique hearing ability, which is superior to that of the man. They can hear flying frequency sounds that are not detectable to the human ears. Cats could hear sounds flying at fifty to sixty kilocycles, which is better than the 16 to 20 kilocycles of man.

IMG_0035.JPGThis is the reason there is cat ear helmet that buffers oncoming noise from wind. Apart from reducing the noise and winds that come straight to the ears, the helmet sends the noise smoothly down to the ears. This is why the user is able to hear noise from incoming vehicles behind him. It does not rush the noise to the ears it filters and dampens them.

Cat ears for motorcycle helmets come in different sizes; there are small ears, large ears, straight ears, as well as folded ears, and there are helmets are designed exactly like the shape and sizes of cat ears. The helmet performs two most important functions for motorcycle rider. First, it helps detect sound and tells where the sound is coming from. Secondly, it balances the sound that comes to the ears by dampening and deflecting it – just like your little buddy.

Other motorcycle helmet accessories can be used to show off your love for that furry little feline. And crystals can be used for that little extra Bling, and El wire can light it up in the night.

Even more helmets with crazy cat ears:

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