Bell Rogue Helmet Review

So I have been getting into this new Helmet from Bell, the “rogue.” Initially I was attracted to its unique styling and easy on/off front shield capabilities. Unlike most DOT certified half shell helmets that turn your head into a large “mushroom head,” this extra feature of a muzzle locking down in front takes some of that sitting high on your head look and feel. After taking it off, however, that mushroom look does come back, as with any helmet with that much padding/safety.

A video look at Bell Rogue

The options that come with this styling of helmet are very intriguing in the custom motorcycle helmet painting arena. I think that we are gonna see some very interesting and unique custom air brushing or painting on this one. I know I am looking forward to getting mine done. **Update – when I do get it done I will post the before and after pictures here**

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Back to the Helmet Review:

Some big names in the helmet world have kitted out some of the usual “I like this,” and “this could be better” comments. I could not decide which one was a genuine opinion and which one was looking to stir up controversy so I took a screen shot of each and put them here for you to decide for yourself.


Bell Rogue Helmet Is Officially in Stores. for bell rogue helmet review post
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The official

Rogue   Bell Motorcycle Half Helmet   Bell Helmets
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And UltimateMotorcycling:

Bell Rogue Motorcycle Helmet   Review


And the helmet review from Revzilla:

Bell Rogue Helmet   RevZilla

And Amazon:

Bell Rogue Helmet on amazon








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