10 Best Hairstyles for Women who ride motorcycles


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Every female motorcyclist needs to protect her head against accident and hair loss each time she is on her motorcycle. Because of this, women always look for the perfect hairstyle that offers them the best protection. If you are one of such women, here are some useful hairstyles you can try today.

Headband Braid

If your hair curls up or greases during motorcycle ride, you can solve the problem through headband braid. You can plait your hair on the hairline side allowing it to form a headband. Starting from one ear, you can tuck the excess hairs behind one another and secure the remaining hair to form a ponytail and  you can dismantle the hairstyle after you have finished your ride. Another easy way to do this is with a wrapter.

Front Part Braids

This is another women motorcyclist’s hairstyle. This is a helmet friendly style and many people use it. The hairs are parted at the center and braided into two plaits at each side of your part. They are secured by pooling them together using a band. This method is also fun to use.


The perfect hairstyle for women bikers is the bun. There are different buns you can style your hairs, they include the sock buns, ballerina buns, low buns as well as the side buns. You can enjoy this method once you learn the best way to remove your helmet. It takes time to master this style, but with practice, you can become perfect.

Straight Hair

You can design a perfect straightened hairstyle for your motorbike ride. It only involves straightening your hairs, especially when they are scrunched. This method is not difficult to do. You can do it after combing your hairs, rolled and secured at your back using a band.

Head Scarves/Do Wrags.

This style is wonderful, because apart from preventing hair loss, this style hides bad style. You can use a silk scarf or headband as it absorbs those frictions that could damage your hairs. Preparing this hairstyle is not difficult, part your hairs one side, and ties it with a scarf. Once you remove the scarf, you restore your hair by shaking and fingering it.

Messy Locks

This is a sexy hairstyle for women motorcyclists. This is a helmet friendly method because it would not be affected after the removal of helmets. To prepare the method, you have to add a root booster and spray using salt spray and pin it down. You can make it perfect.

Katniss Slanted Braid

If you want your hairs to look good while you ride on your motorbike, a good hairstyle you can use today is the Katniss slanted braid. This hair fits any type of helmet you want to use for your ride. The style is not just good, for helmet use, it is fashionable as well. You would feel comfortable using the hairstyle.


Perhaps the most popular hairstyle motorbike ride for women is the ponytail. This is an appealing hairstyle when you style it very well. You can combine this hairstyle with French braids on your head sides. This method does only prevent your hairs from falling off when you ride, but makes you attractive as well. The method is very simple to apply, you need to comb the hairs and tie them using an elastic band.

Cut your hairs

Another motorcycle riding hairstyle for women is a haircut. This is the best option for those who engage in other activities such as mount biking and kayaking. Haircut is very comfortable, because nothing would disturb your hairs while you ride. Moreover, you would not find it difficult to use as it could match any helmet. It would be a perfect fitting when you put on your earrings, this would easily reveal your gender.

Pile on Top

Pile on top is another perfect hairstyle idea for women motorcyclists. Using a ponytail band, you can pile your hairs to a shoulder length, tie them on top of your head, and use your helmet. This is good for hairs because it does not damage and cut your hairs. Your hair would remain full anytime you remove your helmet. You only need to apply your fingers through the hairs to restore its shape.

Several other methods are available, and you can try any of them. You should always consider such issues as comfort, hair damage, and fashion.

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